Droplets Of Chocolate

By: Yummei of the Dream

Author's Note: Looks like I'm doing fairly well with gathering reviews. I'm liking doing this. It's kind of satisfying to clean out my mind from plot bunnies. Not only is my brain fresh again, but I also get praised for taking out the trash. Ha.

This choccie that you will be enjoying is a NejiTen. I've never had Tenten's personality down pat, but the fillers sort of portrayed her as a bit of a ditz in normal situations (but rather strong-willed in battle) so I'm going with that.

Neji, Tenten:

Crazy Girl, Part 1

Genre: Humor

When Tenten became his girlfriend, Hyuuga Neji thought that he knew her well enough.

He was in for a rude awakening.

One day, Neji tried to be a normal boyfriend and bring Tenten flowers.

He stood on Tenten's doorstep, praying that no one see him, lest HyuugaNeji (Hyuuga. HYUUGA! He was a gosh-darn-freaking HYUUGA!) be spotted being a romantic. Moments later, the brunette opened the door for him. "Ah, Neji!" she exclaimed, brightening up when she saw him.

"Good evening, Tenten," Neji said, nodding.

"What brings you?"

Neji brought the flowers ought from behind him with a flourish. "I thought of giving you something."

He was secretly pleased that her face showed all levels of shock at the beautiful flowers he had acquired. "This is from… the Hyuuga garden, isn't it?" she asked softly.

"I picked out the best-looking ones," Neji said, and he could not keep a note of pride from his voice.


Tenten slapped him upside on the head. "YOU IDIOT!"

"What!?" Neji yelped. "What did I do wrong?!"

"How many flowers had to lose their brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers for this bouquet to be made?!" Tenten exclaimed, waving her arms frantically. "What sort of pain did you cause to these poor flowers that the ones that had to watch are now permanently scarred for life!? Are you planning to take over the world? Because it all starts with being sadistic to flowers!"

"Tenten," Neji said furiously, "it's not that big a-"

"And another thing!" Tenten yelled, and Neji tried his very best not to jump in surprise. "Why can't you be more supportive of my friends?! You picked this out from the Hyuuga garden when you could've easily gone to Ino's flower shop and gotten me some of the nice flowers they have there! Have you no heart? You ought to be ashamed!"

Neji stood there, staring as the door slammed into his face. This caused a neighbor to look and spot him holding a bouquet of flowers, thus scarring said neighbor for life.

Tenten opened the door again.

"If you're going to yell at me again-" Neji began in annoyance.

Tenten glared at him.

Then she grabbed the bouquet from his hands and slammed the door in his face.Again.

Neji could only hope that the next time he saw Tenten, it wouldn't be so traumatic.

(The temple monks almost swore they heard the fire god snicker, somewhere up there.)







:.: Thelanguage of flowers is vast and – AAAUUUGGHHH! :.:

Author's Note: I'm planning to make about four more of this for the heck of it. Tenten being crazy happens to be a very good subject.