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Feurety, the Boy Who Conquered


Years ago on that fateful night had anyone once told me that Harry Potter, the boy who lived, would turn against us; I would have laughed in their face like an amused hyena. However we were all belittled and destroyed when it happened. The future may be dimmer then any one of us could have foreseen. Due to the future being so gloomy I have taken it upon myself to write the last true scripture of what has happened to the Wizarding World. Harry goes by numerous names now. To the outer world he is currently known as Asmoday, which means a King of Hell who can grant invincibility. Few people however can give you the information I am to give you. For amongst his hierarchy of which he has created he is known to his people as Feurety the fire god whom holds the highest rank in the Court of Hell, his court of hellish beasts of whom were once people. Anyways I am sorry to say that this is the truth and nothing but the truth of how Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the boy whom was destined to destroy Voldemort became Feurety, the boy who conquered, eradicated and slaughtered millions.

Harry Potter was once upon a time a young boy whom was ripped from his now deceased parents and thrown into a world of violence due to his horrible relatives. However the day came and he found himself under the care of another. When Harry was five years old he met the spirit of none other than Voldemort himself. That my friend is how the story began.

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