My first Bleach fan fiction ever! Omg! This is the second story done for my "100 themes 100 stories".

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032 - Sunset

I don't know why I decided to come here; they probably are wondering were I am. But I felt like being alone. I want to sort out these things I'm feeling. I don't know why I came to this spot, I guess the scenery got me here… He would look really beautiful here, with the setting sun…

"Rukia!" I turned around to face who had said my name. As I thought it was him. "There you are." I looked at him, his orange hair shined in the evening sun.

"You've been looking for me?" He stopped in his steps.

"Not looking, looking… more like…" I can't believe he can look that, innocent?

"Were you worried about me?" I asked slightly hope he was.

"Well you weren't at home and you weren't at Inoue's house. And you didn't get back home for dinner so everyone got worried." He scratched the back of his neck. "Why didn't you come home?" Was that sadness in his voice? I stopped my staring at him and turned back to watch the setting sun.

"I don't know…" He was standing besides me now.

"You could have called…" I looked up at him, meeting his brown eyes. "You know dad, Yuzu, Karin were all worried." He quickly spat out, which made me smile. "And they told me to go look for you."


"Ichigo, where's Rukia?" Karin asked.

"She didn't come for dinner, has she called?" Yuzu asked.

"I'll go look for her." With that Ichigo rushed out of the house.

//End of Flashback//

If I hadn't turned back to the horizon I would have notice the blush in his face.

"You want to watch the sunset?" I asked not daring to look at him if he said no.

"Sure…" He sat down next to me. "How come you came here?" He asked after a while.

"It's a beautiful place… and I felt like being alone-"

"You want me to go?" He rose from his seat just as I grabbed his arm.

"No please stay." I gazed up into his brown eyes. "I don't want to be alone." I can't believe I said that. Before I realized it he had his arms around me.

"You don't need to be alone, I'm here." He started stroking my hair. How long have I been dreaming about this? How long have I wanted him to do this? Tears started filling my eyes and I let out a small sniffling sound. "Rukia? What's wrong?" He took my face in his hands. "Why are you crying?"

"I don't know! Why did you have to go and hug me just like that?" Why am I all defensive now for? It makes no sense! "I'm sorry Ichigo." He smiled at me.

"You know you're cute when you're angry."

"Ichigo!" I tried to hit him but he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. "Ichigo?" For a moment we just stared into each others eyes. My eyes widen when his lips covered mine. It tasted sweet, not really how I thought he would taste. He moved his free hand up my back which made me slip out a small moan, Ichigo took this change and slipped his tongue into my mouth. He let go of my hand to use his hand to title my head, to deepen the kiss. We broke the kiss, panting from the lack of air. We just gazed into each others eyes, he smiled and we both blushed.


"Shh…" He put a finger on my mouth. "Anata o ai shite imasu." I throw myself around his neck and we kissed.

"Watashi mo anata o aishiteimasu" This memory would forever be with me, Ichigo kissing me during the setting sun…

anata o ai shite imasu, – I love you

Watashi mo anata o aishiteimasu – I love you too