Deidara was sure, today was the day, the day he would confess his love for Sasori! He walked up to the redhead "Sasori danna, un?"

"Hn?" Sasori asked, barley acknowledging the blond.

"I have something important to say, un." Deidara said. Sasori looked at the blond, blue Grey eyes locking onto reddish brown ones.

"I.." Deidara froze, what the hell was he thinking?!

"Well?" Sasori asked.

"Er... I... well... er..." Deidara stuttered. Sasori smiled, tilting his head to the side.

"Loss for words, eh?" He chuckled

"This is important danna! Don't laugh, un!" Deidara exclaimed. "And don't give me that look, un!"

"Look?" Sasori asked. Deidara glared.

"Yeah, that ones that makes me want to kiss you senseless, un!" Deidara's face turned red. Sasori looked taken aback..

"...huh?" He said dumbly, staring at Deidara as if he where a totally different person. Yeah, the great Akasuna no Sasori was reduced to monosyllable replies.

"I love you, un!" Deidara exclaimed, now very red in the face.

"Wow, uh.." Sasori was still at a loss for words, Deidara sighed.

"I know you don't even like me at all, but I can't stand keeping it in, un." Deidara said.

"Deidara, I.." Sasori looked at the ground.

"What, un?" Deidara asked.

"I, I love you too." he mumbled. Deidara's face lit up like a fire cracker and tackled Sasori to the floor.

"ZOE MY GOD YOU DO, UN! HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, UN!" Deidara screamed out of happiness. Sasori struggled, to get out of the blonds grasp.

"Geffoffmeh" Sasori said, his mouth muffled by the carpet.

"Nya danna?" Deidara asked, Sasori cringed.

"Duncafmehtat" Sasori said. "Geffoffmeh"

"What, danna, un?" Deidara asked, sitting on the floor next to said puppet, pulling him into his lap when he tryed to get up.

"Yeah, that." Sasori said.

"You never minded before, un." Deidara said, petting Sasori's hair. Such pretty hair...

"Yeah well... uh..." Sasori shook his head. "Never mind."

"TOBI IS A GOOD BOY AND TELLING SASORI-SAN HIM AND DEIDARA-SENPAI HAVE A MISS-" Tobi stoped in mid sentance and he barged into Sasori's room only to find him in Deidara's lap. "-sion." He finished. "Tobi thinks Deidara-senpai already knows this so Tobi will leave, er, now." Tobi started for the door.

"Aya, Tobi, un?" Deidara called. Tobi froze and turned around.

"Yes, senpai?" Tobi asked.

"What do you think, of me and Sasori as a couple, cute huh? un." Deidara chirped, earning a half hearted growl from the redhead. Same old Sasori danna.

"Tobi thinks thats yucky, 'cause your both guys. Or are you really a girl Deidara-senpai?" Tobi asked. Deidara glared.

"I AM NOT A GOD DAMNED GIRL, UN!" he shouted, Sasori cringed from the loudness of his voice but chuckled.

"Ewww, so, Deidara-senpai and Sasori-san are gay nya?" Tobi asked.

"Actually, I'm bi, un." Deidar declared.

"Sasori-san?" Tobi asked, realizing Sasori hadn't spoked.

"Hn." Sasori said, more a statement than a question.

"You're gay?" Tobi asked.

"Yes." he said flatly.

"You love senpai?"


"Can't you say that with more emotion?"


"Will you?"

"No." Sasori and Tobi stared at each other, Tobi weirded out, Sasori bored.

"Please danna, un?" Deidara asked, wrapping his arms around Sasori's waist.

"Nya?" he squeaked, surprised by the movement. Tobi started laughing, and of coarse said the first thing that came to mind.

"Dose this means Sasori-san's a weak gay pansy?" Tobi laughed. Sasori glared

"No Tobi." he said calmly. "It dose not. And if you continue to think so I will gladly show you it dose not."

"No killing Tobi, un." Deidara sighed. "However tempting, un."

"Sorry! But Tobi thinks it's so weird, you two normally ha-" Tobi's eyes widened in panic as a kunai flew past his head and embedded itself in the wall, a lethal purple poison dripped from the tip.

"Leave." Sasori said in a more who-the-hell-cares tone. Tobi ran, he hadn't even seen him move!

"Danna..." Deidara started.

"Ai, I wasn't going to kill him." Sasori sighed. "Just scare him."

"And if it didn't work, un?" Deidara asked, mildly shocked. He had always known Sasori was short tempered, but never saw him try to kill anyone... in the Akatsuki anyways.

"Injur him." with a flick of one of his fingers the kunai flew back into his hand, so thats how he had done it, chakra strings.

"With poison danna, un?" Deidara asked. Sasori turned to face Deidara.

"I don't see why you care so much, but you have proven to be unexpected so I won't pursue the matter. And the poison on this one isn't lethal, but has similar effects to the three days poison, except the the victim's immune system can fight it out in 4 days and has a surprisingly low mortality rate." Getting up, he risked kissing Deidara swiftly on the cheek, and left without another word.

"I'm unexpected danna, un?" Deidara wispred, smiling. How the redhead could lecture him about how he had no intention on killing Tobi, then kiss him, was beyond Deidara's comprehension. A growl from his stomach proved it must be near dinner, getting up he started to get up, but as soon as he entered the kitchen he started laughing histaricaly, there was Tobi, standing on his chair, screaming to all the other members (Deidara was the last one in) that Deidara and Sasori had finaly went gay for each other, and Sasori with his head burried under his arms muttering death threats. And everyone else either stareing in shock at the red head, or blond, for those that had noticed him come in, or laughing right aloung with Deidara.

"Senpai! See, tell them it's true, yeah, they won't belive Tobi!" Tobi said grinning, his mask off for the simple fact that he was going to eat. Deidara started laughing even hard.

"You tell them danna, un." he choked out between laughter, Sasori shot up, a look of disbelif across his face that made Deidara laugh harder.

"Fine." Sasori glared. Deidara, who had stopped laughing because of his tone, started giggeling, anyone could clearly see if he where anybody else, Deidara would be dead. "Deidara and I love each other and are going out, happy?" he glared at everybody, as if dareing them to make a wisecrack.

"Then, who's seme, and before you say 'we don't know yet' it's the person who came out of the closet first." Hidan sighed. Sasori shoved his hands in the pocket and stalked out of the room.

"Ai, guys don't be so mean to him, un." Deidara said sitting down, everyone exchanged a look.

"Deidara." Hidan said. "Anyways whats for dinner?"

"Wha?" Deidara was confused to hear his name. "Why would I know, un?"

"I mean, you awnserd my question, Sasori didn't awnser and you took charge. Thats like, a neon sign, Deidara-baka's seme. That and I'm starved." Hidan sighed, leaning back, Deidara rolled his eyes.

"We'll see, un. Not that I'm not happy with your prediction, un." Deidara smiled "How about rice balls, un?" the was a general murmer of agreement and Tobi offerd to cook, after everyone had eaten Deidara wraped a few in a napkin, whereever Sasori had run off to missing dinner wasn't good, then went off to find him. "Daaaahhhnnnaaa" he called.

"Hn, you sound like a master calling for his lost puppy." Kisame mused when Deidara passed through the living room.

"And you look like a realitive to jaws, un." Deidara stuck out his toung.

"4 mouthed freak."

"Walking aquarium."



"What was.." Kisame reached for the nearest thing, a potted plant, and missed Deidara by an inch as he dashed out the door.

"Un... he got dirt in my hair, un." Deidara sighed.

"I would have as well, though, maybe something worse." Deidara jumped back, only to notice it was Sasori hanging from the celing. He jumped down. "I figured dinner was over and came looking for you. Do you always need to be in trouble?" he smoothed down the front of his cloak.

"You know, you would look much better without that, un." Deidara said slyly. Sasori rose an eyebrown

"Without what, may I ask? If I even want to know." Sasori sighed. Love him or not, Deidara was a pain.

"Your cloak, un." Deidara said slyly. Sasori's eyes widened a bit taken back.

"Dei..." he started but Deidara had him pinned againsed the wall in an instant.

"Get off me." Sasori stated simply.

"No, un." Deidara smiled.

"Dei, unless you get off me the only way I can force you is if you are willing to be poisened, and I will have to warn you I have no non leathal poisens on me, and don't rather feeling like makeing an andidote." Sasori stated, but Deidara aught the waver in his voice that showed his was unsure of the situation.

"You could have just say you wanted things to move slower, un." Deidara sighed. "Threats wernt nessesary, un."

"Sorry." Sasori was looking at the ground, Deidara let go of his wrists and instead pulled him into a hug.

"Love ya danna, un." Deidara wisperd.

"Don't call me that." Sasori said.

"Danna..." Deidara started.

"I love you too brat." Sasori smiled, leaning back into Deidara's grasp.

"How sweet, but the Akatsuki isn't know for sweet things and you two do have a room." Itachi mused from the doorway, starteling Deidara enough to accidently let go of Sasori, who fell the the floor, glareing at the Uchiha.

"Unlike Deidara, I am not particuarly fond of you, and would poisen you with out notice." Sasori sighed, standing up.

"And unlike Deidara, you wouldn't have much of a chance." Itachi said.

"Yeah right, your just upset that, kifaewunamikfehuto, un." Deidara said, Sasori's hand over his mouth.

"You're too tall." Sasori growled. "And need to know when to shut up." Huh, so Sasori noticed too. Itachi gave them a weird look then walked into the living room.

"Artists." he mutterd, almost inaudably. Sasori let go of Deidara.

"I'm not tall your short un." Deidara said. "And I can stick up for myself, un."

"Thats not to say you wont get yourself hurt." Sasori shot back, the two had somewhat of a mini glareing contest.

"Ai, I haven't yet have I? Don't be so protective, it makes you sound like my girlfriend, un." Deidara smirked.

"Run." Sasori said simply, Deidara gave him a puzzled look untill he noticed the kunai hanging out of the sleeve of Sasori's cloak, just because he didn't feel like makeing an antidote didn't mean he woulden't. That didn't mean it would hurt like hell, Deidara took off, Sasori behind him shouting death threats, as the passed the kitchan Hidan laughed.

"DEIDARA! GET BACK HERE!" Sasori shouted.

"Nu! You woulden't hurt me anyways ya little homo, un." Deidara laughed.

"Like hell I woulden't." Sasori growled back.

Yeah, turns out, Sasori would hurt Deidara. Not badly, just a little scratch... he got poisened anyways. And thats how Deidara endned up in his bed, with Sasori paceing the room saying that he was sorry over, and over, and over, and over

"Danna shut up, un!" Deidara moaned, throwing one of the pillows at the red head, missing his by quite a bit.

"Sor-" he was cut off by a loud moan.

"Stop apologizeing already, I get it, your sorry, un!" Deidara glared and floped back onto the pillows, Sasori winced. Turns out, he did have a non leathal poisen on him, well, judgeing by the fact that the only leathal poisens he had where the three days poisen, in which Deidara woulden't be able to move, or several fact acting ones. This one was actualy used for interigation...

"Need anything?" Sasori asked.

"Quite, everything's too loud, un." Deidara mumbled. "Don't even think about leaveing, un." he said as Sasori started to leave.

"You just said it was too loud." Sasori poitned out.

"Then stop talking, un." Deidara said. Sasori coulden't get his logic but sat down in the floor anyways ans started fiddeling with the end of his cloak, pulling at a few loose strands.

"Danna, come here, un." Deidara smiled. Sasori gave him an odd look but walked over anyways.


"Your the most short temperd person I know, un." Deidara mused.

"I could have told you that." Sasori crossed his arms uncomfortable. "And you don't know many people."

"Yeah, but a lot of people I do know are short temperd, un." Deidara smiled.