Saving myself

Chapter 15

"How has this happened?" mumbled McGonagall she had never seen such a sight in all her years at Hogwarts.

"What is it Minerva" asked Flitwick curiously, he had heard her mumble that as he walked by towards the great hall.

"Many people have declined to come to Hogwarts" said McGonagall.

"That's hardly unusual I mean some Muggle Borns never come" said Flitwick wondering what all the fuss was about.

"It's not Muggle borns, its pureblood's" said McGonagall.

"I see" said a shocked Flitwick.

"I need to see Dumbledore!" said McGonagall.

"I think that might be a good idea Minerva" said Flitwick "I'm going to my office so I cannot accompany I am sorry" before walking out of the office. He didn't want to listen to her moaning to the headmaster, it was rather annoying.

"Very well" said McGonagall.


"Minerva how can I help you?" asked Dumbledore, their relationship had never been the same since she had seen him manipulating an eleven year old boy.

"The Purebloods are dropping out of Hogwarts" said McGonagall dropping the list on his desk.

"I see" said a shocked Dumbledore, looking at the letters and list. The Malfoy name stunned him that was one person he expected to still be there. After all the Malfoy's had been attending Hogwarts since its opening.

"Well do something about it!" said Dumbledore handing it back.

"Excuse me?" asked McGonagall.

"Do something about it!" snapped Dumbledore.

"I will…" snapped McGonagall.

Dumbledore didn't even so much as twitch until he heard her next words.

"I quit!" she said before walking out and storming out of the office.

"Minerva! Come back!" said Dumbledore shocked, he had never in a million years expected his deputy headmistress to quit on him.

She just continued walking.

She decided it was finally time to go and see Severus.

So that's what she did.

She sent a letter to Severus and hoped he would get back; she needed someone to talk to.

She thankfully got back, with a portkey attached.


"What is the matter?" asked Severus, McGonagall hadn't ever written a letter like that before.

"I quit my job" said McGonagall.

"Why?" Asked a shocked Severus, he knew McGonagall loved her job, only downside she never saw her family.

"I'm sick of how Dumbledore is treating me! He was so insufferable! We haven't had the same relationship since I saw what he was doing" said McGonagall "Doing that to an eleven year old boy!"

"Well on a better note, how about joining me? And becoming a teacher here, you don't have to stay afterwards because the students will go home" said Severus.

"That's where the purebloods have disappeared to!" said McGonagall shocked.

"Yes, I wont let them join their fathers, I will of course do it subtly we cannot let them know we are turning their children against the dark" said Severus "I'm determined for them to choose their own paths"

"I would gladly join you, but I'm not sure I will be able to cope without the money Hogwarts gives me" said McGonagall.

"Ah, about that well you will be two hundred galleons better off, you won't have to pay rooming and board either" said Severus.

"Well I would be stupid to refuse! My grandchildren will be so happy!" said McGonagall "I can finally spend time with them instead of the occasional Christmas!"

"Indeed" said Severus.

"I'm in then Severus!" said McGonagall a smile on her face, a little one but a smile none the less.


"Minerva! Please don't leave I will give you a weekend a month to leave and see your family!" said Dumbledore trying to play to McGonagall's needs. He didn't want to have to find another transfiguration teacher, nor did he want a new deputy headmistress or master.

"NO!" snarled McGonagall unable to believe the old fool was trying to manipulate her.

"Is there anything that will bring you back!?" pleaded the old fool.

"Nothing! I'm joining Severus teaching pure blood children for a lot more than you would give me! And I will get to go home!" she said stomping off, her stuff finally boxed.

"Please Minerva! The students will be scared and without a head of house!" trying to make her guilty.

"They will survive there is more than one teacher in this building!" snapped McGonagall.

Dumbledore stopped he had lost his potions master! And Slytherin head of house to boot and now his deputy headmistress and head of Gryffindor house. He had lost them to Harry Potter the bloody brat who lived he needed the boy on his side. He had to do something, perhaps the imperious curse or obedient spells the next time he saw him. Perhaps in a letter? Yes that way he has full control over him.


Next week, the school finally started, the pure bloods unknowingly got to know Hermione Granger. When they found out she was Muggle Born they would not care and hopefully become attached to her and like Muggle Borns. This was Severus' first Slytherin move to get the young boys liking Muggle borns.

All attempts by Albus Dumbledore to get his hands on Harry had failed; the letters started coming back to him unopened. The first letter was examined by three people, McGonagall, Severus and Harry himself. After that they were making all post go to Severus first, for Harry's safety. Harry didn't like it but he would rather that than end up under spells by Albus Dumbledore.

So all in all, Severus was quite happy with how his life was. He had his son, which had changed his life - helped him get revenge on the Potters. Revealed as the boy who lived and he himself was in charge of the education.

He had plans on helping his godson become a young man who made his own decisions. Not lived by decisions of his father. He would help them spread their wings, and join whatever side they wanted to. With a bit of luck Severus thought 'they would join their side' Harry may think he was manipulating Severus but Severus was the king of Slytherin and wouldn't easily be manipulated.

He was bringing Harry up right, to be just like himself one day; Harry would make a perfect grey lord. He was well on that path himself, he didn't like Dumbledore and hated the Dark Lord so yes it was only normal that he would make his own side.

If Dumbledore messed with them, then he would know all about it, because him and his son would not hesitated in killing the old fool. He would live in a world that was fair and justice served, not the world Dumbledore or Voldemort envisioned.

The end

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