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Stonestream and I padded into camp. Leopardstar was just leaping up onto Bigstump, a massive treestump that was in the middle of the camp. I went over to sit by my sister's side.

Birdpaw was much bigger than me, even if she was considered average size for a she-cat her age. Her bright green eyes were shining with excitement.

"Guess what?" she meowed. "I caught me first fish today! Beechfur and I were just on a regular hunting patrol and he thought I should have a go at fishing. The stupid fish practicly swam right into my reach. I'm not as good as Pouncepaw though, but then again no cat in the forest is."

"That's cool." I answered, trying to keep the feeling of envy out of my voice.

Some of my bitterness must have escaped my guard though because Birdpaw's green eyes dimmed with worry. "Is everything all right Rainpaw?"

"Just fine." I lied, turning back to watch Leopardstar.

The mottled tabby was beginning the usual call "Will every cat old enough to catch thier own prey gather beneath Bigstump for a Clan meeting!"

RiverClan cats exited thier dens and crowded around Leopardstar, waiting to hear who was going to the Gathering that night. I chuckled slightly as I saw Inkkit strutting out of the nursery and taking a seat next to Pebblepaw with an air of great pride.

"Inkkit," Dawnflower scolded. "Get back to the nursery. You're not old enough yet."

The small black kit frowned and stomped back to the nursery, casting Crimsonkit a dark glare as he laughed about her stupidity.

"Mistyfoot, Minnowpaw, Stonestream, Voletooth, Birdpaw, Articfrost, Talonheart, Swallowtail, and Rainpaw will be going to the Gathering tonight." the golden tabby she-cat announced. "Will the cats I chosen please get some sleep before leaving tonight. I don't want enemy Clans to think I overwork my warriors."

The cats Leopardstar had chosen began to make thier ways back to thier dens, chatting about what the Gathering would be like tonight.

"Can you imagine it Rainpaw?" Birdpaw asked me as we made our way to the apprentince den. "I've waited my whole life to see the Island and we finally get to go there!"

"You just saw the Island this morning." I patiently reminded her.

"Seeing it while on patrol isn't the same as actualy being on it!" the brown tabby argued.

"Whatever." I muttered as I curled up into my nest to get some sleep.

That evening I was prodded awake by Minnowpaw. When I opened my eyes I could see her gray and white shape standing over me, green eyes tiny suns in the darkness of the den. My sister was just stirring from her sleep too.

All three of us left the den and made our way into the center of camp. Several of the warriors were already out there, talking amongst themselves.

"What's a Gathering like?" I asked my mother.

"A Gathering is a exciting place." Swallowtail told me, eyes misting over with pleasant memories. "Apprentinces would always argue who was the better fighter or who was a better hunter. All they ever do is compare strengths. I remember my first ever Gathering." as she began to tell Birdpaw a story I thought about what she had said.

"I have no great strengths." I growled as I turned away.

My mother stopped her story and tilted my head up with her tail. Green and blue eyes locked.

"Listen to me Rainpaw it doesn't matter what the other cats think of you. Be yourself and accept your faults and perfections." she meowed.

"You sound way too much like Talonheart." I growled, pulling away from her.

"Talonheart is a wise old cat and better to sound like him than Blackclaw." my mother mewed, turning back to Birdpaw.

Finally all of the chosen cats were outside in the camp, then Leopardstar herself appeared from her den under Bigstump. All of us set out down the eastern side of the lake to the Island that was just off the marshes.

"Wow." I gasped as we stepped onto the log that led to the gathering place. "It's so huge."

"This place even puts Fourtrees to shame." Mistyfoot admitted.

Two of the three other Clans were already here, the great black footed shape that was Blackstar and the smaller flame colored tom that was Firestar were already perched up in the tree.

"I'm going to talk to some of the ThundercClan cats." my sister told me, padding away.

"Hi Applepaw." Minnowpaw meowed, walking up to a ginger ShadowClan she-cat.

"My name is Appleblossom now." the she-cat corrected icily. "And you must still be Minnowpaw?"

"So what Appleblossom?" Minnowpaw asked, eyes alight with spite.

"I won't demean myself by talking to an apprentince of RiverClan." Appleblossom sniffed, slinking away back to her own Clanmates.

"ShadowClan cats are such jerks." the gray and white cat huffed madly. Turning to me the fire dimmed from her kind green eyes. "Come on Rainpaw I'll introduce you to the ThunderClan cats here today."

I nodded and followed her to the other side of the clearing where a gray and white tom was talking to a golden brown tabby and a black she-cat.

"Hello Mousepaw." Minnowpaw meowed to the gray and white tom. "This is Rainpaw, he was just apprentinced this moon."

"Hi Rainpaw." Mousepaw meowed kindly. "This is Lionpaw." he gestured to the golden brown tabby tom with his tail.

"And I'm Hollypaw." the black she-cat dipped her head. "Nice to meet you Rainpaw."

"What's this? More RiverClan crowfood?" a cruel low pitched voice came from behind us.

"Back off Owlpaw." Hollypaw spat at a dark brown tom with white paws. "Rainpaw was just apprentinced this moon, cut him some slack."

"This is Owlpaw." Mousepaw whispered into my ear. "He was just apprentinced last moon and already he thinks he's leader of ShadowClan."

Both Lionpaw and Owlpaw both towered over me, even though they were only slightly older. Even by my own sister I was dwarfed in comparison to them all. Inkkit and Crimsonkit were just about my size and they had just reached four moons of age.

"Are you sure it isn't still Rainkit?" Owlpaw jeered.

"Insult me one more time and I'll rip your fur off." I growled, lashing my tail side to side.

"What is going on here?" Mistyfoot demanded sharply, coming up from behind us.

"Nothing Mistyfoot." Owlpaw meowed innocently. As he prowled away he shot me one last killer look with his yellow eyes. "You're crowfood the next time I see you Rainkit."

At last WindClan showed up. Onestar nimbly leaped into the tree to join the other leaders and yowled for the Gathering to begin.

"Will you please start Blackstar?" Leopardstar asked.

The black and white tom stepped forward. "The Twolegs have just began to arrive this year in thier green pelts. Despite that ShadowClan have plenty of prey and can attack intruders any time needed. Also Tawnypelt has given birth to two toms named Wolfkit and Whitekit. Also we have three new warriors. Toadleg and Marshfoot coundn't be with us tonight but Appleblossom is here." All the cats greeted the ginger she-cat, but not with the warmth that was given to other new warriors.

Onestar announced. "All is well in WindClan, we have plenty of prey and the dogs have not bothered us again. Rosethorn's kits will be apprentinced next moon."

The leader of my Clan stepped forward to announce her news. "RiverClan is faring well and the Twolegs have not bothered us yet, but I assume they'll start to arrive before the next Gathering. We have two new apprentinces in RiverClan. Birdpaw," all of the cats turned to welcome my sister with warm greetings. "And her brother Rainpaw." What followed was not what Birdpaw was given. There were still the familiar greetings but cats of other Clans whispered amongst one another, doubting my liability in battle and in hunting.

Firestar stepped forward next. "All is well in ThunderClan. Leafpool has been examining the prophecy that was given to her and Willowpaw. She could not be here with us tonight because she had to care for a sick Clanmate but I will share her words. She thinks that Storm and Water means RiverClan and ThunderClan and that the two cats that will save us will be another half RiverClan and half ThunderClan litter."

I glanced over at my mother, her bright eyes were dimmed with worrieness.

What could she possibly have to be worried about? I thought to myself.

"But Firestar there are no new litters of half Clan kits." Leopardstar reminded him. "The last litter was Stormfur and Feathertail and Feathertail has been dead for moons."

"Leafpool thinks that a queen from either of our Clans was hiding the father of thier kits from the rest of us." Firestar answered.

"But the only litters that have been birthed over the last six moons are Dawnflower's and Swallowtail's. Dawnflower's kits have been fathered by Blackclaw again and Swallowtail mated with one from our own Clan." the golden tabby pointed out. "Do have any idea of who these two cats may be?"

"The last two litters of RiverClan/ThunderClan cats only had two cats survive to receive thier warrior names; one male and the other female. Leafpool think that these two cats must be twins; one she-cat and the other a tom." Firestar replied.

"Do you have any proof of this?" my mother called up from where she sat.

"Only Leafpool's theories and she has never been wrong before." Firestar answered.

"What goes on between your Clans means nothing to me Firestar." Onestar meowed. "I declare the Gathering over and for every single Clan to return to thier own territories." The brown tabby leaped off of the tree and lead his Clan home.

"Same with ShadowClan." Blackstar added. "Keep your drama to yourselves."

Rainpaw and I joined up with the rest of our Clan and began to pad back to RiverClan territory.

"Could one of ThunderClan's queens have mated with one of our toms?" I asked Articfrost.

The elderly she-cat shook her head. "Only Squirrelflight and Ferncloud gave birth to litters. Ferncloud's was sired by Dustpelt again and Squirrelflight's was fathered by Brambleclaw."

"I'm just glad that is isn't Rainpaw and I." Birdpaw chimed in.

"I can't even imagine what it would be like to be half ThunderClan." I meowed.

Oh look they're all clueless! When will Swallowtail's big secret come out? Will Rainpaw get ever taken seriously? Will MinnowxMouse or HollyxUnknown ever by a possibility? Stay turned for next chapter to find out!