Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed

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AN: Yet another bizarre one-shot. This time Byakuya x Yachiru…both of whom have something wrong with them. Tell me if you realize what it is! Who knows how weird it'll get. Whims are dangerous things. However, I don't think it will be as odd as Under the Sky was….I think. By the way, this is totally AU.

She liked to chase sunlight on moonless nights. She always said she could feel the nonexistent beams trickling down on her pallid dark-lit cheeks and pale ashen rose hair. Byakuya never said anything about it. He just liked to watch her run around the garden at night. Her deep crimson eyes always sparkled and flashed when she danced through the rose bushes and irises, crushing the grass beneath her bare feet as she tried to catch the invisible warmth that only she could find. He never ventured into her games. He felt that he would be invading her world and simply contented himself with watching the beautiful girl move in the darkness.

She knew he watched her. The roses seemed to whisper his presence as she caressed their velvety petals. He never said a word, but she could tell that he wanted to tell her exactly what she was holding. To tell her that she far surpassed the weed in her tiny fingers. She knew that he wanted to watch her so she gave him something to see, leaping and twisting, grasping for imaginary beams of light that no one could make out with the exception of herself. Sometimes she liked to think that he could see it, too.

Sight was a useless thing Byakuya would suppose to himself and would immediately withdraw that thought as he saw her smile in his direction. Perhaps, if only for her, he would continue to look out into the night.

Yachiru was fairly certain that Byakuya was watching her tonight. He was always there. She could feels his eyes flickering across her movements in awe and for a few moments wished she could be in his place, just to see what she looked like when she was chasing sunlight.

"Do you find me beautiful, Byakuya-san?" she asked the darkness, her voice sounding more alluring than she had planned. All noise stopped after her question. All she could hear was the faint ruffling of the wind through his clothes.

Her fingers found his face and feather-light touches caressed his smooth features. She frowned as her palm rested gently upon his firm cheek before her fingertips started to stroke his smooth hair. "I find you very beautiful, Byakuya-san," she admitted, resting her head on his chest. She waited only a moment to listen to his steady breathing before telling him what else was on her mind. "You are beautiful, I know you are, but I think that beauty is probably the scariest thing in the world."

Byakuya's breath caught in his chest as he listened to her confession. He gazed down at the young woman clutching herself to his body and gently lifted a hand to stroke her cheek.

"I have no idea what beauty looks like or feels like. It's unreal to me. That's what scares me," Yachiru's voice shook as his hand came to rest on her throat. "You don't understand do you?"

Byakuya shook his head in annoyance, wanting to say something-anything-to comfort her, but he came up short. True beauty was different than just beauty. It was the same as love and like. He couldn't enlighten her, but he could show the girl what it was to be beautiful.

He felt her downy eyelashes flutter against his cheekbones as he detained her soft lips with his own.

It was the softest of touches, barely certifiable as a kiss, but it meant the world to the girl.

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