Goodbye My Love

Mantineus-I know I should be finishing my other stories. But this was plaguing me.

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Zeke stood outside what he used to call home. Ros was not there, she was at work. He was unnerved that the house looked the same as it did fifteen years ago. But he noticed that not everything was as it was. Ros, his wife, was dating a rugged, golf playing doctor.

Though he couldn't blame her. It was fifteen years. She's beautiful. If she wasn't dating he'd worry. The only reason he didn't was because he would get a second chance. Another lifetime and beyond with her. And no more…

" Hello, Mr. Stone." Said the normal icy tone Zeke was accustomed to. ' Speak of the devil' Zeke thought, laughing in his head. Zeke stayed silent.

" How does it feel that your wife is dating?" The Devil said, a smile on his face. " That she forgot about you and is dating a buff, self-absorbed doctor?"

Zeke walked away. He wanted to be alone, and he then he came.

" Now wait here, Mr. Stone." The Devil said. " You didn't answer my question. I thought you would like to hear something other than: Why aren't you working?"

" I'm glad for her." Zeke snapped. " She's beautiful. I'm dead. I understand why she is with him."

" But…" The Devil said. " You are not too happy."

Zeke sighed and lowered his head. " I'll get her back when I'm done with your escaped souls."

The Devil laughed. Zeke looked at him. " Why are you so happy?"

" You are finally getting used to making people sad that you are even hoping to do it with the living!"

Ezekiel looked puzzled at his boss. " What do you mean?"

" You mean that you never saw them together?" The Devil Shouted.

Zeke shook his head. The Devil laughed. " I'll have to show you then."

He walked over to his red convertible. " Come along, Mr. Stone." The Devil said. " I want to show you how desensitized you are."

Zeke got in and they drove off. After an hour, Lucifer stopped at a Country Club, The Oaks.

" Hello, Detective Stone." Said the Bus Boy. " We've been expecting you." Zeke looked at the Devil, who only smiled and tossed the teen his keys. " Please," The Devil said. " Take it for a joy ride."

The Bus Boy smiled. " Thanks!" The Devil smiled and patted the boy on the back. " No. Thank you."

" What was that about?" Zeke asked. The Devil laughed. " He'll get in an accident and not only kill himself, but a mother and child in another car."

" So I guess this means that I'm walking home." Zeke stated. The Devil laughed.

And then Zeke saw them. His Ros with her new boyfriend. " I can't believe you haven't seen her finger." The Devil said. He pointed. Zeke looked and saw a gold ring where his used to be.

' Why haven't I noticed that before?' Zeke thought. While his boss chuckled.

He actually felt bad. Now the only question left was: " What are you going to do now, Mr. Stone?"


Zeke had shot Ash's eyes out. And with a brilliant display of swirling hell fire, she was sucked back home. He panted, killing her was not easy like the other one hundred and twelve damned souls.

Zeke heard clapping. "Well done, Mr. Stone." The Devil said. "Well done. I guess this means that our little relationship is over?"

"No," Zeke said. "I will go back home… I owe Ros that."

"Aw, Mr. Stone!" The Devil said sarcastically. "You're making me sentimental. Look, I'm blushing."

Zeke turned to face Lucifer. "Just take me back."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Ezekiel." Lucifer said. "I made a deal with you. You completed your part. Now I have to do mine."

Zeke took lifted his gun to his eyes. "Mr. Stone," The Devil shouted. "What are you doing?"

"The right thing." Zeke said as he shot out his right eye then left eye. He screamed as his entire body became consumed by hell fire, as his vision became that of fire and falling.