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This takes place right after the season two finale and the earth king is not on Appa to clear things up.

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Chapter 1

Katara sat clutching Aang, on top of Appa's head, and as just as soon as Aang had came to he slipped back into unconsciousness.

"We need to find a save place for Aang to heal, fast." Katara said finally coming out of her initial shock of Aang almost dying.

"We'll head to Chameleon Bay, dad's fleet should still be there and we can stay there long enough to figure out our next move." Sokka answered, automatically taking the lead again.

Everyone aboard Appa nodded their head in silent agreement, even Momo purred softly.

Katara guided Appa gently toward Chameleon bay one arm still wrapped tightly around Aang.


Appa landed softly on the beach in front of the Water Tribe tents as the sun was just rising. The warriors jumped out of the simple tents ready to attack, but when they saw the bison they calmed. Hakoda ran up to Sokka and Katara. But slowed when he saw that all the passengers were quiet and wearing solemn faces. Katara ran up to her father.

Hugging her father she started to cry. "Dad, missed you so much"

Hakoda looked up from his daughter and saw Sokka carrying a limp body in his arms being followed by a young girl with black hear wearing green clothing.

Hakoda stared at the limp body heavily wounded boy in Sokkas arms.

"Is he theā€¦"

Sokka looked his father in the eye, Sokkas blue eyes normally easy and full of jokes were now hard and sad, and nodded his head.

"Get him into the tent," Hakoda said pointing to a large tent which was obviously a healing tent. "Then get some sleep, by the looks of things it looks like you're going to need it."

Katara let go of her father. "I'm staying with Aang."

Hakoda nodded as he led her to the tent, which now held the worlds only hope.


Somewhere up river, just by the city of Ba Sing Se. Fire Nation troups were dumping the bodies of the brave souls who dared to stand up against the new rulers of the once great city. Among them was a teenager dressed in Water Tribe colours.

The bodies floated liflessly down the river.

The river was a straight route to Chameleon bay.

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