Psychic Academy


Name: Zeno

Aura code: Keros Beros (doesn't use it at all)

Age: 6 (in chapter 1) 16(in chapter 2 and up)

Eye: blank silver (changes colors based on emotions) "color chart at the bottom"

Hair: laid down and blue/black (when he gets mad it stands up and turns red)

Height: 6"

Weight: 130lb

Aura power: fire

Abilities: able to do and control all types of fire, the jump (teleport), mental link with his best friend Haru, and can see body temperature went eyes are closed or blinded.

Likes: being greedy, being ignorant, pizza, fighting, flirting with girls, eating and all time favorite sleeping.

Dislikes: being in school, doing work of any kind, girls that turn him down way to quickly, being woken up in the middle of his sleep

Hates: people who think their better then others, anyone who being up his cousin name in a bad manner (this is one of the top two thing that pisses him of the most), being pissed off, and his number one main thing that pisses him the most "THE A.D.C"

Scale 1-10

Intelligent: 9


Speed: 8

Aura control: 7 (it goes to 10 later)

Personal information:

Attitude: zeno is short tempered, greedy and very ignorant. He love to flirt with girls and is really lazy. But he is very kind.

Zeno's eye color chart

Sad: blue

Mad: red

Excited: gold

Happy: silver

Greedy: green

Ignorant: white

Depressed: black