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James and Marina

Thwarted again...what was it with Batman and his uncanny knack for sticking his ugly pointed noise in her business all the time? Not every person in Gotham City had the money for gadgets like he had; some had to work for their keep! And Selina Kyle was one of those people. Being a cat burglar had its expenses too...but did Batman get that? Apparently not. She didn't have chump change for a fast car and a cool cape...she had barely enough money to replace the leather suits that he kept ripping up and pay her rent/utilities/food. After that, the excess went into her Super Villain 401(K) plan. It was for retirement, something to fall back on...

But that didn't mean she didn't have a few bucks for a drink every once in a blue moon—and tonight was one of those blue moons. The fact that she had only made out with ten thousand dollars and that would barely cover her expenses this month also fueled her need to drink. Tossing her raven hair out of her eyes, she let her fingers press into the pockets of her leather pants that clung to her every curve and the black blazer that completed her slick, chic look for the evening. Maybe someone else would pay tonight...she could play the game, make them pant, and leave them cold as usual. It was just another Friday night in Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne was pulling on his trench coat and wincing slightly. That damned Catwoman! Every single time he went out these days, she was robbing someplace. Of course he had to stop her and she always fought back. Didn't she realize that he had bigger fish to fry? Why did she keep insist on giving him more work to do? It was bad enough the Joker had gone silent and dropped off the radar and that crook Dr. Crane, also known as the Scarecrow, was still on the loose. But no, that wasn't enough, she just had to rob someplace and get huffy that he was upholding the law while she broke it.

Sure he was secretly billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne but his toys cost a fortune. Those damned claws of hers always scratched up the armor plates on his Bat suits, and they needed to be replaced in case some gun-toting criminal got trigger happy. She was a thief with a good eye; didn't she know that his stuff was obviously not cheap? Apparently she didn't. Bruce checked himself in the mirror one last time and grabbed the house phone, "Have the car brought around, Alfred. I'm going out for a drink. Want to come along?"

Alfred sighed on the other end of the line. "No, thank you, Master Bruce, I'm not one for alcohol. And I don't think you should be indulging either," The butler's British accent cut through the line. He always came off like a scolding grandfather. Funny thing was, Bruce always saw Alfred as just that. The man had practically raised him, especially after Bruce's parents had died. He was the father figure in Bruce's life, and that made him family. Even if he did insist on still calling him 'Master Bruce'; at least he'd stopped with the whole 'Master Wayne' bit…that would always be Thomas Wayne, not Bruce.

Bruce chuckled into the phone. "I need a drink Alfred. I had a tough night, and I need to unwind." He almost hung up, but thought better of it. Placing the phone back to his mouth he started again, "Oh and Alfred...none of the usual places. I don't want to be hounded by socialites and other money grubbers looking for an investor. Thanks," Just another autumn night.

It was quiet down here in the Narrows of Gotham. Not many people believed it was really 'cleaned up' but Selina knew better. She hadn't even been accosted yet...the place was safer than the street where the city church resided. Noting a small bar at the end of the street, she smirked. Night Vision, what a name for a bar...but, it sort of fit her personality. Tastefully decorated, small, smoke free, and mostly deserted. Perfect...walking to the bar, she set her purse down and sat down on a stool, "Red wine, your best."

Bruce sat reading the paper in the back of the Rolls Royce Alfred was driving for him. "I wish you'd let me drive Alfred. No offense, but you are getting older. I'd hate myself if the work and everything you do around the manor made you sick." He looked over the top of the paper just in time to see Alfred give him 'the look' in the rear view mirror. Bruce knew that meant to drop it, "Alright, alright. You win tonight, but I'm not stopping entirely. We'll continue this tomorrow." A grunt from the front was his only response.

As they drove on, Bruce looked around to get his bearings, "Go to the Narrows, Alfred. One of the mob guys I took down in that raid last week said something about a bar there. I think he said it was the 'Night Vision'. He could have been lying to through me off their trail, but I want to make sure. No harm in doing a little recon while having a drink." Alfred shook his head and pulled the car onto the freeway connecting to the infamous Narrows.

The bartender looked her up and down before nodding, pouring her a hearty glass. A couple of patrons in the corner were cheering over a baseball game, there was a couple talking quietly in the corner, touching and kissing...it made Selina sick. When was the last time the Catwoman got laid… let alone Selina? Ha, she couldn't even remember. Who knew, maybe Prince Charming would come in and find her tonight? She even wagered a glance at the door when the bell over the frame jingled. All at once her stomach did a flip…talk about Prince Charming. And he was headed right for her; maybe tonight wouldn't be such a bust after all.

Bruce had told Alfred to go back to the Manor and wait for him to call, but the old butler knew Bruce too well. If he went back, Bruce would call a cab later and declare he figured Alfred would be asleep and that he hadn't wanted to wake him. But the old man was tougher than he looked. He also carried a revolver in the glove compartment in case any street toughs felt lucky. Bruce could only indulge the man and walk into the bar, the whole time thinking that he needed to have a talk with Alfred about the employer/employee relationship. It was almost like Alfred was the boss, not the other way around.

As soon as he entered the bar, to the sound of an annoying little bell, Bruce noticed a very attractive raven haired lady at the bar. She looked to be his age, and she was eyeing him up and down. Well, he'd be recognized sooner or later, no point in hiding who he was. Carmine Falcone had said it best, he'd have to go a thousand miles to find someone who didn't know who he was. Deciding to keep up the Billionaire playboy act, Bruce started toward the bar and sat down next to the woman. She was drinking wine, it looked like. "Bartender...Mickey." Bruce looked at the man's name tag and then back at the man's face. "I'll have what she's having."

Well, well, well...the Prince was interested. Turning to him, she flashed him her most seductive smile and extended her hand, "Selina Kyle...and you are?" Very smooth, he was very sexy. His suit was obviously expensive; nothing cheap hung on a man like that. But even if he were wearing a brown paper bag, he'd be attractive. That hair, those eyes, that...wallet. Sipping her wine, she looked up and down again, "What brings you to this neck of the woods?"

Bruce took his glass of wine from the bartender and paid him handsomely. It always helped to tip well, ensured greater service. It wasn't like he needed to worry about someone mugging him later after seeing the contents of his wallet, he could defend himself. And that was an understatement. The raven haired beauty, who introduced herself as Selina Kyle, was the first to make a move. Bruce took her hand, and in the fashion of all billionaires trying to make an impression, kissed her knuckles. "Bruce Wayne. I'm impressed, someone who didn't recognize me the moment I walked through the door. You either aren't from around here, or you don't care much about 'high society'." He emphasized the last words with mock hand quotations.

Bruce Wayne? Jeez, he looked fatter on television...he was certainly not fat; in fact, he looked to be pure muscle under those clothes. Maybe later she'd find out later...his lips grazing ever so softly across her knuckles sent heat spreading through her cheeks (among other places), "Bruce Wayne, huh? I must say, you look better in person..." Looking over at him, she gave him a soft smile, "And I live in Gotham, just not in this area."

Bruce gave her a crooked grin. "Well then, I should be relieved. Here I was thinking that I'd have to go through the lengthy, and boring, process of explaining who I was." He chuckled to himself and took another sip of his wine. "It's a boring story. Why waste time talking about me, when I can spend it all getting to know who Selina Kyle is?" Turning on his bar stool so that he was fully facing her, Bruce leaned in a little, almost in a conspiratorial fashion. "So tell me, Ms. Kyle," He'd noticed the lack of a ring on her hand, "Who are you?"

"Who am I...?" Selina repeated, tapping her finger against the glass, "Who am I?" Smiling, she gave a noncommittal shrug, "Well I'm not rich or famous or well-known. I live a quiet life, work a night job that pays the bills..." It wasn't a lie, "I'm boring. Of course, I don't have to ask you who you are, do I? I can just do a little search online and I can have your name, date of birth, IQ, and credit history in seconds."

Bruce laughed and drank the rest of his wine. "Yeah, I suppose you can do that. Of course, I don't mind so much. Makes the whole 'getting to know each other' phase of any relationship a little easier." Looking back at Mickey, Bruce pointed at his glass. "I'll have another, Mickey, thanks." Noticing that Selina's drink was getting dangerously empty he smiled at her again. "Let me buy you a refill." It was a statement and a question all in one. Not very many women had ever turned him down, not since Rachel a couple years ago. He was confident that stating he'd buy her a refill would result in her accepting it.

Nodding to the bartender, Selina accepted the drink without question. A free drink was a free drink, there was no reason not to accept. "So, Mister Wayne...I have you all to myself tonight in this tiny bar in the middle of the Narrows. By the way, what would you be doing in the Narrows? Shouldn't you be at one of the fancy bars down in the West End? I'm sure they have cleaner glasses," She gave a little glare over at the bartender and wiped fingerprints off the inside of her glass.

"Please, it's just Bruce. Mister Wayne will always be my father." He took a small sip of his wine. "I normally would be down at the West End, but not tonight. I've had a long week, especially tonight," That wasn't a lie, "And I don't feel like running circles around the socialites and the money grubbers looking for an investor. They'll be disappointed I didn't make an appearance," He rolled his eyes to show he didn't care, "But they'll get over it. Besides, I have a friend who likes to...slum it, as he says, and he told me this place has excellent company. I can see now," He looked Selina up and down, "He wasn't lying. You said you aren't from this part of town. What brings you to the Narrows?"

Selina listened as he spoke, a small smile playing on her face. Not only was Bruce Wayne something to look at but he didn't seem at all the stuffy, highfalutin man the media made him out to be. He was...normal. "I wanted to see if this place was really as cleaned up as they kept saying. Since I'm not in the alley behind the bar being robbed, I'd say it has certainly improved. I live in the East End so it's not too far from my apartment...she could walk home, really, but it was quite far and she was already feeling quite tired. Continuing to sip her wine, she rested against the bar, "I guess you don't come here often then."

Bruce shook his head. "No I don't. Normally I have to be up at one of the fancy restaurants with some cheap supermodel on my arm for appearances. I don't know why all those people love going to gala events and society dinners. All they do is sit around and talk about how rich they are. It's almost, if you'll excuse my coarse language, like a high society pissing contest." Mickey couldn't help but laugh from the other end of the bar at that bit. He'd done an amazing job of pretending he wasn't listening earlier, but that had been too much. "So, the East End, that's still a ways away. And as cleaned up as this place is now, thanks to Batman, there are still a few whack jobs on that loose that would jump all over a girl like you and do lord knows what. Why don't I give you a lift home when you're ready to go?"

It took everything she had not to roll her eyes, "Of course, Batman...what a great guy." She managed to keep the malice out of her voice, hooray for her! Unfortunately he was also the bane of her very existence. But then, what normal woman would be against good deeds like saving babies and accompanying old ladies across the street? "A ride home sounds nice...I walked down here and I was thinking that I'm far too tired to make it back. I was going to call a cab...but if you're offering..." She let her voice trail off. Finishing off her second glass of wine, she let her hand come to rest upon his, "I have wine at my apartment. We could go there and… talk."

Bruce smiled and nodded. "That sounds great. This place isn't exactly my scene." He took his glass and downed the rest of it in one last gulp. He stood up and grabbed her coat off the back of her chair, holding it open for her to slip into. "My car is right outside." He walked beside her to the door and held it open for her, then motioned to the Rolls Royce sitting out front with Alfred leaning against the hood reading the paper.

At the sight of Bruce, Alfred folded up the paper and opened the back door for him and the lady. "Have a nice night, Master Bruce? I see you've made a new friend." He held a hand out to Selina to help her into the car. "I assume we're giving the lady a ride to her home? Where to?"

Giving the bartender a tip from her own wallet, Selina followed after Bruce. She wasn't drunk by any stretch but she was feeling languid, relaxed, and calm. When he brought her outside to where a car that cost more than her rent for five years...she was actually speechless for several moments. The butler guy or driver, he probably had both, spoke up and she cleared he throat, "It's the biggest building in the East End, just after the Gotham library. You can't miss it..." Or maybe he could, he was probably used to living in a mansion.

Alfred nodded; he knew where she was talking about. She wasn't the first of Bruce's lady friends to need a ride there. Bruce got in after her and smiled. "That's Alfred, my butler/driver...he's just about everything to me. When my parents died, he raised me as my father instructed. Treated me exactly like I was one of his own." He gave a brief chuckle. "Sometimes it's hard to tell which one of us is the boss. I want to hire someone else to help him out, but he balks at the idea and gives me cold soup." The mirth was evident in Bruce's eyes. "He's never given up on me, have you Alfred?" The old butler spared a look in the rear view mirror, "Never, Master Bruce," before pulling into the street and driving off toward the East End.

Laughing along with him, Selina tried not to envision her life as a child. It hadn't been pleasant or happy, but she had survived...and that was all there was to it. "It's very nice to meet you Alfred, I'm Selina Kyle." It only seemed right she introduce herself to Bruce's surrogate father. He drove carefully and, admittedly, there really wasn't any traffic. Thunder rolled in the distance, lightning streaked across the sky, but of course it was just her luck that it began to pour as soon as Alfred came to a stop in front of her building. Luckily the awning wasn't so dilapidated that they couldn't avoid the rain but Selina and Bruce were veritably soaked by the time they got up to her apartment.

Bruce had insisted that Alfred stay in the car. It was raining, and he didn't want the older man getting sick or slipping and breaking a hip. He and Selina only had a short run to the awning and then they'd be free as birds. Bruce hadn't figured in getting soaked to the bone. He was shaking water off him as he made his way up to Selina's apartment. Once inside, he smirked at her. "Sorry, I seem to be getting your carpet wet. If it ends up ruined, I'll buy you a new one so your landlord doesn't get all huffy." Looking around the room, Bruce smiled again. "Or I can just buy the building and make it twenty times better and free for you to live in."

Closing the door behind them, she laughed breathlessly. She was completely soaked to the bone. Peeling off her blazer, she was left only in a clingy black tank top and the leather pants that clung to her body. Throwing her shoes off, she stepped into the bathroom and threw him a towel, "Change out of those. I'll throw them in the dryer for a while. I think I have a robe big enough to fit you around here somewhere." Using a towel to get the dampness out of her hair, she began foraging for robes. She was in luck; she had a white terrycloth robe she'd stolen from a hotel. Although, that left her in a black silk kimono...but she'd make the sacrifice, "Here," She said gently, "You can put this on."

Bruce smiled and looked at the robe. It still had the hotel logo on the breast from the hotel she must have taken it from. That wasn't a big deal, people took robes and soap and the like from hotels all the time. It was almost a bragging right amongst them to say their stuff was good enough someone wanted to steal it. "Thanks." Bruce looked around for a second before turning back to Selina, "Which way to the bathroom?"

"Straight ahead, it's the second door. I left the light on in there for you," Selina said, trying desperately to make it look as if she wasn't staring at him as he made his way down the hall. Changing into a pair of runner's shorts and a clean white tank top, she put the robe over it. Since she was done before he was, she turned up the heat a few notches and went about straightening up. She definitely was not expecting company and, while it wasn't a disaster in here, it wasn't the cleanest place either. Putting some dirty dishes into the sink, she called out to him, "Are you hungry, Bruce? I have plenty to offer you."

Bruce had followed her directions, only stopping at one point to peak into her room. Luckily for him she had moved on to straightening up. Bruce didn't mind, he'd lived in far worse before returning home to become Batman. Alfred, however, would throw a fit if he saw this place, and start cleaning it up immediately. Once he was in the bathroom, his clothes, even his soaked boxer, were tossed on the floor and he wrapped the robe around himself. As he exited the room, with his wet clothes in hand, Bruce heard her ask him about food. "No thanks, Alfred made dinner before we went out." Stepping into the kitchen, Bruce's eyes roamed over her body in the kimono while she cleaned up a bit. "You'll have to come by the manor for dinner sometime and try his cooking. He's good enough that I've joked about signing him up for that show 'Iron Chef'."

Inviting her over? Well, maybe that was his way of asking her out on a date. After all, he was Bruce Wayne; he couldn't just take a girl from the East End to a classy restaurant and live it down. So that he would take the opportunity to invite her to his home, where they'd have privacy...it was a nice offer. "Alright, it's a date..." She answered coolly, grabbing the bottle of red wine off the counter and bringing in two glasses. She poured a bit in each and then handed him some, "So now that I've got a billionaire humanitarian in my apartment, what should I do with you?"

Bruce chuckled and sipped at the wine. A date, huh? He could live with that. He was Bruce Wayne after all. He was expected to have girls like her over all the time, it was almost his duty. "Well, you know us billionaire humanitarian types...we're weak and easily overpowered." The humor was in his eyes. "We aren't very good at fighting anyone off, unless it involves a checkbook." That was true, for every Billionaire humanitarian that wasn't Bruce Wayne. "I'd say you have free reign to do just about anything. Who would believe me anyway? I'm in your place?"

This man was not at all what she had been expecting. He didn't seem snotty or uptight; he was funny...and sweet, handsome, charming, and most certainly rich. "Those checkbooks can sting if you smack someone at just the right place." Moving over to sit next to him on the couch, she took a drink of the wine. "I like you Bruce...but let's stop playing games." Maybe it was too blunt, maybe she was moving too fast... "I think we could be really good together. You don't have to take me to your fancy dances and social events and I'm not going to ask you for anything but your company." She'd never done this before, never been so forward, "What do you say to just having a good time?"

Bruce smiled at her. He liked the idea. He'd a liar if he said he didn't. A good time, no strings attached? That meant he wouldn't have to worry about someone finding out he was Batman, she wouldn't be in any danger. One less thing to worry about, "I'd say, I'm Bruce Wayne; good times are what I'm supposed to do. I have an image to uphold you know." He gave her a sly wink. "Besides, I think you're right. We could do well together. However, I reserve to right to take you to fancy dinners and the like in the event that I find myself dateless and in need of making an appearance...deal?"

"I don't promise to smile at the cameras. But…deal." She teased, inching closer to him. "What do you say we seal the deal?" She all but purred, her hands coming to play with the belt of his robe. Leaning into him, she pressed her lips to his, her tongue immediately testing his, forcing him to open his mouth to her. She wanted him, there was no question...but she had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't just about his money. Although, that didn't hurt his chances.

Bruce watched her crawl closer and had to force himself to stay where he was. He wanted to jump her, but he had to keep playing coy, he did have a reputation to uphold, after all. As her lips touched his, Bruce's eyes closed. His mouth opened to her as he felt her tongue brush across his lips. As she brushed her tongue over his, Bruce brought up one hand to cup behind her head, entangling his fingers in her hair. He dropped his now empty wine glass to the carpeted floor and brought his other hand up to the small of her back. Pulling back form the kiss, Bruce smiled. "I'd say it's a done deal then." He quickly stood up and picked her up. His lips descended on hers once more as he carried her toward her bedroom.

Continuing to kiss him, she wrapped her arms around him tighter as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her out on the bed and immediately covering her with his weight. The robe she wore fell away, revealing the thin clothes beneath. Already her skin was flushed with desire and her nipples taut under the confines of her shirt. She wanted him, badly, and there was no hiding it. The deal was sealed, that much was certain. And now, the real fun would begin.

As Bruce lay Selina down he grinned at the sight before him. She wanted him, he could tell that much. A thought came to him, and he grabbed the phone he always kept in his jacket, and had slipped it into he bathrobe's pocket. He dialed the number to the car phone for Alfred, "Its Bruce. Yes, everything's fine. Go on home. I think I'm staying the night. Yes...No...Yes, go home. I'll see you in the morning." After hanging up the phone, Bruce tossed it aside and smiled at Selina. "Now, where were we?" He captured her lips once more, his hands running up her sides.

It was a little bit unromantic when he made a phone call right in the middle of their little soirée. She had already removed her shirt; her breasts exposed to him, and had begun working on the shorts when he pulled away. Watching him, she frowned...he was calling Alfred NOW? What, did he need instructions or something? Still, at the sight of his slick rain-soaked hair and the slight tan of his skin, she was aroused all over again. Lucky for him, he made it brief and then was back to pleasuring her, "Right about," She kissed him hard on the mouth before beginning to kiss his neck and shoulders, "Here." Shivering against the warmth of his hands, she rubbed the length of her body against his. He was all hers...no ifs, ands, or buts.

Bruce smiled into their kiss and ran his hands from her sides to cover her breasts. They were soft and firm at the same time. Her body was obviously toned, so she wasn't a couch potato secretary somewhere. She kept in shape; that was a good thing. Bruce admired that. His finger ran circles around her nipples before he broke their kiss. His eyes took in the sight before him. After a moment he cupped one breast in his right hand, and let his left hand drop low to tease over the flesh that her shorts had been hiding from him.

Pressing her hands to his back, she held tight as he caressed her body. It was rapture the way he touched her nipples, drawing soft moans from deep within her body; when his hands came to rub at the very bottom of her belly, she nearly cried out. In turn, she arched her body against him, her mouth grazing over his flesh, nibbling and licking as she went. As he began to tease lower, she ground her hips up against his hand, praying for him to take her. It was rapture and it was the most delicious thing she'd ever felt.

Bruce almost laughed at the way she was reacting to his touch. It was like she hadn't been laid in a long time, or maybe never had before. Of course, it wasn't normal for virgins to be so forward like she was, so he was putting his money on the first option. One finger slowly teased over the folds of her center, before sliding slowly inside. He moved the finger around a little to tease her more. Once he was satisfied, Bruce broke away from her and undid the tie on his robe. He pulled it away, exposing his body for her to see, and most likely admire.

The feeling of his fingers slipping into the molten depths of her caused Selina to cry out. Her body tightened around him, not yet breaking but certainly getting ready. Sweat broke out over her skin as she watched him pull the robe away, his fingers slowly sliding out of the most secret place inside of her to expose himself to her. Her own fingers came to run down his chest, her eyes feasting on the sight of his tightly muscled, toned body. For a billionaire, he was surprisingly well kept; he must have the best personal trainer in the world. Her fingers traveled further down, coming to run down the length of him as she smiled wickedly. He was aroused by her, there was no hiding it, and she wished she wouldn't deny himself anymore. She didn't know how much longer she could stand it...

Bruce watched her as she ran her hands over his body. He grinned at her, allowing her to take her time exploring him however she felt she needed to. She'd been kind enough to let him do the same; he could at least return the favor. Once her finger brushed over his length, Bruce's eyes closed and he couldn't help the groan that escaped his lips. He finally came back to himself and looked down at her. She was smiling up at him, and he knew he needed to take her now, or he'd go mad from wanting her so much. He gently pushed her back on the bed and crawled up her body. Once settling on her he lined himself up with her center and slowly slid into her.

Selina gripped Bruce tightly as he gently lowered his body down over hers. The feeling of his thick length inside her caused the heat inside her to nearly explode. His veins pulsed, pushing at her inner walls, demanding their space. Nails biting into his back, she began to move slowly with him. Desperately she fought against her body's need to buck as he moved with in her; but she was only a woman, she couldn't stop it from coming. Nor did she want to. Tightening around him, she came with force, crying out as her body squeezed him inside of her.

Bruce relished the feeling of her around him. He hadn't been with a woman like her in a long time. Half the models he 'dated' were stuck up or shy, or were complete freaks; it must be something about them always being half naked in an underwear ad. But Selina was different. She clenched around him, nails biting into his back as she came. The feeling of it dragged him over the edge with her. His muscles tightened as he emptied himself. With a few gasps, Bruce collapsed to her side, not wanting to crush her under his weight. "Damn. You were right. This is a good time."

Her orgasm was the most powerful she'd ever had, she cried out as she came, his seed pouring into her. She lay back, breathing heavily as he fell to her side, the bed creaking with all the movement. Looking over at him, she let out several heavy breaths, "I think we'll get alone just fine, you and I." If this was any indication of how life with Bruce would be, Selina was ready to give it a go.

Bruce chuckled and nodded. In between heavy breaths he said, "Yeah. I agree. We get on marvelously." He ran a hand through his hair and looked up at the ceiling. After a few moments he looked over at her and smiled. "You never did tell me. You said you work a night job. Where do you work?" He was hoping she didn't say one of Wayne Enterprises' many subsidiary companies. That would screw everything up, him technically being her boss and all. It was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Selina rolled over onto her side, her hands coming to rest over his slick, sweaty body. He wanted to know what she did for a living...great. "I work odd jobs," She lied smoothly, "Typical clean up jobs, filing, and financial work." It wasn't a lie, she surely did clean up at a bank, filed away all the evidence and then put the money to use. "It's nothing fancy but it pays the bills."

Bruce nodded. That wasn't uncommon in Gotham City. Many people worked odd jobs like that. Usually they got hired out by a temp agency to companies that needed someone for a job, but didn't intend to keep them on for very long. It was, supposedly, a good way to make money. Bruce probably would be doing something like that right now if he wasn't who he was. But, he'd never trade Batman for anything. Okay, that was a lie. He'd trade Batman in for his parents any day without thinking twice about it. But as that wasn't going to happen anytime soon, he wouldn't trade him in for anything that could happen. "Sounds like fun. Where are you currently working at? I hope it's not for Max Shreck, that guy is a viper."

Selina raised an eyebrow, "I'm his secretary on the weekends actually." Clearing her throat, she used her most nasally voice, "Max Sherck's office, how may I direct your call?" She leaned over again, kissing his mouth tenderly, "But don't worry, he likes the coffee girl a lot more than he likes me."

Bruce chuckled and returned the kiss. "Good, let him have the coffee girl. I've been to business meetings with him, like the one when he tried to propose to the City Council and Planning Board that they needed a new Nuclear Power Plant that he would build for two million more than it would cost if Wayne Enterprises built it. He's not a nice guy. You definitely don't want him interested in you." After a moment, Bruce had an idea. "You know, if you want to get away from that job, I own several hotels and other business that are controlled by Wayne Enterprises now. I could do a little searching, find out which ones need some help in a nice job and at the least get you an interview with the managers there, if you don't want me to just outright tell them you're hired." He knew how girls like her were sometimes. They were independent, and mostly wanted to do it on their own steam. Sure she might accept his help getting an interview, but he doubted she would let him just outright hire her.

He was offering her a job? She didn't know whether to be enchanted or angry? She decided to go somewhere in between and play skeptical, "I've been putting my resume in at Gotham Insurance for five years to get that receptionist position. But apparently my secretarial work isn't good enough." Selina knew she owned that, "Maybe I'll try again on Monday." Thieving was good money but she needed a good nine to five cover job… not to mention the benefits wouldn't hurt. "And if you need something from me," She let her hand run up his thigh seductively, "You only need ask."

Bruce chuckled and his own hand ran up her thigh. "Well, I'll have to give Mr. Thomas over there a call...let him know you're coming. What time would be good for you?" He wouldn't outright tell Mr. Thomas to hire her. He'd merely imply that Bruce would like to see her employed. That usually was enough for the suck ups like Mark Thomas. "In fact, it's about time I had them audited. The board liked to see the companies audited every couple years to make sure it's all running smoothly. I usually oversee the process; I could let him know when I go in tomorrow." Working on weekends, such was the life of a big-time billionaire business owner like Bruce. He'd just have to remember to call Jack, the company's head of internal affairs and let him know to have an auditing team ready for sometime after lunch and through the weekend.

"You don't have to rush on my account...I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to." Selina said softly. It seemed a little underhanded to be asking her new lover to get her a job...of course, he had offered and she had no real objections. Stealing was a lot worse than nepotism she supposed. Besides, what was the real harm in it? It wasn't as if she weren't qualified for the position; she had secretarial AND ass-kissing experience. She'd do fine. Selina opened her mouth to thank him but a soft moan escaped instead as he started to work his hand up her thighs again, "Keep this up and I might just keep you around, Bruce."

Bruce chuckled. "Well, seeing as how we want to have more good times, I think keeping me around is the idea. So I'll just have to keep it up." He pushed his fingers inside her again slowly, as his mouth captured one her nipples. He flicked his tongue over it several times before softly biting on the little bud and giving a small tug. After letting go of her nipple, he smiled at her and captured her mouth with his again. His free arm snaked around her, pulling her on top of him while his other hand stayed between her legs.

Feelings of lust exploded in her again; she was sated and loose from their last time, but he was getting her hot again quickly. All at once, he pulled her up on top of him, his hands attacking the trembling walls of her inner sanctuary while his mouth teased her taut nipples. In return she rubbed her body down his, the moist heat of her gliding over the thick length of him but not pressing him inside of her, his fingers rested there. Leaning down, she captured his lips again, her body breaking apart as he stroked her clit, sending her hurtling over the edge. But turnabout was fair play, as she kissed him; her tender fingers came to run over his hardened length as she whispered softly in his ear, "Your turn."

Bruce almost lost it at the feeling of her hands on his length. He nodded to her statement and captured her lips with his once more. As long as she kept running her hands over him like that, she could do whatever she wanted to him. He was putty in her hands at the moment. "You can do whatever you want." Her soft hands were driving him nuts, and he felt a clenching in his lower stomach after a short time. With a grunt of approval he came, his seed spilling over her hand and onto his stomach.

He came hard, spurting over both of them. She knew she'd have to change the sheets tomorrow but at this moment in time, she didn't care. Moving so that she rested comfortably at his side, she laid her head against the pillow and closed her eyes. Tonight she didn't have to be Catwoman, she didn't have to steal for her pleasure...Bruce gave it to her freely and openly, just as she gave it back to him. Huddled close together to conserve heat as the thunderstorm slowly moved over Gotham city, it wasn't long before they were both sound asleep dreaming of tomorrow.

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