Title: Promises

Pairing: Angel/Spike

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: They're not mine. Well, except that one time…

Summary: Set during Ats season 5. Angel made a promise to Spike, but he's not very eager to keep it.

"I can't do it Spike"

"Angel! You promised!"

"I Know I did, and I'll make it up to you, but-

"No buts you ponce, a promise is a promise! Now, shut up and just do it already!"

"You made me promise while we were having sex, it's not fair"

"Life isn't fair. And, no, the kicked puppy look doesn't work on me"

"It doesn't?"

"Well, not today! You promised Angel"

"What if I give you the Viper instead?"

"Huh? The Viper, really??"

"It's yours"

"No! You can't buy your way out of things with gifts Angel! All right, you can, but not this time!"

"Come on Spike, you know you want it. Say the word and you can have it."

"Quit being all Angelus like and trying to bribe me! It won't work"

"You do realize I'm talking about the Viper, right? Even you can't be so-


"Did you just growl at me?"

"I will hurt you if I have to peaches"

"Is that a promise?"

"Get off you git!"

"I thought you liked me on you"

"A bloke like me likes many things. Things a certain Sire promised to do and now isn't doing"

"Right, the hurt childe act, I haven't seen that one in years"

"Dru used to do it all the time for me"

"Drusilla was insane"

"And whose fault is that?"

"That's irrelevant. I have a soul Spike, I can't do it"

"I have a soul too!"


"Don't you dare say yours is better!"

"I wasn't! Come on Spike you look so much prettier like that"

"Oi! I'm not pretty!"

"Mmm… no, you're very sexy and very manly-

"Oooh… yes! Right there Angel"

"You like that, don't you baby."

"Aaah… Angel… wait, no!"

"Spike what the fuck!"

"No shagging until you keep your bloody promise!"

"Like you'd last an hour without sex"

"I'll just go find Lindsey"

"You're playing dirty boy"

"Always. So, will you do it?"

"Fine, I give up. I'll help you bleach your stupid hair"