Droplets Of Chocolate: A Drabble Collection

By: Yummei-sama no Hayashi

Author's Note: Welcome to "Droplets Of Chocolate." This is my brainchild when one day I was re-reading the chapters of Renalin's Naruto For The Teenage Soul (read it – it's good good stuff) and I thought… why not make I own?

In this collection, I will be making drabbles for some of the canon, almost-canon, and crack Naruto pairings I've ever liked, or even just character ficlets. I might even take requests. A note of warning though – it's in the Sakura and Sasuke filter because they will still be featured heavily, but there will be pairings that actually contradict it.

Disclaimer: This goes for all the chapters proceeding – I don't own squat.

Sasuke and Sakura:

Yes, Maybe, No

Genre: Angst/Drama

The shark-like Akatsuki picks his half-dead partner up, while said partner's little brother holds his accidental medic in his arms, on the other side of the battlefield. "Sorry, Itachi-san's little brother," Kisame drawls, shark teeth glinting, "but Leader wants him alive for a little longer."

"Wait-!" Sasuke exclaims, but his vehement exclamation is a moment too late – they disappear in a flurry of crows.

The avenger's veins throb and pulse in rage and disappointment – never in his life has he gotten so close to his goal, and to have it unreachable again, at least for the time being, is unbearable. The pink-haired girl in his arms gives him a soft, anxious gaze. "Sasuke-kun…" she murmurs, if only to fill the heavy silence.

"How're your injuries?" Sasuke asks abruptly, startling Sakura.

"I'll… be okay," she says, trying to sound as if she will be, though his loss stabs her every nerve ending. "I expended most of my chakra healing you while you fought, but I should heal all right."

"Good," Sasuke says shortly, re-sheathing his sword, as though the huge loss had not happened. Sakura knows he feels it, though she cannot see his darkened expression. "I don't want to deal with unnecessary deaths."

Sakura's hand reaches out to touch his shoulder, and he does not shrug it away. "I'm sure… next time…" she begins gently, not knowing how to word it. What exactly does one say after a failed attempt at a revenge one disapproves of?

"Next time…" Sasuke repeats in a mutter, mulling over the possibilities.

The two sit in silence, but soon enough, the bubble begins dissolving – Sakura knows her blond brother-in-spirit and their other comrades are on their way for her, while Sasuke can feel his subordinates approaching.

Sakura has to try, one last time, before he leaves again.

"Sasuke-kun… won't you come home with us, please?"

He avoids her imploring jade eyes, for the same reason he had his back turned on her the last time he avoided saying goodbye – those eyes have the ability to break his resolve.


Sakura gives a shuddering sigh, but this is merely to steady herself. The battle is not over. But the tears are coming on. "Then… after this revenge… will you come home?"

It takes Sasuke longer to respond. "…maybe."

The weakened kunoichi looks up, hope renewed in those eyes he cannot look at. She has one last push left, and she believes the third time might be the charm.

"Then…" she says slowly, "when you've finished with your revenge, will you let us – me – drag you home?"

A long silence, then-


Both of them look up – the bespectacled redhead of Sasuke's team has come rushing towards them. "We have to hurry!" Karin says urgently. "Konoha nins are on our trail and-"

She stops abruptly, staring at Sakura. Her eyes narrow. "You-!"

But Sasuke has started walking away from Sakura, joining his subordinates (but never friends, Sakura tries to believe). "Let's go, Karin."

"But she-!" Karin protests.

"Drop it," the blue-haired swordsman says impatiently, eyeing Sasuke with caution. The kunoichi glares at him, but says nothing more as Sasuke rejoins their group.

"Sasuke-kun…?" Sakura tries again, voice breaking.

Sasuke pauses.


Moments later, Naruto finds Sakura, eyes filled with tearful emotion.

"If you want it so badly."

It feels better than yes, strangely.







:.: there are always gray areas :.:

Author's Note: If I feel like continuing this as a collection, then I'm posting a Minato/Kushina next. Don't know who they are? Read the most recent chapters of the Naruto manga. They are easily the most fun-to-write characters, so far.

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