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How I Fell For My Best Friend

Konichiwa! Or should I say what's uppp! My name is Haruno Sakura and I have the three greatest friends in the world aka my band. First lets start with Uzamaki Naruto. The first time I met him was when Sasuke and I were at a concert and we saw someone running on stage trying to do a drum solo(which was pretty good by the way). I thought he was really good so I asked to be in the band and we turned out to be good friends in the end. Next is Nara Shikamaru, aka the base guitar player, at first I thought he was some lazy-ass guy who did nothing but eat and sleep but that was before he learned how to play the strings. And he went from playing Mary Had a Little Lamb to learning songs like Thanks For the Memories by fall out boy. Finally last but NEVER least...Uchiha Sasuke! My best of all friends and I've known him ever since diapers. He's so much fun! People think he's some depressed emo guy but he's totally the opposite, loyal, outgoing, but can be very reserved. He's also been playing the electric guitar ever since 5th grade and I've been singing ever since preschool. Together were the band called Shinobi.

We been getting pretty famous now and being famous is one thing but the fangirls were a whole different story. It all started right after our concert, you see after every concert we have a meet and greet where we get to see our fans and such. Don't get me wrong I don't hate fangirls, infact I dont hate any of my fans. It's just that this time I got pushed over the edge

I was just sitting at our usual meet and greet table signing autographs, talking to our fans, and getting a ear blasting scream from here or there. Then all of a sudden a girl who looked about 17 (which was my age) came over screaming and running to the table. She even cut the thousands of people of people who were extremely pissed off by the look of it. Hey I would have been too so I don't blame them. She hopped on the table than jumped on Sasuke and gave him a GIANT bear hug like a retarded monkey. I was pissed, annoyed, and freaked out at the same time┘which never ever happened to me at a concert. First of all she cut all those fans who probably camped out at night just to get front row seats to our performance. Then she jumps on Uchi-kun like a maniac, and worst of all...SHE'S A PREPPY GIRLY GIRL!

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