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(The original twisted mind)

Prologue to a tragedy.

Snarls greeted her entry into the compound. Screams accompanied by blood-curdling screams and the sound of things hitting and flesh tearing.

Seems they had let the panthers loose today.

Being the expert she was, she figured it would take another hour or so before the handlers managed to restrain the animals from permanently injuring the victims. No, actually it would be before the victims died, not permanent damage. Permanent damage was alright, they could still be hurt more. But death was irreparable.

At least it was when she was the harbinger.

Silently laughing and reveling in the screams, she entered what appeared to be a storage room for dangerous weapons but was really her office. Sitting at the desk that was drowned it iron and steel objects, she had a look at the various people who would be suffering that day.

No one overly important, she mused, debating whether or not to join in on the fun. A.k.a. do her job.

She was still in the middle of this debate when she noticed another scroll, one she hadn't seen previously. Reaching for the scroll, she was almost to see the seal of the Hokage.


Not really caring about the implications of receiving such a scroll, she cracked open the seal and started reading.

Her expression never changed from the heartless mask she usually wore but her eyes held a world of emotion.

Marriage to a sociopath.

Garra growled at the sight of the village elders obstructing the way into his house. Instead of killing them like he so wished to, he just stared, unnerving them with his cold, unblinking gaze.

"As the Kazekage," one of the elders intoned morosely, "You know it is your duty to do what is best for the village."

Still sounding like they were at a funeral, the second elder continued, "After much deliberation the council has decided that in these uneasy times, it would be best to strengthen ties with those uncertain of our loyalty-"

The perverted demon inside his head was more interesting, even when he was trying to eat away at my personality, he thought to himself, completely ignoring everything that the elders were saying.

After a literal ten minutes of droning on, the first elder started talking again, finally getting to the point of the long and irritating speech, "Therefore, we have decided that it would be in the best interests of the treaty between our villages, if you – as the Kazekage – took a Leaf koinoichi as a bride."

Handing Garra a scroll with the council's seal on it, they walked away, leaving Gaara alone so that he couldn't vent his fury on them.

Reading the scroll, his eyes widened slightly at what he read, completely unreadable – even to those who knew him best, But the malicious and unsympathetic smile on his face was real enough.

Too real for some.

His bride-to-be was a torture master.