This fanfiction is apart of Project PC: A 36 part string of fanfiction/drabble based off prompts from 64damnprompts (Livejournal) and a randomly selected pairing from Party Characters (PC) of Tales of the Abyss. ALL possible pairings in the party of ToA (including Ion and yes, Mieu) will be written out. These go in no particular order so have fun with them!

Pairing: Asch x Mieu

Prompt: opposite(its there, trust me)

Disclaimer: Characters included belong in their game of Tales of the Abyss.

Project PC (completed): 1/36

Dear Mind Journal: Luke has such a stupid little pet. What an ugly, annoying little creature. That is a sacred beast of the order of Lorelei? Somebody has to be screwing around with me. I, Asch, couldn't believe that the first time I laid eyes on that hideous critter running around Luke's ankles that Mieu was anything less then a pain. What uses did he have? He couldn't fight and all he did was whine. Whine and cry in that high pitched voice that could break ear drums. Useless!

Dear Mind Journal: I guess all those times of catching up with Natalia and the others wasn't at a complete loss for that little blue furball. Apparently, he can breath fire. Not so completely useless after all. I guess that saves time for casting magic and using up energy. He's still a little brat though. Apparently nothing can change that. What's with him always smiling? Doesn't anybody else notice a problem with his forever chipper additude?

Dear Mind Journal: Why is it whenever I think of anything, somehow Mieu pops up in my mind? This is bogus: complete idiocy! That little vermin is running around in circles along my brain. He's so god damn annoying! If I wanted an instant headache, I'd try having a civil conversation with Anise which may I remind myself would turn out terribly. Stupid little freak ...

Dear Mind Journal: Apparently Luke's little girlfriend thing thinks that Mieu is cute. I don't see why. I mean, he had big eyes and that's about it. The eyes aren't that bad but everything else about him is so stupid looking. He looks out of proportion like someone tried to draw him on a piece of paper and purposely messed everything up.

Dear Mind Journal: Mieu carries a curse with him. Why? He gets along well with Jade. Having talked with that man once, I believe that Mieu must have some kind of strange power to him to be able to seem remotely understanding for his age. Weirdo.

Dear Mind Journal: Just recently, Mieu gained the ability to fly. Not very well but its still pretty useful. Naturally, Guy was excited. Go figure.

Dear Mind Journal: I want one.


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