Saving Myself

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was sitting at the back seat of a car with his cousin Dudley, who he loved dearly, like a brother. His uncle was driving the car with his aunt sitting in the passenger's seat. Since the day Harry had ended up living with the Dursleys he had always been able to do magic, doing things in a way that made Petunia and Vernon see that magic was not an evil thing. After realising that, they had begun to care for him, becoming a second son to them.

Harry had a twin brother in the magical world, Harold James Potter, who was the one believed to have killed the Dark Lord. Harry's parents had given him away when he was three because he seemingly "kept getting in the way".

Harry had been sitting quietly when some people had come up to him, shaking his hand. The Potters feared that Harry would end getting the credit for what Harold had done, and so they spoke to Albus Dumbledore.


Severus Snape had been called up to the Headmaster's office. Since he knew it was better just getting it over with, he let out a soft groan and walked into the Headmaster's office after knocking, robes billowing after him. He stopped short when he saw Harold Potter, the Brat-Who-Lived, and his twin, who looked sick and was little else than skin and bones. And of course the Potter parents, who made his lips curl into a snarl.

"Severus, I have a job for you" said Dumbledore.

"Yes?" asked Severus wondering what the man wanted from him.

"I want you to take Harry Potter and put him in his aunt's care. Lily and James can't look after him and give him the support he needs while growing up" said Dumbledore.

"Fine" growled Severus, knowing it was probably useless to argue with the older man.

"Very well, take him then" said Dumbledore.

Severus took Harry in a vicious grip before dragging him from the room. Harry didn't even let out a word of protest. He knew his parents didn't love him, and that it was only a matter of time before they gave him away.

Severus heard a small whimper coming from the boy and realized his grip was hurting him. He released his hand just a little before resuming his path at a slower pace. After all, it was not exactly the child's fault that he had to do this.

With a soft 'pop' they were both gone, appearing in a muggle area. He remembered where Petunia lived from the day her and Lily's parents had died. He had been there when the Death Eaters killed them.

A black-haired woman answered the door when he knocked.

"Are you Petunia Evans"?, he asked.

"Yes, I am. Can I help you?"

"It seems that your sister doesn't want her child, so she is dumping him on you. It's not his fault so don't take it out on him". That said, Severus pushed Harry into her hands and he was gone as quickly as he came.


Harry looked through the window as the car ran down the street. At one moment, a door suddenly seemed to materialize out of nowhere, making Harry rub his eyes, confused. He squinted to read the name that appeared above the door, 'The leaky cauldron'. Blinking rapidly he wondered what had just happened. In that moment he felt the car jump a bit as his uncle jammed his foot on the brake. Unfortunately, when trying to stop, the car skidded across the road.

Severus Snape exited the Leaky Cauldron in the exact moment the two cars collided and closed his eyes for a second. He hated seeing death.

Harry could only watch in horror as the other car came towards them, trying to fold his limbs into a foetal position. He closed his eyes before suddenly finding himself tumbling across the road, forced to simply watch in horror as the two cars crashed.

The little boy then tried to run to the blazing car, trying to find a way to get his family out of there. Severus Snape had seen the child apparate from the car, probably in a burst of accidental magic, and then trying to get up. He didn't need to be a master Legilimens to know what Harry was about to do. Yes, he knew who the boy was. He had after all seen his twin brother many times, whenever his parents would come to Hogwarts. He thought Harry was, perhaps, the only Potter he could find himself liking.

Taking a quick decision, he ran towards the child and held him back while Aurors started turning up to remove all evidence of Harry's magic and Obliviate the muggles.

Even then, Harry was still trying to get to his family, tears running down his face, screaming.

"Get off me! Get off me! Let me go!"

He tried kicking at the man and to get away, but Severus didn't let go of him. Not wanting to start fighting a child who would probably go into shock in the near future, the man let loose a spell.

"Somnus!", he whispered. Severus preferred that spell to the Stunning one because of the lesser harshness, making it more suited for a small body. Besides, he thought, he was probably better off asleep.

Harry felt himself tiring suddenly and tried to fight it. He didn't want to sleep in that moment! How could he fall asleep at a time like that? But, alas, he could not keep his eyes open a minute longer as he fell limply in the man's arms.