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A/N : Did you hear that If you stay in the same place, the world sooner or later come backs to you. Some of Tony's old "friends" come to hunting in this one.




Anthony Dinozzo used to only sleep in psychology class, but he didn't need a PhD in the subject to know that the man standing in front of him could not be reasoned with. He also knew that he was no match for the six-foot, two-hundred-and-fifty pound rouge agent ... and his buddys. So it was with an eerie calm that he viewed the three menacing figures. Well, perhaps "calm" wasn't exactly the right word, because his heart was pounding frantically, threatening to leap right out of his chest. The proper term would be "acceptance." He couldn't run, and he sure as hell didn't stand a chance fighting, and, unless God bestowed a miracle upon him, there'd be no rescue. He swallowed, backing up against the wall as the three men, their faces etched with anger, advanced on him. So he accepted the fact that he was going to get hurt, and the best he could hope for was that whatever ended up getting hurt would eventually heal.

"You really are a stupid pretty boy," the large, dark man spat, his eyes blazing.

"We're gonna give you something to think about, Dinozzo," the taller, skinned man with the buzz cut added, his eyes glinting with anticipation. "See how goddamned sure of yourself you are when you're blubbering like a baby and calling for your mamma."

"It won't change anything, Kort" Tony told the older man, amazed at how steady his voice sounded. "All I did was tell the truth."

"Yeah, that's all you did. Now we're gonna dish out a bit of our own justice. You know what you've got coming, Dinozzo ," Simmons said. "You take it like a man and keep your mouth shut, that'll be the end of it. You don't, bad things will happen. You got that?"

"Look, man, I --"

The steel-toed boot slammed into his groin, sending bright, hot pain shooting through his body and dropping him to the ground like a sack of lead. Panic bloomed with the pain as he struggled to breathe and found he couldn't. His last thought before the beating began in earnest was a wish that he'd never leave his weapon at home for going out for a jogging this night...

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