Title: Never Will I Forget These Precious Feeling

Author: YuyuiSakura-hime

Chapter: 2 – A Sudden Encounter

A 12 years old Hyuuga heiress sit on the hill where she was always plays when she was little.

For her, this is her special place.

A place where only she knows;

A hill at the end of the Konoha Hidden village;

A special place that she will never forget…


Ever since Hinata was small, she always had dreams. In her dreams, she can felt the feeling of happiness and also sadness.

But what special is; in each of her dream, a boy would appear in it. But he can never saw the boy's face. Because it always been hidden by a kind of shadow… She could never recognize that boy but she could tell that she was happy to be around him.

Then suddenly she remembers. Last night, she had a dream about that boy again, he was playing with her.

And this time, she was singing a song to that boy. The song comes slowly to her mind. Hinata closes her eyes as she recalls that special song.

The Shards of My Heart

To find the shards of my heart – Kokoro no kakera sagasu yo ni

I kept on searching for you – kimi no koto sagashitsudzuketa

These monochrome days start to brighten when you're here - Monokuro no mainichi ga kimi ga ite kagayaki hajimeteku

You gave me the courage to face my fear of breaking down – Kowashite shimau kowasa ni tachimukau yuuki wo kureta ne

The strength to open the window to the future – Mirai no mado akeru tsuyosa wo

"I love you." – Kimi ga suki

With just that, I can go without losing my way – tada sore dake de, mayowazu ikerunda

Forever under the beautiful water-colored sky – Mizuiro kirei na sora no shita wo itsumade mo

I'll always walk with you down this road – Kimi to aruiteku kono michi wo zutto

In these colorful days, when you're here, things start to change – Karafuru na mainichi ni kimi ga ite kawarihajimeteru

Because when I was afraid and unable to move ahead, looking down – Kowakute mae ni ikezu ni furueteru utsumuita boku wo

You changed that for me - Kaete kureta kimi ga iru kara

Thank you; I can live on - Arigatou ikite ikeru yo

Let's hold hands tightly - tsunagou te wo gyutto

Going any distance under the beautiful rainbow-colored sky – Nijiiro kirei na sora no shita wo doko made mo

From now on, I'm walking with you all along – Kimi to aruiteru kono saki mo zutto

"I love you." - Kimi ga suki,

With just that, I can go without losing my way– tada sore dake de mayowazu ikerunda

Forever under the beautiful water-colored sky – Mizuiro kirei na sora no shita wo itsumade mo

I'll walk with you, together on this road – Kimi to aruiteku kono michi wo futari de

Without she realizes it, someone was there… listening to her song.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was hiding on top of one of the tree there; hiding from his fan girls He was about to have a little nap when an angelic voice woke him up.

'What is that noise?! Can't I even have a little rest here?', thought Sasuke as he scream inside his head. But then as he stop and listen, the voice seems to stung him…

Sasuke peeped through the leaves, there's someone under the tree. Why didn't he notice? Without him realizing what he's doing, Sasuke suddenly said.


Hinata suddenly stopped singing as she heard Sasuke's voice. "Who's there?" She stood up, "Hello?" And that's the time when Sasuke hurriedly ran away from tree to tree… as far away as he could.

The Next Day

"I'M SO STUPID! " Sasuke said to himself as he walks on the street of Konoha Hidden Village. "Why am I so dumb, blurring out like that?"

"Oh no, I'm late making breakfast again!!", a voice cried as she ran as fast as she could. But she wasn't lucky enough to see that she is going to crash into Sasuke that morning…


That's when he bumped onto someone, and as Sasuke open his eyes, he saw that there is a girl in front of him; but more clearly under him.

He was on top of that girl. Sasuke was in a shock-blushing mode when he quickly gets up and gives that girl a hand. "A-Arigatou!!", she thanked him. But Sasuke just reply with a grunt, "Hn…"

Sasuke looks at the girl's face, he had seen her somewhere before. But before he could say anything to her, they both heard noises… familiar noises.


"What's that noise?", ask Hinata looking behind Sasuke. She's sure that noise came not far away from them…

"That. Is. The. Sound. Of. Danger! RUN!!"

Sasuke grab the girl's hand and ran away for his life

They stopped on the hill where Hinata went yesterday. "Why did we run?", she ask after getting back her breath.

"Because, if we didn't. The two of us will be squashed and killed by them.", reply Sasuke sarcastically.

Sasuke look behind them if there any sign his fans still following them. And at that moment, Hinata giggled. The 12 years old Uchiha looked at her, "What's so funny?"

The midnight-haired girl covers her mouth, managing to stop her laughter but a bit of giggles still there. "Gomen…"

Then Sasuke looked at her, 'This girl is kinda unique…'

Sasuke and Hinata finally reunited again after being separated for so many years. Memories are actually slowly returning to them, can they remember each other once more?

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