To all those of you that do not wish to read a LEMON (smut/sex scene), please feel free to skip don to the next chapter

To all those of you that do not wish to read a LEMON (smut/sex scene), please feel free to skip don to the next chapter.

Chapter 9 – Severe Sussness of Sorts.

As she was being pushed against the wall, Sakura felt a hand slip under her shirt and start caressing the small of her back. A small moan escaped her throat and was quickly swallowed by his mouth. Tongues battling for dominance, she revelled in the pressure of his mouth on hers and the feel of his hands pressing roughly into her hips. Her hands acting of their own accord, they travelled down his spine and lower, the kiss only being broken to remove shirts – the clothing that was restricting the touch of skin on skin – the thing that the both of them wanted most.

Desire running rampant through their bodies, she didn't even hesitate as his hands travelled up the back of her torso to remove her breast bindings and bra, the clasp providing only a minor delay to the passion that was taking over so fast. Grinding hips on hips and mouths on mouths, the both of them lost all sense of reason – the reason that that had barely remained when his lips first touched hers.

Running her hands up and down his arms, she briefly admired the intricate love kanji tattoo gracing his skin, perfecting him. Gaara lifted his head from hers and slowly ran his lips, tongue and teeth over Sakura's jaw line and down her neck, enticing small moans from the back of her throat when he reached the pressure points and the spots only he knew were there.

Just as her hands started to roam lower, he quickly and harshly pulled away, grabbing her upper arms to stop her reaching for him.

In a show of dominance that she should have expected from his partially sadistic personality, Gaara lifted Sakura into the air and them her half way across the room to land in the exact centre of his bed on a surprisingly comfortable matress, managing to knock the wind out of her.

If you had enough coherent thought to form a sentence then she probably would have wondered – somewhat jealously – whether he had done it before.

But, as she was too caught up in the sensual motion of his body as he stalked his way towards her, it didn't really matter whether or not he had sone it before. All that mattered was the feel of his lips claiming hers and his tongue plundering her mouth, stripping her of all feeling but the immediate arousal coursing through her veins.

Grinning wickedly, making her lose what breath she had left, Gaara's mouth left hers, making her whimper in the loss of contact only to make her utter a purely seductive moan as his lips teased their way down the column of her neck, leaving little bites instantly followed by his tongue soothing the spot.

Tracing his lips down over her pulse, he made his way down her chests in an enticing arc, settling on the stiff peaks of her breasts. Taking one pink nub into his mouth, he teased and tormented Sakura, only to give her respite by stopping suddenly. Laughing slightly at the completely lost look on her face, he grinned at her before taking the other breast into his mouth, lavishing it and making her moan again in earnest.

Loving the sounds escaping unchecked out of her throat, he ran his hands tantalizingly up her sides, stimulating even more nerve endings and making her scream his name, too caught up her carnal pleasure to care who heard.

Distracted by his hands and mouth playing over her highly sensitized breasts, her mind didn't register that she had lost her pants and underwear until she felt his free hand cupping her most intimate place.

Letting her breath out in a hiss, she only recognized that he had moved when she felt the cold air nipping at her extraordinarily responsive skin. She groaned from the lack of physical contact only to have her breath hitch when she felt his mouth somewhere she had never expected.

His lips playing softly over the fleshy mound of her sex, he tentatively pushed one finger into her hot channel, extracting another moan and a breathless scream. Satisfied that she was enjoying his touch, he nibbled lightly over her already over-stimulated nerve endings, delighting in the wanton scream released from the recesses of her throat.

The erotic feel of his lips moving almost casually over the most sensitive part of her body made her squirm as she felt a spring coil deep inside her, creating a primitive need for release. He slid another finger inside her, speeding up the pumping motion of his fingers and her body reacted accordingly, her hips bucking in response to the extra stimulation.

Leaving her no time to catch her breath from her sensual and enticing screams of erotic delight, he moved his mouth just a little higher until he reached a sensitized little nub that sent spasms of pleasure wracking through her body. Getting the right reaction, he continued his actions – pumping his fingers in and out as well as adding a third, stretching her, preparing her for what was still to come while his lips, teeth and tongue continued their ministrations on the very sensuous nub.

Writhing around on the bed and loosing all control, she finally cam apart for him, screaming his name so loud it would be a wonder if there were people who didn't hear it.

Coming down from that painfully pleasurable high, she was unprepared for when he continued his actions, making that spring inside her coil even tighter as the feelings built up again, promising more pleasure then she was sure she could take.

She distantly heard him moan as he discarded the remainder of his clothing, slowly sliding his body against hers as he made his way back to her lips, taking her mouth in a savage, bruising kiss, letting her taste herself on his lips.

Too lost in the feelings building up again in her body, she didn't fully realize the extent what was happening until she felt something a lot larger then his fingers at her entrance. Hearing the groan come from his lips at the slight contact, she hardened her resolve to finish off what was going to the most mind-blowing experience of her life.

Her mind made up, she wrapped her legs loosely around her hips in an attempt to get closer while he teased her with slight pressure and the liquid warmth of his mouth on her breasts again.

She was caught unprepared as he entered her in one powerful thrust, erasing all doubts, all thoughts from her mind with erotic mixture of pleasure and pain, taking over her entire body.

Waiting for her body to adjust to his size, he watched with barely concealed emotion, the expressions crossing her face at an alarming rate. When her body had properly adjusted to his length inside her, he continued the act with slow, sensual movements of his in hers, making her lags tighten around his hips as she begged for more. Speeding up, the thrusts becoming faster and harder, he adjusted her hips so her entered her from a completely different angle, bringing the both of them to all new heights.

Feeling his release coming, he put light pressure n the sensitive nub at her centre, making her moans hoarser and his groans more pronounced as he felt the tell-tale tightening of her inner walls against his length. Increase the strength of his thrusts until he reached her very centre, they screamed as they came together, their world shattering into an abyss of pure feeling.

When they eventually came down form their orgasmic high, they pulled apart, only to fall asleep ensconced in each others arms, uncaring what the morning would bring.