Hey, just something I kinda made up spur of the moment. It's basically Dean's thoughts on what happened when Sam was killed. How he feels guilty about the saccrifice he made but wouldn't have done anything different could he do it again, and he hopes his brother forgives him.

Let me tell you my story.
Two brothers, on a mission,
Not interested in glory,
They both just shared a vision.

One bond made them strong,
And just one simple moment,
Would make it all go wrong,
And put their lives in torment.

The ties that bond had broken,
One of us was falling.
One final word, been spoken,
And death was here and calling.

The other fell in sorrow,
He was broken and alone,
His world had no tomorrow,
No light through darkness shone.

An anguished cry of sadness,
And a moment took my life.
I knew I could not live like this.
Through the grief and through the strife.

One family, two brothers,
Both willing to saccrifice,
This reality so cruel to one another,
But the truth was cold as ice.

Could I change it now,
If the choice were to be given,
My brother's death, I could not allow,
And I pray I'll be forgiven.

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