Vampires In Love

Alex whimpered in her sleep – Must be having a bad dream, Bobby presumed.

Groggy, but reflexively feeling an overwhelming desire to protect and comfort, he turned towards Alex and took her in his arms. She instantly settled into his embrace and nuzzled her cheek against his chest with a small murmur of contentment as she drifted back to sleep.

They slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Bobby was the first to awaken on Saturday morning. He gingerly extracted himself from the bed and quickly scooped up his discarded sweats from the floor, holding them in front of his body to hide his morning erection. He stood at the bedside –just for a moment, looking down at her sleeping form. He smiled and padded off to the bathroom.

The sounds of toilet flushing and shower water running woke Alex from her slumber. Groaning as she stretched her body from head to toe, the first thing to enter her conscious mind was the vague memory of snuggling with Bobby –spending the night cuddled against his warmth and strength. She smiled when she looked to her right –the spot where Bobby had been sleeping—and found herself wishing that she had woken up earlier while he was still there. Maybe then I would've made my move?


After both of them were showered and dressed, they decided to have breakfast and do some more shopping and sightseeing around the town. Bobby treated her to lunch, as well, at a rustic seafood restaurant near the water's edge. Like the night before, they often found themselves strolling hand in hand. Their conversation flowed easily. Each one thought about –without the other knowing—how natural and comfortable it all felt.

Eventually, dusk fell. The moon was golden and full; leaves and acorns crunched underfoot as natives and tourists alike scurried from store to store, picking up last-minute items in preparation for whatever Halloween party they were attending. As the evening wore on, the humans on the sidewalks were replaced by ghouls and monsters –characters and creatures of all types.

"We'd better head back to our room," Bobby said. "The costume ball starts at eight."

"It's almost seven now," Alex exclaimed. "I'm gonna need more than an hour to get ready."

Bobby chuckled. "I figured that."

Alex playfully punched his upper arm.

"It's okay. We don't have to be there exactly at eight."

Once back at the room, each of them showered, with Bobby taking his turn first. While it was Alex's turn in the bathroom, Bobby dressed in his costume then sat at the desk to write Alex a note.

Alex emerged from the bathroom with her hair and body wrapped in fluffy white towels. "I'll try to hurry," she said to no one, then spotted the note on the desk:

Dearest Rosalie, I have taken my leave and patiently await you at the pub. Eternally yours, Robert.

Alex held the card, smiling as she re-read it. I guess he's in character already. I can't wait to see him.


Downstairs at the Tavern Bar and Grill, Bobby was waiting –but not so patiently. At first, he felt conspicuous –even ridiculous, as he walked through the lobby to the bar. He finally relaxed as more and more costumed guests arrived and he began blending in, rather than sticking out.

He was working on his second glass of Glenlivit as he sat at the bar, checking out the costumes of the other patrons. While making small talk with the bartender, Bobby noticed the man suddenly do a double-take, then stare towards the doorway. Bobby swiveled his stool to find out what had captivated the man's attention.

As Alex made her entrance, her beauty left Bobby breathless.

Bobby quickly dismounted the barstool and stepped towards her. He couldn't contain his smile –which eerily revealed fangs—and his eyes sparkled in appreciation.

"You look positively beautiful," he softly said to her, then bent to kiss her cheek.

Her dress was exactly as the book described –with each tear, tatter and burn telling the story of her life; its journeys and hardships. Alex's hair was upswept, held in place with crystal-adorned combs at the back, while thin, spiral ringlets framed her face. The dress' décolletage perfectly displayed the creamy, ivory flesh of her full bosom and the cinched bodice accented her tiny waist before giving way to the satin that flowed from hip to floor.

"You look pretty handsome yourself," Alex smiled, as she admired Bobby's costume.

He stood tall, looking muscular and trim in a vintage black tuxedo with a ruffled ascot. As in the story, his crisp white shirt bore bloodstains on the collar beneath the spot where fang-punctures marred his neck. A black cloak was draped over the back of his chair and, off to the side of the bar where Bobby had been sitting, she noticed his white gloves, top hat and walking cane set aside.

Bobby smiled.

"Your fangs look great, too. Look, check mine out," she grinned so Bobby could see.

Bobby chuckled. He then extended his elbow and escorted her back to the bar, where he offered her a drink. They sat and talked, enjoying their drinks and each other's company, while the commotion around them in the tavern grew more boisterous.

"Can I get you another?" Bobby offered upon noticing Alex's empty glass.

"Oh, no, thank you. You wanna head over to the ballroom?"

"Sure," Bobby nodded, smiling and wiggling his eyebrows.


The ballroom was full of creepy Halloween decorations and props; monsters and grotesque creatures inhabited the tables and dance floor. Bobby and Alex mingled and chatted with the others who were assigned to their dinner table. They ate, drank and danced the night away –even won third place in the costume contest and, before they knew it, the ball was over at the stroke of midnight.

"I had so much fun tonight!" Alex beamed. "Thank for everything –really, Bobby."

"You're welcome. I had a great time too."

They walked arm in arm from the ballroom along with all the other ghouls who were spilling back into the lobby. Some headed for the elevators, some for the front door.

"I felt so pretty in this dress tonight. I'm kinda' sad the party's over already. I don't want to take it off," Alex confided, a little embarrassed.

"It's only just past midnight. We don't have to go back upstairs –let's go for a walk around town," Bobby suggested.

"Okay," Alex quickly agreed. Any chance to walk around town holding your hand is fine by me.

As soon as they left the hotel's lobby, Bobby wrapped his cloak around Alex's shoulders, staving off the chilly night air.

"Thank you," Alex said with an appreciative smile. "Won't you be too cold now?"

"Nah, I'm all right," Bobby answered.

Automatically, as if now second nature, they reached for one another's hands and began walking. Ultimately, they ended up back by the water, close to where they'd eaten lunch.

"The air smells so good here," Alex said as she stepped towards the railing overlooking the rocky shoreline and lapping waves.

"Mmmm," Bobby agreed, as he stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Something else smells pretty good here, too," he whispered flirtatiously, bent to her ear.

Goose bumps sped down her neck, arm and leg –having nothing to do with the cool night temperature.

Bobby sensed her small shudder and squeezed tighter, sealing in more warmth from the cloak and his own body heat.

"Look at that moon," Alex sighed, leaning back into him.

"The sunrises here are just as beautiful," Bobby said.

"We can't stay up 'til sunrise," Alex reminded him. "We have to get back to our coffins," she teased, carrying on the vampire charade.

Bobby chuckled and she felt his chest rise and fall against her back.

"Speaking of coffins," Alex dared, not sure if she should broach the subject. "What about Rosalie and Robert and their little tryst in that sex box?"

"What about it?" Bobby asked in return –only because he wasn't sure what else to say.

"You're the one who underlined it in the book," Alex reminded him playfully.

"Oh, I always do that when I find a part I like," Bobby said, trying to explain it away.

"Uh-huh," Alex said with a 'yeah, right' tone to her voice.

Impulsively, Bobby bent towards her ear –taking advantage of her upswept hairstyle, and placed a small kiss on her earlobe. "Ahhh, I don't know," he whispered. "The whole idea of sad, lonely vampires having sad, loveless vampire sex in a dark little box. . .it's not so appealing," his voice trailed off as he became lost in thought.

Alex took a step forward, breaking from his embrace, and turned to face him. She grabbed the edges of the cloak and put her arms around Bobby's sides, sharing the wool's warmth and shelter against the breeze.

She looked up at him, admiring how the moonlight reflected in his eyes and made shadows on his face, as it followed the hollow of his cheek to his jaw line. "Well, were are we vampires supposed to have sex?" Alex teased.

Bobby's chest rose and fell as he breathed a sigh. He raised his hand and, gently, with two fingertips, traced her cheek, then let his thumb brush against her bottom lip. "I know a place with a really comfortable four-post bed."


Once back at the room, they shed their disguises of the cursed and tortured Robert and Rosalie. And for the very first time, Bobby and Alex made beautiful, passionate love to each other.

As they laid in the darkness afterward amidst tangled sheets, Bobby placed one last 'good night' kiss upon her head. "You're the most wonderful treat I've ever gotten," Bobby whispered into her hair.

"Happy Halloween, Bobby" Alex smiled and mumbled contentedly into his chest. Her lips brushed against soft flesh and hair as she placed a kiss over his heart.

They drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


"Happy Halloween Everyone!"