Lazy Day

The dragon stirred in the grass, unfolding its miniature wings out to either side of its purple-scaled body.

He had been sleeping, or at least trying to. Though accomplishing any rest whatsoever proved to be a difficult task when you had Sparx the Dragonfly hovering over your horned, spike-encrusted head every waking day of your life, shouting weird sayings and unwanted advice in your ears.

"'bout time you woke up, Spyro the Lazy Dragon! I've been shouting at you for hours!"

Snorting, Spyro tilted his head up at the dragonfly as it spoke, flaring his nostrils. "You're being very annoying this morning, you know that?" he said, yawning and blinking the sun out of his violet eyes.

The Dragon Realms were enjoying a fairly warm, lengthy summer, and Spyro was feeling the effects of it as he emerged from under the shade of the tall, leafy grass that grew all over the Artisan home world. This was too much heat, even for a dragon.

"And you woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Sparx retorted, and Spyro cracked a toothy grin.

"Oh did I?" The dragon said, hoping to unnerve the dragonfly just a bit.

"Um…yes…you did…" Sparx muttered, and took off. Shaking his head, Spyro loped off after him, his spiked tail swaying in perfect rhythm with his young body.

"So what are we going to do today?" Sparx asked, looking bored. They had come to a stop at a small waterfall that cascaded down into an undersized pool in which five stepping stones floated on top of. "Chase sheep?"

Spyro nodded. "That's always fun," he said, plunging into the pool and being careful not to scrape his tender hide against the side of the stones as he circled around them.

Sparx sighed, his stick-thin body drooping in disappointment. "It's always the sheep with you," he said, but Spyro had begun to hum contentedly to himself as he paddled.

It had been a year since he and Sparx had defeated Gnasty Gnorc, and things had gotten a little bit too peaceful lately. For months Spyro and Sparx had talked about going to Dragon Shores for a bit more excitement and fun but for some reason had never gotten around to it.

"You almost done yet?" Sparx asked, and Spyro pushed his head out of the water, blowing smoke rings and puffing out his snout. He had only been in the pool for five minutes and already Sparx had asked that question over a dozen times.

"Yes, I am now!" the dragon spat at his friend, hauling himself out of the water. Shaking himself dry he added, "Happy now?"

"Very much," Sparx replied, smiling as he buzzed away. It was time to go fry some sheep.

Far above the land upon which Spyro and Sparx chased down sheep, in a world of blue skies and fluffy clouds, Kartha the Dark Fairy rode astride her majestic steed, the golden phoenix Leo. She had come to the Dragon Realms in the hopes that she could finally get away from her father, the current demon lord of Faerie.

"Father wouldn't approve of this would he, dear Leo?" Kartha asked the bronze bird, whose wing span reached up to forty feet. She felt the wind whip through her lengthy, ebony hair as she spoke, and the spoilt fairy princess sighed with contentment. Now this was living; back home, in a wood at the foot of the great Geek city Athens, the world of faerie was concealed by giant woodland that enshrouded the fairy kingdom from wind, storms, and other nasty forms of weather but here…she could feel all of that, and it felt great.

Its no wonder father doesn't want me here, she thought, scanning her crimson eyes downward toward the rolling hills and peaked towers below. She was impressed by this colorful scenery, which her father would completely detest, being the swamp-loving, darkness-craving imp lord he was.

His prisoner Oberon, however, would've loved it.

Thinking of the fairy king made Kartha snarl. It was all because of him that her father had developed a hatred for magic; he was the reason why she was locked up in her room everyday, forced to watch Titania strut about her husband's castle like the drama queen she was…

Dragon alert, my lady, Leo inserted into her mind through the telepathic means of communication that they shared, and Kartha forced her intention toward the scene below.

Just as Leo had said, there was a dragon hunting in the fields below her, gorging on nice, round puffy sheep. A little yellow orb could be seen floating along side the dragon, and Kartha instantly wanted it, mistaking it to be some form of High Magic.

"Let's go for it," she ordered Leo, and the faithful bird swooped into an impressive dive…

Sparx cheered half-heartily as Spyro impaled the sheep on one of his spiral horns, causing the sheep to poof into a colorful butterfly as blood began to drip down the dragon's face.

Disgusted by the sight, Sparx turned away and gobbled down the butterfly, feeling a bit sick. As he ate, the bug watched Spyro as the dragon licked his chops just before dropping to the ground, where he rolled in the grass to rid himself of the blood.

"Ack, always a nasty business," Sparx said as Spyro stood up minutes later, clean as whistle. Spyro smiled thinly.

"You bet," he said, rolling his eyes upward. Something had distracted him and Sparx saw what it was an instant later when an enormous bird landed in between them, bearing what Sparx would call a 'hot fairy chick'.

"That's called murder," the girl said, sliding smoothly down from the bird's back as it crouched for her. Sparx made a face.

"And what's that called?" he wanted to know, shaking his head at the sight of the fairy princess' steed. "Some guy dressed in a Bigbird costume from some kid's show?"

The fairy smiled. "No, he's name is Leo and he is a phoenix, not a cartoon character," she said, matter-of-factly, and Sparx shared a frown with Spyro. Where did this girl come from?
"May I ask where you came from?" Spyro said, and Sparx groaned. Why did it always seem like Spyro was reading his mind?

"I come from a world that's apart from this one," the girl replied, and Sparx whistled as she extended out a pair of black, velvet wings. Spyro just narrowed his eyes as she continued: "It's a world without dragons and I live in a kingdom near one of its greatest cities: Athens, the wondrous city of Greek, where Faerie lies hidden a dark wood nearby –"

"Come on Spyro, let's loose this ninny," Sparx suggested, making a move to flutter away but Spyro held a claw out into his path.

"Let's see what she has to say first," he disagreed, and Sparx began to pout. Kartha smiled.

"Very well, then," she said, sitting down on the grass. Once Sparx and Spyro had done the same she began: "First of all, I came from a portal…"

Spyro and Sparx were all ears.