Those Little Moments

Summary: It's always those little moments that make our favorite couple so irresistible. A series of Ron and Hermione OneShots through the years.

Disclaimer: If I owned it would I be sitting at my computer writing Fan Fiction about it? I think not.

Rating: K+…for now.

Author's Note: This takes place in fifth year. Please note this is also my first Harry Potter story. I new to writing for Harry Potter and sorry if it isn't much good. Thanks to my beta bballfreek91128.


How could she love such imperfection? Looking at him, laying on one of the Common Room's couches, she decided that's what he really was- imperfection. His shirt was half tucked in, his hair tussled, his pants creased, sucking on the end of a Sugar Quill, trying to finish his Potions essay. He was the exact definition of imperfection.

Then why did he seem so perfect? Well, not always perfect, she thought to herself. Ron Weasley was really anything but perfect. He said the wrong things, infuriated her to beyond belief, was immature and lazy, and picked fights with her about the most mundane things. So why was she sitting here, watching him be so imperfect, and wondering why she thought he was perfect.

He had a way about him, she assumed. Something special. Something that just made you forget about the bad and only focus on the good. Or maybe it was because she had known him for such a long time. Or maybe, the little voice in the back of her head reminded her, it's because you're in love with him.

She could not ignore the voice. Hermione Granger's inner voice was right, like it was most of the time. She loved him. Now in their fifth year at Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he still hadn't made a move. There were times, little moments between the two, where he seemed to pick up on her very subtle hints. Last year, at the Yule Ball, he got angry she went with Viktor Krum. After their falling out in the Common Room, she (strangely enough) felt a flicker of hope. Was his anger really jealousy?

She didn't know what to think. Their relationship took a turn last year, no matter how minor it was. She noticed whenever Krum's name came up, he scowled. This year, she had concluded, it was jealousy.

She couldn't help but smile. He was jealous. Jealous that someone had asked her out. Her smile grew. And it felt good. Good to know she had that effect on him. She could make him jealous.

She continued to watch his do his homework. His red hair was sticking up in odd places, and his blue eyes kept darting around the page. He scribbled something down, and then sucked on the Sugar Quill again. He was so…Ron. As she looked at him more closely, she noticed there was nothing…special about him. No. That sounded wrong, she thought. He was definitely special, but she couldn't help but wonder why she loved him as much as she did. After all, he was imperfect.

He was her best friend. He was funny. He was smart, although he was rather reluctant to admit it. Brave. He was compassionate, when he felt like it. He was the person who made her laugh, even when she didn't feel like smiling. He was truly a friend.

Maybe that's what love is, she concluded to herself. There will just be something about a person, something you can't put your finger on. Something that just makes them so unique and so special, it's impossible to identify. All she knew was that she loved him.

She continued looking at him. He was imperfection down to a tee. Completely and utterly imperfect. She was prim and proper, and a hell of a lot neater then he was. They were complete opposites. So why was she in love with him?

He's not perfect, chimed the little voice. Well, neither are you, came the second voice that spoke occasionally. This time she decided to listen to the second voice. I'm not perfect and neither is he, she said to herself. The Perfect Couple.

As she smiled to herself, Ron looked up from his work. He noticed where her gaze was focused. She felt herself turning red, and thanked God that it was dimly lit in the Common Room. She hoped he wouldn't notice-

Too late. He was grinning at her. She felt her heart do a summersault and her stomach do flips. He was the only person who could make her have that reaction.

"What?" he asked her, after he noticed her staring. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Everything's just…" she let her voice trial off. The she smiled. "Perfect."

Ok. I'm not sure what to think of this. I think I may have trailed off the subject at hand, which was her wondering why she loved him if he was so imperfect. And I know this was short. This is unusuallyshort for me. The next one will hopefully be longer. Please tell me what you think of this. I really want critique. And reviews. Reviews too. Thanks for reading!