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You Look A Lot Like Her

The doors slid shut. They were alone now.

" I knew it the instant when I first saw you some minutes ago. And from the expression on your face I could tell, you knew it, too.

You look a lot like her. Different – but still ... so much like her.

She was twenty-five, then; and me – I was much younger. Not even eighteen. She was the teacher of the recreational course, you know?

Yes, you do know. She must have kept the photo of the class. Showed it to you. And of course has told you, somewhen.

That´s why you recognized me.

I had a crush on her and ... it just happened.

I´m not searching for excuses.

We immediately realized, it never should have happened. And it never did happen again.

A twenty-five year old woman and a boy of not quite eighteen. Impossible. Then – and even nowadays.

The last day of the course, about three months later, she told me she would go away, someplace else. When we were alone for a short moment she did take my hand and, palm down, brought it to her belly. I´ll never forget you, she signed.

Barely did I know what she was getting at.

About half a year later I got a letter, saying: It´s a girl. Looks so beautiful. Don´t worry about us.

No address, not even a name. I only could guess, it was from her.

Many, many years later I found out she had married, that he had adopted you, and that you have a brother.

I was ... in a relationship as well. But I made sure she would be able to pay for your education.

Never thought our pathes would ever cross. Yet, here you are.

I can only hope and plead that you are not mad at me."


"Gloria and me, we have never been mad at you, Gibbs!"

And Abby got her first working day at NCIS started.

A/N: I was stumbling over the conversation between Ari and Gibbs in ep. Kill Ari II. In Gibbs´ basement Ari speaks about his father, and tells Gibbs: "You have the misfortune of reminding me of this bastard." Gibbs: "Ah, he did not marry your mother, huh?"

Okay, it´s a bit taken out of the context, but it made me wonder, if there´s any possibility for Gibbs being Abby´s father. And this is how it turned out.