A Whole New World Of Betrayal And Understanding

Chapter 10

Months had gone by, since the downfall of Dumbledore and Voldemort, yet the world had never been more at peace. The ones that had gone to Azkaban were all freed and found innocent, one of Harry's side was named Minister of magic.

Harry saw Severus and his children all the time, he was beginning to love them like they were his own son. He loved Severus, more than he thought Severus would ever like him. He never took the chance of dating Severus just in case the man never let him see the children again.

He needn't have worried, but that was for another time, right now Harry was walking towards Hogsmeade. He was due to meet Severus and the man's children, in fact he was running late. However, something would be stopping him today. A spell sent him flying across the other end of Hogsmeade.

"Harry!" yelled Severus, wide eyed and scared for the first time in his life.

Harry fell with a crack at the other end of the town.

"Stupefy!" snarled one of the bystanders, good thinking now the culprit wouldn't get away.

Severus was right over to Harry, making sure the young man was alright. He didn't realize just how a permanent fixture Harry had come to his life until that moment. That very moment, he realized just how much he loved Harry. Love was maybe too strong a word for him to use at the moment. However, he couldn't use any other word apart from love.

"Don't touch him," said a woman.

Severus was about too sneer at her, she said something.

"I'm a Medi Witch," she said making sure no one touched him.

"I see," said Severus grudgingly he then let her do what she wanted, knowing Harry was safe in her hands.

"Move, move get out of the way!" shouted Wizard paramedics trying to get thought to the injured.

"Possible spinal breakage" said Samantha.

"Right, Wingardium Liviosa" said Jack, levitating the injured young man onto the Portkey spelled stretcher in front of them.

"Wait! I want to go" said Severus.

"Hospital is no place for children, come when you can to St. Mungo's Master Snape, I dont think this one will be concious any time soon" said Jack.

"Very well!" said Severus grudgingly.

Before he knew it, the two paramedics and Medi Witch was gone the stretcher already turned into a portkey.


"I want him in Azkaban tonight!" snarled Severus.

Azkaban had been re-built in the same area, however, it was much nicer than the older one. Human rights was now available in Azkaban, proper toliets, water supply everything they would need to survive. However, for the killers they were at the top of Azkaban and thats where the dementors were kept now. On the top level of Azkaban prison. It was thought Harry that they were able to actually build a new Azkaban.

"He will be, Harry is very important, his trial will doubt be today" said one of Harry's aquantinces.

"Good," said Severus, good job the idiot was already away or Severus feared he may have attacked the boy.


The young man was indeed sentenced to fifteen years in Azkaban, the young man had indeed planned on killing Harry Potter. The Wizarding world was indebted to Harry, he had saved their world, given them money when they didn't have it. Re built their entire world, was more or less what he had done.

They didn't know what Harry had done of course, they were still blind when it came to Albus Dumbledore. However, they were rejoicing the fact that Voldemort was away they didn't shed a tear for Dumbledore. He had no children, or family of any kind left to grieve for him.

Harry's spinal injures were thankfully non life threatening or life altering. They managed to heal most of the damage before anything became permanent. However, he wasn't to get out of St. Mungo's until they were sure he was fine.

Right now he was awake, confused bored and saddened when no one was there when he woke up.

"How are you feeling Mr. Potter?" asked the Healer.

"Fine, backs a bit sore, what happened?" asked Harry confused.

"You were hit from behind in a cowardly attack to kill you, however, you should be fine. There is no permanent damage, however, you might have to stay here a few days make sure you are healed properly" said the Healer.

"Of course," mumbled Harry, so someone had tried to attack him? That surprised him who would try and attack him? It was obviously someone who knew what he had done. This panicked him, what if they found out? He would be in Azkaban for sure, he was just about hyphenating when Severus walked in.

"Harry! Nice to see you awake, I just let the children stay at Hogwarts while I came and saw you." said Severus looking at Harry making sure the young man was alright.

"Severus, what are you doing here?" asked Harry blinking in surprise, before blushing beet red.

"I came to see how you were," replied Severus ignoring the beet red colour Harry seemed to be going around him all the time.

"I didn't realize how much you meant to me until I lost you," said Severus, he had said more than he had wanted to but oh well couldn't take it back.

"How much I mean to you? How much do I mean to you?" asked Harry, holding his breath now was the moment of truth.

"More than you will want," sighed Severus.

"Do you like me?" asked Harry wide eyed.

"I more than like you" sneered Severus not in a bad way, but an amused sort of way.

"Love me?" asked Harry his eyes were nearly bulging out of his head.

"Indeed" replied Severus.

"I realize you are probably disgusted…" said Severus.

"I feel the same way too" said Harry softly.

"You have every right too…what did you say?" asked Severus looking shocked.

"I feel the same way too" he repeated smiling.

"How do I know this is not a joke?" asked Severus his face full of utter seriousness.

"I will repeat it under Veritaserum if you want," said Harry softly, in other words he meant it from the bottom of his heart.

"Good," said Severus before leaning over and capturing Harry's lips in a desperate needy kiss.

"I almost lost you, never again" mumbled Severus, as he and Harry caught their breath.

The green eyes just bore into his own with love in every sparkle.

"I love you," said Harry.

"We will see," said Severus softly, he wasn't used to telling people he loved them. Harry realized this and knew Severus would rarely say it. However, he knew Severus liked him, more than liked him so he would be fine with that.

"We will" said Harry.


Harry was out of St. Mungo's within five days, completely healed, however he still felt a twinge of pain now and again. One of his rooms were filled with get well cards, he was more popular than his brother had ever been. His brother, Harry sighed looking at the only picture he had of his brother.

"It's not your fault you know" said Severus cuddling into Harry.

"I know, but I killed him didn't I?" said Harry snuggling into his lover.

"You saved him from himself, that's all you did. What your mother and father did to your twin brother was horrible. He wouldn't have been able to survive this world little one, don't dwell on it" said Severus.

"I don't know what I would do without you," sighed Harry, they had been together for three months and their relationship was stronger than ever. Severus had fallen in love with a boy, and turned that boy into a man.

"Lets hope you don't find out" said Severus meaning it as a joke.

"I know" shivered Harry, it had only been three months but he felt like his heart would be scrunched into two pieces if he ever left Severus.

Severus just sighed, Harry was such a strange young man, in some ways Harry had been though more than him.

"Come love, its time we were in bed" said Severus yawning, he had black silky shorts and a shirt on…Harry the same only in green.

"Lets" said Harry he was feeling tired himself. It was past midnight after all, the children safely tucked away in bed. Harry loved those two children like they were his own. He was so protective of them, Severus smiled at the thought.

They were tucked into bed, wrapped around each other, Harry buried his nose in the crook of Severus' neck. Severus sighed and smelt his lovers scent all he could think as they dropped into sleep was 'MINE'


Fred and George had the Prewitt's and Weasley money, the Weasley's had been getting a lot of money. From Dumbledore no doubt, but it didn't bother them for they were using it to better the wizarding world. They put their money into the joke shops, they actually owned half of Zonko's joke shop. They also had 40 percent of the - The Dragons inn, a new pub/hotel that was just built. It drew a lot of people in, nicely furnished and smelt nice, rooms were to die for. Harry owned the other 60 percent, not surprising.

Apart from that the wizarding world was learning to live again, not in fear but in peace. They only had one person to thank for that…Harry James Potter the last of the Potters.

He himself if he had to go back, he would change not a thing, he thought as he fell asleep with his lover by his side. He had his Severus now and he would never jeopardise that relationship for anything.

So everyone had their happy ending. Well...Almost.

The End