When Naruto gets what he wants, it slips away, but will he get something better? This is a narusaku and naruhina. There is also slight sasunaru/ gaanaru. At one point there is some sasusaku, but that's not important.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, if I did, it would constantly change between straight couples and yaoi couples. Hehe.

Naruto walked down the crowded street. It was a late October afternoon, the air was warm and smelled of delicious foods and candles. Tonight was the night. He reached the orange house, it had a high roof with large, round windows. He knocked on the door, and it slid open.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" he said gleefully, the pink haired kunoichi was surprised to see him there. "Oh, hey Naruto." she said, a little gloomy. The blond cocked an eyebrow "Hm? What's up?" he asked. "Come in and I'll tell you." They walked inside, the room was nice and cozy, a fire burned in the corner. It was a lot nicer than his place.

"It all happened two days ago


Sakura ran out of the house excitedly, she had just finished reading

Boys and How to Get Them for Dummies. It explained multiple jutsu on mind control, specifically designed to "get the boy you want, fast". She wanted to try it on Sasuke. She saw him, leaning against a tree, eating an apple. "Hey, Sasuke-kun!" She cried, he looked up from his very "important" matter. "Nani?" He said with a slight groan, "I need to show you something, close your eyes." He decided to do it, to get it over with quickly. He closed his eyes and waited. "Lovers Mind Jutsu!" She cried, his eyes snapped open and he wanted to run. His stomach lurched, he felt a force grab his brain. He cried out, but Sakura was deep in thought, she had to control it right, or it would backfire. Once she had waited the allotted time period, she opened her eyes, and stared, Sasuke was on his knees, he got up and stared at her with a smile. She screamed in glee, it worked!

"C'mon! I got to rub it in Ino-pig's face!" They both ran out to Ino, who was at the shopping store (figures, right?) "Sasuke? What are you doing with billboard-brow?" Ino asked. "Actually," Sasuke said with amusement, "Sakura and I are on a date" Ino stared at him in amazement "W-what d-did you s-say?" she stammered, the Uchiha turned to Sakura and cupped her face, she kissed him, without knowing, Haruno Sakura kissed Uchiha Sasuke, the most favored boy in Konoha. But this is where something bad happens. The Sleeping Beauty thing is now Hypnotized Wonder, and the kiss will break the spell. Sasuke opened his eyes, Sharingan now activated.

"What the Hell? Sakura?" He cried, he jumped back and pulled out a kunai, now at this point, every one in the store is staring in disbelief. Right at this point, Kakashi had come in, right on cue, and was restraining Sasuke. "Sakura!" he cried "If you do that again, I swear on my mother's grave you will not see tomorrow!" Kakashi made a hand sign and disappeared in a puff of smoke, taking the other ninja with him. The pink haired kunoichi had tears streaming down her face, and she ran home. She didn't want to face any more humiliation.

End flashback

"And that's what happened." Naruto had surprisingly listened to the whole thing. "Wow Sakura, you really messed up big time." Sakura growled and hit him upside the head. "Naruto-baka!" She said. The punch had put him on the floor. "Owwwwww... Sakura-chan..." he groaned. A woman with light red hair came in the room. "Sakura, what was that?" She asked. "Nothing mom." When the woman noticed Naruto, who was just standing up, she smiled. "Oh, Sakura." the woman said, a smile creeping on her face. "Mom!" Sakura yelled, with a snicker, the woman left. Sakura sighed.

"Anyways, what did you come here for?" Naruto was a little confused and dazed at first but then remembered, "Oh, yeah!" He grabbed the shopping bag he brought with him and pulled out a big box of Dutch chocolates. "Your favorite." He said with a smile. He was right. "What's the catch? You wouldn't bring chocolates if there wasn't a catch." He blushed, "Well, I was kinda wondering, if you, uh, y'know, wanted to go out with me tonight?" She was even more shocked. She thought this over, Sasuke was going to most likely kill her, she hadn't tried Lee, but he wasn't the kind you just told about these kinds of things. She couldn't think of anyone else, so... "Okay." She said. He smiled, she had said "yes". He had waited for this day. "Stay here, and I'll meet you in 10 minutes." She said, and ran to her room, to get changed. She had been in her house clothes, some pants, and a sleeveless shirt. She came back down in the clothes he normally saw her in, and they left for Ichiraku's ramen shop.

Well, that's the first chapter, it was good, huh? Well, maybe not, I'll make them better as I go, I don't write to often.