Disclaimer: This is for this whole piece. All characters, the werewolf legend, and the entire universe belong to Stephenie Meyer. I mean no harm and make no profit from this. I only wanted to try my hand at the werewolf side of things, through the eyes of someone growing up with a werewolf protector.

I will update this as often as possible, as things strike me. The entries will be very short at first, as Claire is pretty young.

November 16, 2014

Dear Diary,

Hi. My name is Claire and I am 10 years old. Today is my birthday. My friend Quil gave you to me for my present. I can call him my friend now and not my babysitter. I am too old for a babysitter now. Quil said that he won't baby sit me anymore. He said that he'll just come hang out and be my friend. Mom said that was fine. I'm finally growing up!

Quil said that I have to write down important things so I will remember them. Tomorrow we're going to get ice cream.