I'm not guilty.
Peter is the traitor.
Peter killed the muggles.
I'm going to kill Peter.
Once I'm out of here I'm going to hunt him down so that I'll actually have committed one of the murders they claim I did.
"Hello, Minister."
Heh...Lets see if I can get the paper...
Well, what's going on in the world?
Wait, PETER?!
Peter belongs to that kid?
...He's at Hogwarts.
Harry is at Hogwarts.
That rat is waiting to help his master get Harry.
I'm getting out of here soon.
"He's at Hogwarts."

Any better ideas for the name are welcome...I just gave it the first thing I could think of that kinda worked. I hope you liked it, I've had this hanging around for a while and only just got to editing it and posting it.