Summary: When in a rare jungle near Egypt, Monty Fiske encounters a Thirteen year old thief. He catches her and finds out, as they walk to the village near by, that she is an orphan. Her parents are alive and well, but they disowned her because of 'demon' inside her. Her appearance is normal to some extent but she talks and acts like an animal, a monkey to be precise. Since she was born under a full moon on Friday the 13th, they consider her a plague and treat her like one. Monty feels sorry for her and takes her with him, training her to fight Monkey Kung Fu and teaching her about it. When she gets older, she starts to fall for the now evil Monkey Fist. When he tells her to act like 'Kim Possible's Friend' by saying she ran away from him, realizing right from wrong…will her mission actually make her see the truth?

(A/N: Btw, this meeting is BEFORE the whole Hairy hands thing.)

A very rich, classy, and elegant Monty Fiske walked through the forests, dodging tree limbs and spiked thorn bushes. He wore tan shorts just below the knee with a matching short sleeved shirt, his black boots protecting his feet from all the abnormal hills and ditches. His cold blue eyes did a quick sweep of his surroundings, making sure to watch out for all the desert snakes. Such irony for desert snakes to live in an Oasis.

"Come along Bates!" His sharp voice rang out with a slight English accent. The servant he spoke to walked a few yards away, wearing a similar outfit. He was much shorter than Fiske and looked like a toad, for his eyes were huge and basically as spread out as his ears.

Nearly tripping over a branch at such a sudden command, he looked up, "Yes my Lord." There was hesitation in the mans' voice as clear as day. Monty turned and watched the toad-like man scoot over slowly, glancing over his shoulder nearly every minute.

"Oh bloody hell, what are you looking for Bates?!" Monty exclaimed, the end of his hair falling slightly in front of his eyes. It was so humid!

"I apologize Lord Fiske, but I fear we're being followed." He risked a quick glanced as he spoke the last word.

Shaking his head, Fiske rubbed his temples and felt a headache come along. In a tiresome voice, he groaned out, "Bates, there is not a person near by for hundreds of miles! Who or what, pray tell, do you think is following us?"

Bates looked around suspiciously, paranoid. "…I suppose you're right about no person being out here but…The thing I saw looked like a human and yet, looked like an animal. Like a monkey…Rubbish, though." He shook his head, chuckling at himself for such foolishness.

This is where Monty got suspicious as well, curious and at the same time paranoid. They continued their journey through the heavy wooded area, looking for a small temple. From what he heard, the temple would be easy to access and inside was a very expensive object that he needed to become the 'Monkey Master'; Two jade stones. He needed them for the monkey statues. He held only two statues for now. The other two, as much as he hated to admit, were guarded in a dangerous place and since he was planning to get the surgery on his hands done…he didn't want to risk anything right now.

A few hours passed and Monty started to believe Bates was right; they were being followed. But by who? Better question was what? His saw glimpses of the creature and while it ran on two legs, it swung on trees like a monkey. Long hair flowed gracefully behind the creature, its legs were toned and its arms showing a good amount of muscle.

When they reached the temple, a huge grin broke out onto Monty's face. "Ah…The Jade eyes…at last." He walked in and traveled through countless webs, cursing silently. Before him were two jewels sparkling in the dusty dim light.
As he reached out to grab them, he saw something out of the corner of his eyes. It moved with lightning fast speed and agility. Looking up, he turned and did a quick spin. When his eyes rested on the jewels, or where they were, he gasped. They were gone!

Looking behind him, he gasped and growled to see the shadow of the creature run. When it passed the light, the Jades in its hand glittered. There was no way that he would let someone steal his chance of being the Monkey Master!

The ground they ran on was covered in sand and grass, making it an obvious trap for preys. Snakes could come out and attack them if they wanted to, but they didn't…not yet at least. The creature before him ran fast and smoothly, it was obvious it knew the grounds better than he did.

It took a left turn and slid, not expecting sand. They were at the edge of the Oasis! Growling, Monty sprinted closer and tackled the creature to the ground. It let out a yelp, the Jewels still in its hands. He pinned its wrists above its head and…

It was a girl. A child no older than thirteen.

She struggled in his grasps, her breathing turning into desperate gasps. She attempted to kick him off of her but to no avail, he sat on her legs. The language she shouted at him was foreign, probably some form of Egyptian.

He faintly remembered how there was a small village nearby, maybe she had come from there. But that was odd, because he didn't remember ever going pass it…how did she follow them when they hadn't been near her home?

"What do you think you're doing, girl?" He sneered, grabbing the jewels from her and giving them to his servant, who just walked over. It was clear that she didn't know English, for she shouted even louder in her language. Although her voice was laced with venom, he could tell it was…musical, graceful.
When she finally tired out, staying silent, he helped her up and tied her hands behind her back. There was no way that a thief would get away, no matter the age. They walked for some time and Monty listened to Bates attempt to get her to talk.

"She doesn't know English, Bates." Monty stated a painfully obvious fact. Bates stayed quiet. Taking the risk, he turned to the girl and looked over her. She had long black hair that half clung to her neck and face, wearing barely any clothes, and her legs and arms, although well toned and held muscle, were covered in very thin hair. She was barefooted and the clothes she wore were a dress, dark brown that matched her skin. So this was the creature they saw following them!

Almost as soon as he finished studying her, she jumped up and pulled her trapped arms under her, making them appear before her. She turned and landed on her palms, onto the hot sand that seemed not to bother her, and kicked Bates away. Doing a back flip, she stood and looked at Monty, her fists up and tied.

"I speak well." She stated, her voice slightly less poisonous. Her eyes, now that he noticed, were a majestic sort of red! By the way she stood, he figured she had fought before…but not the way he knew. She was inexperienced compared to him, an amateur.

He shook his head slowly, a grin of confidence on his face. That's what made her take a step back, hesitating. Monty ran at her and jumped in the air, tackling her to the ground. They rolled several times until they hit a huge pit of sand. She sat on him, struggling to pin his arms to the ground. That's when they both realized that the sand was swallowing them.


Monty struggled to get free as the girl jumped off of him. Actually if it wasn't for her "hmph" when she landed on solid ground, he would have never guessed that she had jumped off his stomach…wow she was light. No matter how much or how little he fought, the sand kept eating him.

"Bates!" He shouted in a pitiful attempt. From the corner of his eyes, he saw that he was alone.

Suddenly a branch fell into his hands and the girl's voice, although he couldn't see her, shouted, "Hold tight branch!" He did as he was told, clinging to the piece of wood. Although her English was cut up and rough, he understood that she was trying to help him. After all, he didn't hold the jewels with him so why try to save him for that?

A moment later, he was on solid ground and lay next to the girl. She sat up, rubbing her arms and looked away as he stood. Bates ran over and, after a long session of shouting, he began to clean off Fiske. The girl said nothing, just sat there. She looked like she was stuck in between evolution of a monkey and a human…yet she looked pretty.

"What's your name?" He asked.

When she said nothing, he helped her up and started making their way to the village. It didn't take as long as he feared; only an hour. Most of the sand was off of him and clung to his servant.

One thing was for sure; when they walked in, everyone glared or scorned, some even spat in their direction. Glancing over his shoulder at the girl, he saw she stared at the ground. What did this village have against her?

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