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Rachel Roth Raven

Victor Stone Cyborg

Karen Bumblebee


A Green light streaked across the sky.

Melvin leapt to the window, "Did you see that?" The five year old turned her bright blue eyes to the fifteen year old who lay on her bed in the room that they shared.

Rachel looked up, her violet her slightly glazed. "What?" Her voice was raspy, distant and uninterested.

Either Melvin didn't notice or she didn't care, "A shooting star! Make a wish, make a wish!"

Rachel decided it was best to play along. She had long ago given up on wishing upon a star, around the time her belief in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy faded away. Yet this time she made a wish. Burying her head in her arms she silently prayed her nightmares would go away, leave her to the peaceful slumber she hadn't had in months.

A sudden weight beside her told Rachel that Melvin was now sitting beside her. Rachel looked up at the tiny, skinny, little five year old that was kneeling on her bed. Five was much too young to be in a place like this, Rachel herself had been raised in foster homes, but poor Melvin had arrived here with her two brothers only arrived a few months ago. Timmy and Teether were too young to remember their parents, but Melvin sometimes woke Rachel in the middle of the night, crying out for her mother in her sleep.

"What did you wish for?"

"I can't tell you," Rachel murmured, rolling over to lay on her back, "Or else it won't come true."

Melvin frowned. "Fine." she huffed, flopping down beside Rachel.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" Rachel suggested, it was hard to keep the little girl happy 24/7.

Melvin glared at her, then changed the subject (smart child), "When's Jenny coming back?" The question was innocent enough, but it caused Rachel's chest to tighten. Jenny had come to the home when Rachel had been six, and despite the fact that they couldn't be more different, the two had quickly become the best of friends. Jenny had disappeared three weeks ago, with no trace. This had happened countless times before, the cat-eyed girl would disappear for months at a time, and when she returned she was bruised and exhausted. The pink-haired girl never told Rachel where she went, and it hurt her to know her best friend was hiding something from her. Of course, Rachel wasn't innocent of keeping secrets either...

"I don't know Melvin." Rachel muttered staring intently at the ceiling.

"Because she promised to teach me how to braid, and I really wanna learn!"

There was a crack in the ceiling right over her bed, it was a wonder Rachel didn't get wet when it was raining.

"So I was wondering, do you know how to braid?"

Rachel was really short, she couldn't even reach the ceiling when she stood on the bed.

"Because I'm kinda out growing the whole pig tails thing, you know?"

'Jakey wuz here' was written in permanent marker. Jake (formerly known as Jakey) had left the home a few years ago, but he was still legendary for his pranks, not only at the home but at school too.


The ceiling did get boring after a certain amount of time.

"Rachel!" Melvin leaned over Rachel, blocking her view of the ceiling.


"Have you listened to a single word I said?"

"Of course I did." Rachel stated, she'd heard everything, no matter how hard she tried to tune out the five-year-old.

"Then why haven't you responded?" Melvin pouted, her wide blue eyes filled with childish innocence. In that moment Rachel felt sadness slam into her heart. Yet it was not her own sorrow, nor was it Melvin's. Rachel turned her head to the doorway, and Melvin followed her gaze. A tall, muscular, black teenager stood in the doorway. A small box, probably for shoes, was held in his strong hands. He held it so tightly that Rachel was certain it would be crushed.

"Vic?" Rachel stared at the boy quizzically. Victor Stone lived a good twenty minuets away, so having him show up unexpectedly at 9 o'clock at night, on a school night, was unexpected.

"Rae, can I talk to you alone for a minuet?" His voice was dead straight, making it obvious he was holding something back.

Rachel nodded. "Melvin, could you get out for a minute?" Rachel's tone made it clear that she wasn't really asking. The child tore her gaze away from Victor for the first time since he had appeared at the doorway. Slowly she nodded, and just as slowly Melvin exited the room, her pigtails bobbing up and down as she did.

Victor closed the door after her, and locked his gaze with Rachel. "I think she likes you." Rachel commented, trying to lighten the tension.

"Rae..." Victor drifted off, unable to finish.

"What is it?" Standing Rachel walked towards him.

"I'm sorry."

"Vic?" Raven was unable to keep the slightest hint of panic out of her voice, all she could feel was her friend's pain.

Victor handed Rachel the shoebox. Rachel spared him a quick glance before tearing off the lid. Inside there was a necklace, a black jem with a golden bumblebee encrusted on it. The metal chain was broken, and covered in a rusty substance, blood. The smell overwhelmed her nose, making Rachel feel feint. Her next realization made her knees buckle.


It was Karen's necklace.

Karen's blood.

"Vic," Her voice cracked, as her mind leapt to the worst possible explanation.

His emotions gave her the answer she feared. Victor had loved Karen, and now she was gone.


"How?" the whisper, the question she almost didn't want to know the answer to. Vic simply shook his head. Rachel wrapped her arms tightly around Vic, knowing he needed it now.

He didn't cry, and neither did she. They simply stood there, an act of friendship, that would normally be too much for Rachel, but at a time like this, there was nothing better.

A knock came at the door, ruining the heart filled moment. Rachel pulled away as the door opened. Melvin stood in the doorframe.

"Mrs. Cook says you gotta leave now, Vic." Melivn's cheeks reddened as Vic looked at her.

Vic nodded and left without a word, leaving the box with Rachel.

Rachel turned to Melvin, "I'm sure Mrs. Cook also said you had to go to bed."

Melvin frowned. Rachel left the room, knowing she wouldn't be able to do anything with Melvin asleep.

The raven haired girl headed to the kitchen, where she knew Mrs. Cook, the kind woman who owned the home and took care of the many orphans that lived there, would be. She would be the perfect person to talk to about Karen (especially without Jenny there).


The first warning had been sent. The time was fast approaching when he would meet the Raven, face to face.

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