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My Crazy Mineral Town Life: Chapter 3

"Nah, they'll like me! I mean, who doesn't like me? I'm awesome and sexy!" Hannah said to herself running towards the small staircase. She heard lot's of people talking.

"Hmm… they must be having like, some weird ritual thing that people from tiny country towns do. It might be best not to get in their way, they might try to eat me." Hannah thought. She decided it would be best to just sneak through the bushes. So she started creeping through them. She wasn't exactly the greatest at it for everyone in the town square could hear her and was watching her sneak around. Hannah stopped. Her eyes met with the confused town people.

"Oh no, they've spotted me! RUN!" Hannah thought, bolting away. The townspeople just shrugged and continued with what they were doing. Hannah ran away and soon found herself in front of a strange farm thing. She looked around and noticed a small… creature of some sorts staring at her.

"What is that?" She asked to no one in particular. There, staring back at her with it's black beady eyes, was a white feathery thing with a yellow pointy mouth.

"It must be an alien." Hannah thought. She attempted to speak to it.

"Umm… Hello, I come in peace." Hannah said.

"Cluck?" Was the only sound it made. Hannah stared at it, frightened. Suddenly it rushed at her.

"EEEK!" She squealed as she ran a way from the feathered beast, completely forgetting her bags. She turned to her left and ran some more. She stopped.

"Hey! This is the farm! YAY!" Hannah said aloud. She darted towards it, but suddenly stopped. Her jaw dropped as she saw the field. It was covered with boulders, rocks, weeds, branches, stumps, and only the Goddess knows what else.

"What the…" Hannah started but was cut off by the sound of someone behind her. She turned around and saw one of the townspeople. He was dressed in red, and wore an extremely tiny hat upon his extremely large head. Hannah stared at him.

"Who are you? Are you an alien?" Hannah asked him. He raised an eyebrow and walked towards her.

"Uh… no. I'm the Mayor of this town. And my name is Mayor Thomas. I'm here to welcome you to Mineral Town. Are you a tourist?" The funny hat man asked. Hannah blinked.

"… So you're not going to eat me?" Hannah asked.

"No." Mayor Thomas replied.

"Oh… so… what's up with the crappy farming field?"

"Are you a tourist?" Hannah blinked again, this time at the fact that he had completely ignored her question.

"No. I'm supposed to run this farm. Isn't it supposed to be, you know, bright, happy, and not crappy? Like the ad said?" Hannah asked.

"Oh, you we're tricked by the cheesy advritisment! Ha ha ha!" Mayor Thomas laughed.

"Hey! Shut up!" Hannah yelled, and she pulled a large hammer out of her rucksack and bopped him on the head with it.

"Oww! Why did you hit me in the head with that mallet?" Mayor Thomas cried out.

"Because you were laughing at me, and it's not a mallet, it's a hammer." Hannah corrected him.

"I'm sorry for laughing at you, just please don't hit me in the head with that mallet again."

"It's not a mallet, it's a hammer. So… are you gonna tell me why the advritisment said that it would be an awesome farm when it's actually a complete dump?"

"Well, you see, the advertisers decided to make the farm sound nicer so that people would actually see the farm. So, many people, much like yourself come and see how bad the farm is and leave."

"Yeah, well, I can't leave because 1. I quit my job, 2. I sold my apartment and 3. my brother is making me stay here." The mayor stared at her for a minute.

"Why don't you try and run the farm?" He asked

"Uh, no, because I'll have no idea how to run it." Hannah told him.

"That's why we have townspeople. They are very helpful if you talk to them."

"… are you sure they won't try and eat me?"

"Absolutely sure." Hannah thought about it.

"Fine. Why not?" Mayor Thomas leaped in the air at this and started to do a little jig.

"Uh, sir?" Hannah said. The Mayor stopped.

"Never, ever do that again." She told him. The mayor smiled meekly and nodded. Hannah gasped finally remembering her bags.

"Oh no! I left my luggage with the feathered alien!" Hannah said, smacking her forehead.

"The what?" Mayor Thomas asked.

"You know, the creepy white feathered thing with the funny mouth thingy." It was now the Mayors turn to blink.

"Are you talking about a chicken?" He asked.

"… I dunno." Hannah replied. She led him to were she had last encountered the beast. Hannah gasped.

"There it is! That's it!" Hannah said pointing to the beady eyed critter. The Mayor looked at her.

"That would be what the townspeople call a chicken." Mayor Thomas said. He walked over to her bags and picked them up, completely ignoring the chicken, and walked back over to Hannah.

"Whoa! How did you do that!" Hannah asked, amazed. Mayor Thomas rolled his eyes. They then walked back to the farm. It was very silent.

"… Wine makes me go nuts." Hannah told him. The Mayor just looked at Hannah.

"Ok, here are the keys to the house, and have a great day." The Mayor said, and he promptly left. She waved goodbye to the short man. She then unlocked and opened the door of her new home.

"Oh my Goddess. Retro much." Hannah said. The house was covered with cobwebs and looked like no one had lived in it since World War 1. Hannah sighed and then unpacked her things. She dusted, organized, cleaned, wiped, and washed every inch of her house.

"There, now it actually looks kind of nice." Hannah said. She sat on the bed. She then remembered the present that Kai had given her. She found it in one of her bags, and picked it up.

"Oh, but before I open it, I will write my letter to Kai." Hannah thought. She searched the little shack until she found some paper, an envelope, and a pen. She wrote the following:

Dear Kai,

How are you? I'm fine so far. This place is so… old looking. I think it's just what I need. I saw the most curious thing today. It's called a chicken, and it's all white and feathery. I've never heard of this feathered fiend before, so I'm rather frightened of it. Is Flowerbud Village nice? Mineral Town, which is the name of the little place I'm now living in, is pretty… interesting. This little town and it's inhabitants are so very strange, I feel like Alice and I've just entered Wonderland! I haven't seen very much of it yet, and the only person I've met is the Mayor. He's pretty odd. Then again, I'm pretty odd too, so I shouldn't talk. And guess what? THERE'S A T.V HERE! However if there isn't a phone, I will seriously have a mental breakdown. Anyways, this letter is quite long enough! I will stop bothering you now. So bye!


Hannah the Awesome

P.S: I haven't opened you gift yet, but I'm sure it's great.

"There! That looks pretty good." Hannah told herself. She put the letter in the envelope she had picked out, sealed it, wrote the address to which she was sending it to, and then went outside again. She then noticed the small puppy a few feet away from her. It's curious chocolate eyes looked up at her.

"Aww! You're so cute!" She picked it up. She checked for a collar, but found that it didn't have one.

"Hmm… I think I'll keep you then! I'll name you…" She thought for a moment.

"Alice. Yes, that's a perfect name." Hannah put Alice down, and then she left the farm.

"Huh… I wonder where all the town people are?" Hannah wondered silently. Suddenly she walked into someone.

"Oh! I'm so sorry." Hannah said. She looked at the person. It was a girl with dark locks and emerald eyes.

"Strange, she looks like the girl from my dream…" Hannah noticed. The girl looked at her.

"Umm… hello. I'm Hannah, what is your name?" Hannah asked meekly.

"Karen. Nice to meet you." The girl said, a little coldly.

"Uh, could you tell me where I can send a letter to someone?"

"Yeah, just go to the beach, and talk to the really tall muscular guy. He'll take you're letter. By the way, are you the new farmer?" Karen asked, now a bit nicer. Hannah smiled.

"No, she can't be the girl from my dream, she's too nice." Hannah decided in her mind.

"Yes I am, and thank you very much. I'll see you later I guess." Hannah said.

"Ok, see ya." Karen responded and the girls walked off in separate directions. Hannah ran to the beach and gave the letter to the tall muscular guy, whose name was Zack. She then ran off back to her small farm house, and brought Alice inside with her.

"Now, time to open my present." Hannah said, setting Alice on the ground. She took the red box and undid the golden bow. She gasped when she saw what was inside the box.

It was a beautiful diamond necklace that had the words "Love me forever" on it.

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