Only Treats This Year

It had been another long week at work –another long day. But, as was usually the case, Bobby found himself restless and unable to sleep.

Autumn was upon the City and, with his bedroom window raised a few inches, he delighted in October's crisp night air. He fluffed his pillows and propped himself up in bed.

On the night table to his left was his first mug of hot chocolate to ring in the new Fall Season. He took a sip, finding himself smiling at the comforting taste, and returned to his novel.

After reading for an hour or so, he felt his eyelids growing weary, so he turned out the light and cuddled down beneath his sheet and fluffy blue blanket, allowing sleep to finally overtake him.


Their recently-solved case was disturbing to him, but equally as intriguing. As with most crimes of passion, this one had involved a tangled web of emotions: loneliness, desperation, lies, deceit, and jealousy. Yes, this one had all those elements, but it had something else, too: danger, erotica, sex –all lurking in the mysterious darkness of night that he loved—the enticement of eternal life; vampires.

Bobby grinned in his sleep.


It was a beautiful Saturday morning with a deep blue sky. The sun was bright and quickly chasing away the chill of the night air.

After enjoying the morning paper and his wake-up cup of coffee, Bobby made one of the phone calls he'd been thinking about. He smiled as he hung up the receiver, ecstatic about securing one of the hardest-to-obtain commodities in October –a hotel reservation in Salem, Massachusetts, on the weekend before Halloween.

Now it was time for his second call.


"Hi Eam-Alex, it's me."

"Hi you," Alex smiled at the unexpected call from her partner.

"Hi. I um – I was won-wondering…"

"No, I don't have plans today. What'cha wanna do?" she replied, assuming she knew the reason for his call.

She heard him chuckle over the line and smiled.

"If you want to do something today, that's fine, but I had something else in mind." He listened to the silence while she thought –knowing that her curiosity was kicking in.

"Okay, I'm game," she answered, though feeling a bit tentative. But when it came down to it, she was happy to spend time with Bobby whenever, and wherever, he wanted.

"I was hoping you'd say that," he smiled. "I'll pick you at 7 for dinner and I'll fill you in."


Bobby refilled his coffee mug and settled back on the couch. He picked up his novel –the last in the Carlotta series.

"This is gonna be a great Halloween."

The End (??)