The Painted Lady

Katara and Aang ran out of the, now destroyed, factory and flew over the water, fog following them on the way. When they got back to land they looked back at the factory.

"I can't believe we just did that." said Katara while taking off her head dress. Aang looked at Katara and smiled. Katara looked at him after taking the hood off. "What?" she said while ruffling her hair out of the hood. Aang smile only grew wider.

Katara took off the rest of the Painted Lady outfit, including the make-up, and left her Fire Nation cloths on. "Remember when I told you, you weren't like other spirits?" said Aang walking over to her.

"Well, yeah….That's also when you said-Oh." Katara looked away hiding the blush on her face. Even though it was dark, Aang had really good eye's.

"I meant what I said." He said while putting his hand in hers. She looked down at their hands and blushed. She then looked up at Aang and smiled. Aang did the same.

They moved closer to each other until their lips her centimeters apart. "I know." Katara said before closing the gap between them.


It was the most amazing think that happened to me…..besides the cave of two lovers but still!!! The first kiss we ever had was under the circumstances and well…….that was more of just a peck on the lips so scratch that first kiss part.

So…this was my real first kiss and all I have to say is….DAMN!!!! We pulled back and I know I saw Katara smile and blush. So she looked away.


It was the most AMAZING feeling I ever felt. The cave of 2 lovers was good too but……this one was my real first kiss!!!! I mean, imagine yourself kissing the boy, I mean, man of your dreams and well, obviously, loving it.

We both pulled back and smiled at each other. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks so I looked away.


We both smiled then turned to walk back to camp hand in hand….but then something hit me. I stopped in my tracks and looked back at the factory. "What if Sokka finds out that you're the Painted lady?" I looked back at her. She looked down and sighed.

"He's to dumb to find out….right?" I looked back her the factory. "Let's just wait till we get their." said Katara while pulling me along back to camp.

---------------normal p.o.v.-------1 hour later--------------------

"Boom!" "Shhhh….You don't want to wake Sokka up!" Katara whispered. When we turned around, thankfully, Sokka and Toph were still asleep.

They both sighed in relive as they walked to Katara walked to her sleeping back and Aang walked to Appa. "G' night Katara." said Aang laying down on Appa's paw.

"Ditto." said Katara while taking the hay out of her sleeping bag, after it was all out she looked back at the sleeping Aang and smiled. She walked over to him and laid down next to him wrapping an arm around him and closing her eye's.

Aang's P.O.V

I closed my eye's and sighed. I like helping Katara, I always get something out of it. I felt something warm wrap around me, I opened my left eye and looked down on her. I smiled as she rested her head on my chest and wrapped her warm arms around me.

I sighed as I fell into darkness. But next thing I new, I heard yelling. I groaned. I didn't feel that warm feeling on my chest anymore. I opened my eyes and looked at the fighting siblings.

"KATARA, WHY WERE YOU SLEEPING WITH AANG?!" Sokka yelled waving his arms around in the air. "He's my boyfriend…..what do you think I'm going to do? Sleep alone?"

"WELL DUH!!!!" Sokka yelled. Then that's when they heard buzzing.