A Whole New World Of Betrayal And Understanding

Chapter 1

Ok this is an Au! Moreover, this is how it went.

James and Lily had twins; one of the twins who was healthier at birth was thought to be the saviour and the prophecy child. Harry nearly died, thankfully, he did not. Then Dumbledore came up with a great idea, make everyone think the Potters only had one child. Obliviating the nurse and others who knew, apart from Order members. No one had known the child had existed, the boy, Horus; after the god of Egypt.

That was until fifth year, they decided the boy was trained enough and had let him join the Order and battles. The Death Eaters had given as good as they got, but Horus was far too good for them, they had well and truly trained him the way they wanted him. He was a killing machine; he was now seventeen and had never had a friend or girlfriend. He did not understand what that mean, they had kept him shielded. Harry knew this, had tried to interfere but nothing was gained from telling his brother. He seemed to like being what and who he was.

When he was old enough to understand what they were doing to his brother, he hated them all. Then Harry had started watching, hating the attention his brother got. He started training himself, and trying to prove he was as good as his brother. He did not seem to remember that his brother was just a tool, and that he himself wanted to be like that. When the time came when he remembered it would come fast and swift leaving Harry stunned.

Voldemort had not attacked Godric's hollow, they had used Dumbledore as secret keeper, and it was obviously successful. Dumbledore would not have let James pick anyone else, after all this was his tool for finally defeating Voldemort. When he had as the saying goes came out of no were, he had not stood a chance against Voldemort, they had trained him more and more, he had gotten a lot better since then.

Severus Snape was not a spy for Dumbledore; he had never spied on Dumbledore for Voldemort. He had two children, which Voldemort adored; they were like nephews to him. He had not wanted to risk the life of his long time boyfriend or his children. The two Snape boys were well known in the Order headquarters. The Order wanted them eliminated before they grew up. They did not want to have to put up with more Snape's. One was enough; they could never catch Snape, knowing they would be training them they tried to get them quick.

Unfortunately, they did catch them, the other father was killed, and in one fellow swoop, he had lost his boyfriend and his children. The two boys just seven years old were portkey'd away.


Present time,

Grimmauld place,

Order headquarters.


Harry walked into Grimmauld place, behind Mad-Eye Moody, his father and twin brother. They had been out fighting again, Harry of course was not allowed to fight, he had been forced to stay behind, and help who ever may have been wounded.

Harry was a weary boy; he had spent his entire live cleaning up after other people. His family shoving him from one person to the next. When he had been younger, he had blamed Voldemort, and as he got older, he could not bring himself to blame the man. Voldemort did not force his parents to fight, or leave him with others.

Most of the Order looked at him as though he was a child; they looked at his brother with pride. Tonight he was going to prove himself to the Order. Dumbledore was letting him join. He could not be happier; perhaps they were beginning to see he was not a child any longer. He heard them mumbling, somewhere along the lines of catching someone or something before he had walked on, not wanting to be caught eves dropping.

Harry went for a shower; he was so exited about tonight. He had heard how heroic his brother was, fighting Death Eaters. He could not wait to go out there and prove to them he was just as good. They thought his brother was better than him, well he would prove that he was just as good. He had read up on twins, he knew they were equal in power and strength, why else were they twins; they were either not informed, or just remained ignorant to it.

Getting his best robes on, he wanted to look smart; he had grown his hair in to look different from his brother. His brothers hair was just like his fathers, looking in the mirror he took a calming breath, he was so exited.

Walking down the stairs, he heard screaming from the dungeons, concerned he went down. The childrens screams covered his arrival. Harry took the scene in a look of horror, two children screaming and withering under the only curse Harry knew could have that effect, the cruciatus curse.

He could hardly believe that they were using it on anyone, never mind a child. Gulping silently, he looked at the faces of the people doing it, to his horror they were enjoying it. They were enjoying what they were doing to eight-year-old children. They were twins; they were clinging to each other for support. He and his brother had never been like that, they had never been given the chance.

His father, and his godfather were enjoying it, as was the headmaster. They looked gleefully at the small defenseless children. Harry knew they could not get any less cruel than they were right now; it was like kicking a puppy when it was down.

Looking down at the children he nearly heaved, there robes were ruined beyond any magical 'repairo' spell. Blood covered them; coming from their mouth and nose. Gagging silently, shaking, he backed away from the scene, running to his room, before puking in his own private toilet. All thoughts of wanting to join the Order were long gone, so that's what they loved his brother for; torturing innocent people.

'I'm so confused, isn't that how the Order makes the dark side out to be, and yet they're acting the same. Are either of them any better than the other? I'm so confused, why did mum and dad want to be proud of that.' Closing his eyes, he wanted nothing more than to save those children, find their father, and tell the man where his children were.

'I will need to find out who they were first,' thought Harry getting up from the floor.

Spelling his robes clean, he waited until the Order members walked up the stairs, before sneaking down. Opening the door he heard a pain filled whimper, stopped himself from tearing up, and entered the room.

Seeing a bottle of pain reliever, he sipped a little, not wanting it to be anything else. It was exactly what he thought it said it was. Going over, he got the children to swallow the potion. Trying to avoid the cuts and bruises that decorated the two children's bodies.

"What are your names?" he asked his voice at a whisper.

"Shaun Snape," said the oldest by five minutes.

"And the other?" asked Harry.

"Severus Alexander Snape" said the youngest. He was not Severus Jr he did not have his fathers middle name.

"Who is your father, do you know where I would find him?" asked Harry.

"Severus Snape and we will never tell you where he is!" said the oldest twin shutting up after that. They would not tell him anymore, they thought either that he wanted their father dead, or because they did not trust him.

"Fine, but I can't help you if you don't tell me," said Harry with a sigh, getting up from the floor. Harry felt a million years older as he trudged from the room, this whole thing was going to be harder than he thought.

Gripping the pendant, he stopped in his tracks; he remembered Flamel's last words. The stone had been destroyed in first year, and Quirrell had been killed while trying to steal it. He had met with Flamel while in the hospital wing, the portkey was still there. No one knew he had been given one of the Flamel properties and some of the money.

The man had seemed to know him better than anyone else; he saw right through his masks and had actually made him really laugh. His trip to the infirmary went faster than any other time. Nicolas died in his sleep, his wife next to him; after saying his goodbye's to Harry. He had seemed to know his end was near. The last thing the man had actually said came back to haunt him.

"There will come a time when you will need this, use it wisely for it only works one way. It is a portkey; the activation password is 'Understanding and Betrayal'. I know you will break free Harry, I wish you luck my boy, I fear my time here has come to an end, and I find I'm no longer afraid of dying, as I once was. I wont be alone, goodnight Harry" said Nicolas Flamel who died at age 890.

He stood pondering how Nicolas had known, wondering if he was a seer, he shook those thoughts off as he returned to the dungeons. He stopped seconds from the children. It was saving them, loosing his family, or letting them die. He had never loved his family much but he fought with himself he wanted his family but the larger part of him wanted him to do what was correct.

"Harry?! What are you doing?" yelled a shocked James.

Dumbledore and Horus stood next to him, Harry knew what they were going to do, making a move he grabbed both the twins, saying the two words he watched his family's faces as he twisted from existence. 'Understanding and Betrayal'