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"Now I want a nice clean game," Madame Hooch paused, eying the two captains standing before her. "From all of you." She jerked her head, indicating the two should shake hands.

"All right there Scar Head?" Draco's voice was condescending, a smirk on his lips as he stepped forward and offered his hand.

"Perfect," Harry responded smoothly, sliding his hand into the smooth cool hand before him. He squeezed his hand, trapping the blonde's hand in his, ignoring the way Draco's eyes narrowed. "I have, after all, loads of experience dealing with Slytherin's. It's all a matter of planning, discipline, and priorities." Harry's eyes traveled the length of Draco's body clad in Quidditch robes. Green eyes sparkling with barely suppressed mirth met irritated gray. "And, of course, prayers for patience."

Draco's eyes lit up with laughter. Ignoring Madame Hooch's irritated huff over the duration of a simple handshake, he slid his fingers around Harry's wrist, caressing the pulse point that jumped under his touch. "Then it looks like we're in business." His voice had dropped an octave, slipping easily into the tone that was guaranteed to make Harry sit up and beg for attention before carting the blonde off to bed. His smirk returned, satisfied, at the predatory look Harry sent him, before removing his hand and stepping away from his Gryffindor. His smile widened at the involuntary half step Harry made in his direction before catching himself. Today should prove to be an interesting battle of will.

After all, Gryffindor versus Slytherin was the most highly anticipated game of the season.

Katie Bell snagged Harry's sleeve, pulling him back slightly. She saw the way Draco's eyes narrowed at the easy way she pulled him to her side. Smirking herself, she deliberately leaned close and ghosted her lips at his ear. "Remember Harry," she whispered, conscious of Draco's black look in her direction, "we need to be at eighty points before you catch the snitch in order to win the House Cup." Harry nodded obediently, his hair brushing her cheek lightly, before she stepped back. Katie wanted to toss her hair and grin cheekily at Draco, but one look at his furious face made her hastily step back to join her team. She may be a bold Gryffindor, but she wasn't entirely stupid.

Harry looked confused by Draco's suddenly rigid posture, as well as Ginny's choking laughter behind him, but shrugged it off as he lifted off into the air. He circled the pitch twice before settling in a comfortable position to watch the game unfold. He was not surprised when Draco coasted to a stop beside him. The two sat in slightly tense yet companionable silence, eyes roving about. A flash of blonde in the stands caught his eye, and he grinned at Narcissa sitting primly in the Teacher's Box next to Snape, Sirius, and Lupin. This was Narcissa's last year teaching at Hogwarts.

Due to the confusing maelstrom following the end of the second war, Narcissa had elected to remain at Hogwarts until both of her boys had graduated. The curse against the Defense Against the Dark Arts position ended with Voldemort's death, allowing her the perfect opportunity to remain. Also wanting to remain close to Harry and Draco, Sirius had accepted the post of Potions Teacher. While not the master Snape was, he was proficient enough and well liked by the students. However, after McGonagall was heard berating him in front of the entire student body for teaching his class of sixth years a potion designed to make them burst into spontaneous song and dance routines whenever addressed by name, Sirius had reluctantly begun taking his post seriously. That or taught the students to lie better to their professors and not test potions on themselves until after class had ended for the day. Whatever. No surprise to anyone, Fred and George Weasley had been his most eager students and still kept in close contact with their mentor of choice after graduating the year previously.

"Precisely what was that disgusting exhibition with the brainless bimbo about?" Draco's icy voice surprised Harry. Brainless bimbo? Who… Katie? Smirking in sudden realization, Harry nearly laughed as he realized the best way to keep his Slytherin distracted.

"Hmm?" He responded lazily, spotting the tell tale flash of gold hovering around the Slytherin goals. A quick glance told him that Gryffindor was only ahead by twenty points.

"You heard me." Draco sounded irritated, his head beginning to swivel toward the snitch.

Acting fast, Harry reached out and clenched his fist in Draco's shirt; hauling him to his side. Draco hollered, one hand instinctively clutching at Harry to regain his balance. He now had Draco's undivided attention. Ignoring the furious glare Draco sent him; Harry dipped his head and licked at the sensitive spot under Draco's ear. The blonde froze, a slight shiver working its way up his spine. "Hmm…" Harry repeated. "Ever wondered if it was possible to have shag on a broom fifty feet above the ground?" Draco's eyes widened, his lips parting involuntarily as he looked at Harry; anger forgotten for the time being. Harry smiled innocently, noting in satisfaction the snitch had flown away. He released Draco, grinned cockily, and flew lazily away.

"I wonder if the Slytherin seeker has been attacked by Phosphorous Mitligens," a dreamily amplified voice inquired. Luna was looking over at Draco where he remained frozen in place. "He appears to have forgotten what he was doing and is rather flushed." At those words Draco snapped out of it, threw Luna a dirty look, and went off in hot pursuit of Harry. "Phosphorous Mitligens travel in packs you know," Luna continued; completely undisturbed by the cautious looks sent in her direction.

"Miss Lovegood." Professor McGonagall sounded irate that she had allowed the spacey girl to gain control of the microphone. "Mister Malfoy appears to be fine. Perhaps you would like to comment on the actual game now." Luna sent the professor an unimpressed look and resumed staring at the clouds.

Harry was laughing silently – it would never do for Draco to see his amusement and become suspicious. Desperate to distract himself, Harry once again scanned the crowds. Dumbledore was there, in a brilliantly hued maroon robe, clapping animatedly as Gryffindor once again scored. He had resumed his position as Headmaster after eight tense months of assisting the ministry in gaining control. The election campaign for Minister of Magic had been a brutal race; each candidate fairly tripping over the other with false promises and assurances to the public. Only one individual in the running made no attempts to sugar coat his words or defend his past behavior. When Severus Snape smugly accepted the title, few were honestly surprised. After all, anyone who had the support of Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, and the Malfoy family was naturally a shoe in.

The press had gone crazy when Snape became the new Minister of Magic. Interviews with people commenting on his past, his relationship with Narcissa, even his dislike for Harry Potter all seemed to be worthy of front page coverage. It was when the press began questioning the safety of the children under Narcissa's care that she had enough. Until Draco came of age Narcissa was in control of the Malfoy fortune. Using this, she simply bought the rights to the Daily Prophet, fired the editor, hired a competent replacement, and made a very public statement that 'slander' and 'libelous lawsuits' were two of her favorite terms. It didn't take long before actual news began gracing the paper.

A yell brought Harry's attention snapping back to the game. Ron Weasley had just blocked Slytherin from scoring… by taking a bludger to the head. Harry reflected briefly that he rather regretted Luna never having the chance to learn 'Weasley Is Our King.' The game was getting dirty as the two teams battled for points. "Potter!" Draco, slightly flushed, arrived next to him. "What are you playing at?" His blonde looked annoyed, the snitch glittering into visibility less than five feet away. A flash of memory from second year flickered in Harry's brain. Instead of answering, he sent Draco a wicked grin and flew off under the stands. He could hear Draco cursing as he followed, obviously taking Harry's expression to mean he had caught sight of the snitch.

Harry stopped under the stands, bracing a hand on the wooden support beam to hold himself in place. It was actually quite nice flying under the stands when not chased by rogue bludgers. Draco halted beside him, looking faintly concerned to see Harry braced against the stands. "Harry?" He reached out and pressed a cool hand to Harry's face. "Are you all right?" Harry smiled at his love, reaching out yet again and pulling Draco towards him. A flash of awareness lit up Draco's face before Harry covered his mouth with his own, suddenly greedy; rough and focused on taste and textures. From far away he could hear cheers and chants and dimly wondered what was going on.

Draco pulled away slightly, eyes narrowed. "You're trying to distract me."

Harry shrugged, eyes lingering on Draco's mouth. "Doesn't take much effort."

Draco sighed, making no move to pull away further, but shaking his head in a token sign of resistance. "You should have been a Slytherin Potter."

Harry grinned. "I almost was." Deciding he was done talking, he threaded his hand behind Draco's head and pulled him back down. Draco opened his mouth immediately, the hand on Harry's chest clenching convulsively and keeping Harry close. Draco tasted like toothpaste and pumpkin juice and something elementally Draco. Harry was lost as their tongues clashed together, Draco's hand sliding down his chest to cup him through his robes. Instinctively Harry reached his other hand out to grab Draco further, only to separate with a gasp as the releasing of the support beam caused them both to nearly tumble from their brooms. Draco laughed as Harry frantically scrabbled at the beam again, before kissing him one last time and flying off.

Harry's heart was pumping furiously. Hmm… apparently there was a reason he was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. He didn't know how to play the games without losing perspective. Flying back to hover above the stands, Harry deliberately refrained from seeking out Draco. There was no way he could maintain perspective when he was this flushed and aroused. He would undoubtedly do something stupid that would cause him to wake up in the Hospital Wing tomorrow. He jumped slightly when he was abruptly hauled sideways – a bludger sailing by and missing his head by inches.

Draco snorted from his side, still holding Harry's arm protectively. "What's got your wand in a knot, Potter?" He grinned, unrepentant as Harry flushed deeply. Draco looked away, half heartedly searching for a snitch that no longer held his interest, still holding onto Harry. "I seduced you." He sounded inordinately pleased with himself.

"Seduced me?" Harry scowled at Draco's smugly superior look. He knew he would be in trouble once Draco figured out his ploy. "Draco you damn near killed me!"

Draco shrugged dismissively. "Didn't hear you exactly protesting." He leaned closer to Harry, mouth opening to whisper in his ear when a flash of red interrupted.

"Harry!" Ginny gave a meaningful nod in the direction of the scoreboard. Gryffindor was in the lead at 110 to 90. Huh? Oh, right. They were playing a game. Harry shook his head and started looking around when Draco suddenly gave a yell and shot towards the ground. Harry blinked in confusion for a minute, before he too saw the snitch fluttering aimlessly around. Swearing, he took after Draco.

Draco was closer, but Harry was a better flyer. Putting on a burst of speed, they were soon neck in neck, hands outstretched in a desperate bid to grasp the fluttering gold object. Draco was just slightly ahead of him. He needed a distraction. Replaying their conversation from seconds ago, Harry called out desperately. "What can I say? Nothing like riding a broom to center one's mind on phallic shaped objects." In the two seconds when Draco's head snapped towards Harry, he leaned further across his broom and caught the snitch. He felt Draco's fingers scratch at the back of his palm, heard the muffled curses, and started laughing. They were mere feet from the ground by this point, and without thought Harry dove at Draco; effectively knocking both of them off their brooms and onto the ground. Harry flipped over in mid air, instinctively shielding Draco so he took the brunt of the impact with the ground.

Draco was glaring at him, perched atop his chest, legs tangled together in a blur of twisted robes as they lay breathing heavily on the ground. Harry grinned up at him, comfortable with Draco's familiar weight. "I love it when your hair's all windblown and messy."

If anything, Draco's glare intensified. They both ignored the cheering and cacophony of noise as the spectators realized the match was over and Madame Hooch declared Gryffindor the winner. "Once. Just once, Potter. But oh no, last game we will ever play together as students and you still have to catch the fucking snitch!" Draco's face was flushed, eyes sparkling as he tried to look angry and dangerous. However, after dating him for the last two years, Harry knew Draco well enough to know he wasn't really in trouble.

He grinned, flipping them over so Draco now lay on the ground. "You're going to marry me, you know?"

Draco went suddenly and absolutely still, gazing at Harry with a conflicted expression. He opened and closed his mouth several times. Clearing his throat, a deliberately blank expression falling over his face, he looked up at Harry. "Are you seriously asking me to marry you when we are both sweaty and filthy and lying on the Quidditch Pitch?"

Harry looked down at Draco, feeling his first twinge of apprehension. "Technically I didn't ask."

Draco seemed to consider this, the sparkle in his eyes glowing brighter. He gave a decisive nod. "Right then," he announced crisply. "Just so you know, I would have said no." That said, he grabbed Harry and pulled him down.

They were kissing quite frantically, completely oblivious to their surrounding, when strong arms abruptly hauled Harry up and away from Draco. "One hundred and fifty point from Gryffindor for shameless exhibitionism."

Harry grinned, far too happy with Draco to take offense. "No offense, sir, but you're no longer a professor. You can't deduct points."

Snape's eyes narrowed at Harry's cheeky response. "Apparently my Godson is still unable to teach you manners."

Laughing, Narcissa stepped forward and smoothed Draco's hair down. "Now Severus," she chided, "leave my boys alone." She looked searchingly at Draco's dazed expression for a moment, eyes widening before her head whipped around to search out Harry. Seeing the equally vacant look she smiled. "Besides," she continued, "Harry is practically you Godson-in-law."

Snape frowned at Narcissa. "There's no such thing as a Gods…" he trailed off, eyes widening as he took in the beaming boys now holding hands and the misty look in Narcissa's eyes. He groaned. "Draco, I thought this was a phase. Wouldn't you be happier with a nice Hufflepuff?"

Draco sniffed, tossing his head regally. "Malfoy's offer no excuses." He grinned at his mother before pulling Harry away and over towards their impatiently waiting friends. The party in the common room was going to be even wilder tonight than usual.

Sirius laughed at Snape's flummoxed expression before reaching into his pocket and pulling out three Galleons. Handing them to Narcissa, he patting Snape's back consolingly. "Buck up Minister!" At Snape's glare he started laughing. "Just think Sniv, this makes us practically related!" Snape suddenly looked rather ill. "My Godson and your Godson." Sirius shook his head, watching as Pansy and Hermione stopped dead on their walk back to the castle; separating themselves slightly from the group before launching themselves at Harry and Draco with squeals loud enough to carry.

Lupin looked at Narcissa appraisingly. "You bet on the fact your boys would be engaged by tonight?"

"Yes." Snape looked rather betrayed at Narcissa's casual admission. She shrugged, turning away to walk towards the castle. "I do know my boys."

Sirius laughed, slinging one arm around Moony and the other about Snape's shoulders and forcing him to walk as well. "I thought Harry would wait till graduation." He shrugged.

Snape snorted. "The boy's as arrogant as his father. You should have known he would not wait to think before making decisions that will affect the rest of his life." He scowled as Draco and Harry disappeared from sight all together.

"Following that vein of logic," Lupin interceded mildly, wrapping an arm around Sirius, "you should have known better as well."

Narcissa nodded graciously in acknowledgement to the greetings being called out, leveling a warning look at one of her children attempting to follow Harry's example and sneak under the Quidditch stands. One look convinced the girl to head back to the relative safety of the school. Satisfied, she turned back to the conversation. Slipping her hand into the crook of Snape's arm she offered him a consoling smile. "Whoever can accurately predict what our Harry will do?"

Snape caught a flash of maroon, and turned to see McGonagall scowling as she too handed over Galleons. Blue eyes met black and twinkled merrily before Dumbledore walked through the front doors with a bounce in his step. Snape snorted and looked down at his companions. Dryly he inquired, "Would you like a Lemon Drop?"