So, after years and several emails over the coarse of a few months, I've decided to write another chapter. It may be very OOC, seeing as I don't follow the series at all anymore, and have simply tried to draw their characters from memory and the previous chapters, where I could also see their characters deviate from the cannon personalities. I feel this chapter leads it from a semi-plot back to the drabble, but I always intended this story to have many semi-plots, and much drabble to it.

I also feel this chapter, while containing not much of the "action" the previous chapter made it seem like it would, does add insight into my version of the Akatsuki world, and the characters of those involved. I also feel Hidan's character is not very developed in this series, none of them are. Instead leaning heavily on a knowledge of the characters already. I hope to change that, and add more dept to their characters as characters of this story.

As you can tell, I tend to write more seriously than before. But! The cute moments of fluff shall prevail!

Enjoy this (short) chapter!

"We are here to see to that no one leaves the Akatsuki, which is why I nearly killed you today."

Sasori nodded. "Okay, Yuki-san." He turned to leave, and then looked back. "Why are you working for Pein?"

"Pein is God." And then, she disappeared. Sasori started walking in the direction he assumed was the base, and then heard another scream. This one wracked terror through his whole body.

"You dare dessert the Akatsuki? You idiots, you always were the most immature." Hidan pulled Deidara out of the way of several kunai , the last catching on his hair.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Deidara shouted into the trees. He dived out of the way to avoid the next batch of kunai, one pinning his cloak sleeve to a tree, the next cutting him across the cheek.

"Did you not expect to run into us? Deidara, you're new, perhaps they never told you who we are."

"Deidara, we have to leave, now." Hidan said, very slowly. He walked over, calmly, and pulled the kunai from Deidara's sleeve. "We will take our leave." He stated loudly to the tree's, eyes darting around for their unknown attacker, or, attackers. "We were looking for something and lost track of where we were, we are making no attempt to escape-"

"Prove yourself."

"Uh, we're looking for Sasori no Danna!" Deidara offered, letting his hands flutter over his legs, his waist, he found a small lump of clay in is pocket, slowly chewing it in his left hand.. Please don't let it come to that.

"Akasuna no Sasori? And why would he be out here alone? He has no mission to leave for today, and left for the village this morning."

"Damnit, he ran into the Jashin-damend woods!" Hidan shouted, clearly feeling a bit on edge.

"Run off like a coward? I expect better liars out of the Akatsuki"

"It is pretty out of the ordinary, blondie..." Hidan started. Deidara just gave him a glare.

"I promise you we'll head righ-" a kunai embedded itself into his leg, he screamed, not expecting the sudden rush of pain.

The black cloaked figure seemed to float from the torrents of rain into the clearing, the hood obscuring it's face, voice icy and androgynous. "Aren't you going to give me a fight? Aren't you going to use that last bit of clay to try and blow me to pieces? Don't you think you can outsmart me? Jashin will no protect you here." the hood suddenly turned to Hidan, he was just barley able to make out orange eyesgazeing out at him, seemingly calm.

"Dei-" Sasori quickly turned to the direction of the scream and ran towards it. You're running into danger. You're going to get yourself killed if they ran into one too. Go back to the base! His path lead him deeper and deeper into the woods, in a small clearing, Dei hunched over on the other side, Hidan standing as if challenging their attacker. A black hooded figure, than suddenly turned towards him, and several kunai flew past, just enough to leave tiny scratch marks in his body.

"A child? Wandering into the woods? Run child, before someone decides you're not worth their mercy." The figure's glowing orange eyes gazed into his. Sasori straightened his stance as much as he could.

"I am not a child!" He challenged. The figure laughed.

"Even we of the Akatsuki have a sense of humor, of coarse you are not, but leave now."

"Sasori no Danna!" Deidara shouted, running across the clearing. The figure was in front of him in an instant, kicking him in the gut, causing him to double over. He straightened up quickly, aimed a punch at his face and swung, to have his hand caught mid-swing. He pulled Deidara's hand quickly to the left, hurling the blond into a nearby tree.

"Deidara!" Sasori shouted, he stayed rooted to the spot, too overcome to move. By fear. Fear not for his own life.

"Damnit I told you're we're not escaping!" Hidan shouted. "Just fucking let us go!" He tensed, as if ready to spring on the cloaked figure.

"I always hear you traveled in puppets, Akasuna no Sasori." the figure chuckled, bemused. "But I had assumed you were a competent ninja without them, it seems I was wrong."

Sasori winced, then attacked chakara strings to a nearby tree, pulling them down on the figure, only to have it spring - no- appear out of the way. Deidara struggled to his feet in the background, slowly shaping the clay bird.

"Oh? You want a battle, Akasuna no Sasori? If you wanted to escape why would you have brought these fools?"

"Escape? We do not want to escape! You can escort us back-" he winced at the idea of an escort, as if they were naughty children "- if that sataisfys you to know we will not leave."

"Pein will hear of this. He will let us know if you should live. We can kill you, whenever, and where ever we wish. You are not superior to us."

"Then why havn't you killed us yet?" Hidan challanged.

"Our job is not to kill all who enter, but all who dare to leave. By the judgement shown, you all are sorry excuses for Akatsuki ninja. I will escort you back, but you will not see me. And also", he turned to Deidara, who was leaning heavily against a nearby tree, and small clay bird in his hand. "Tobi will soon surppase you all"

The figure disappeared from sight.