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The plane trip was silent and took roughly two hours. They were quiet, each lost in their own thoughts. Ron and Kim held hands, their legs touching. Nukpana, however, sat next to Monty without touching. Their confessions had made both of them…bashful. The tension was tick, the stench of betrayal, fear, suspicion and wonder was in the air.

Nukpana longed to lean against her master, to hold his hand even. Earlier that morning, she had rested in his arms all night. They had simply sat there, rejoicing that the other was alive, their arms wrapped around and clinging to the other. She had felt so…so…protected…and loved.

But that morning had passed…that moment in time gone.

A hand grabbed the shoulder far from Monty, pulling her in like a fishing rod. Her body met and melted with his. "Master…" She whispered, looking up at him; his eyes were gently and slowly becoming a grayish blue. It was like the aftermath of a storm.

Kim looked over, grinning at the sight. So far, they hadn't spoken a word to each other simply because of how…uncomfortable it was. Finally, she spoke up, "Matilda…Nukpana…" She corrected herself, "I…what I mean to say is that…even though it was your assignment only, I really liked having you as a friend. You were different. Are different."

Ron smirked, glancing at the hairy armed girl, "I have to confess, I did too. You were so cool and…different."

Nukpana blushed and smiled, her eyes sparkling. "I'll always be different…and even if it was just an order from my master…I really liked being both of your friends as well. Your friendship made me see what right and wrong was. It helped me…a lot. Actually…you were the first two friends I've had my age in my life."

"Really?" Kim's dark grass green eyes widened.

Slowly, she told them about her life. She told them about her village, about how she was an outcast because of her looks, the 'bad omens' placed on her birth. She even explained to them how Monty and her came to be. This took up a lot of time and, of course, broke the tension.

When they landed, Nukpana glanced around as if awakening from a dream. Then she realized they were in Middleton Airport. They stepped out and she coughed slightly. When she had been in the lake, she had swallowed a large amount of filthy water. Although Wade insisted that she would be fine, she would be ill for a few days.

Monty winced physically, feeling his right arm move in the sling. "Nukpana…" He started. "I think…you should stay here in Middleton. You should continue your schooling, my dear." As soon as he spoke this, he knew it was the right thing to do. It would hurt both of them, yes, but she'd have a normal life. When he had listened to what she's been through on the plane, he came to realize that keeping her all to himself would be selfish.

He expected tears, he expected cries, shouts and even pleads so he braced for them. He waited for them to fall like rain, to attack him like bullets. However, what he didn't expect was pain from her grabbing his right arm. A howl of agony escaped is lips. As quick as her touch had been harsh, it was gentle once more.

Her voice was calm like a melody, "Master, you need help until you heal. I highly doubt your monkeys can do it all; clean, cook and dress you. I will take care of you like you took care of me. After all, knowing you…you'd try to move even if you aren't healed, harming yourself more. I will not let the one I love with my heart and soul suffer."

The man was shocked into silence.

As she grabbed his hand, slipping and entrancing their fingers together, they walked away. Walked away from the past to start a new life, a new love.

A love between a monkey obsessed man and a monkey looking woman.

The end! For now lol. Sequel: Several months pass; Kim and Ron are dating and talking about the word 'marriage' and 'engagement'. They go to defeat Drakken in a mission and instead, as he escapes, find an injured Nukpana who is…pregnant?! She cant find Monty for the past two months, saying he disappeared. So as they search for him, she stays with Kim. And as they search for the man she loves…she wonders about her unborn child. Will it be cursed like her?