When Angels Cry 1- Guardians and Warriors.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters belong to Kazuki Takahashi. I'm just borrowing them for my own amusement. The only thing I own is the AU and the angel legends.


Yaoi/shonen-ai. If you don't like, please don't read. Flames will be extinguished with great prejudice due to the fact that it is bushfire season and I hate bushfires. Many Australians do.

Rated for bloody descriptions of battle and later limes. (You know I can't resist!)

And if my beta has her way, probably a lemon or two as well... --;


Hey everyone! I know, I really shouldn't be working on ANOTHER story when I have two unfinished ones already... But I figured that while I search for my Demonic Tenshi drafts I might as well just get rid of this plotbunny.



Full Summary: When he died under torture, Bakura's faith in any God was shattered. Still essentially good, he was offered a place in Heaven. He turned it down, preferring instead to become a warrior angel and fight the demons which constantly crawl from the Underworld.

Several hundred years pass, and a certain child's Guardian Angel disappears mysteriously. Bakura is sent to investigate, before being conscripted for the protective duty.

The cynical warrior-angel reluctantly agrees and is pulled from the front line. But what happens when his charge grows up and Bakura begins to fall for him?

The white-haired man slashed with the flaming sword in his hand, felling the twisted being in front of him, parrying a blow from a darkly-glowing mace simultaneously.

He grinned, catlike eyes glowing with glee in the angular white planes of his face at the dark red, blood-like liquid that splashed up as he severed an arm from a creature trying to pull him down into the fray on the ground.

Battle- heated and bloody slaughter against a multitude of evil creatures that would climb up to attack the unknowing mortals up in the no-man's land called Earth.

It was enough to make his heart sing. At least when he fought he could pretend at having some form of purpose.

"Behind you, Bakura!" came a yelled warning.

He spun and neatly dispatched the creature attempting to sever one of his silvery white wings.

"Thanks Malik!"

"Welcome." was the awkward response as the sandy-blonde man with tawny wings whom had warned him of the impending danger crossed blades with yet another of the endless horde.

He paused for a brief break, and as he landed at the fringes of the angelic camp, he was approached by several individuals, including one who looked very similar to the angel called Malik, save the style of his hair and shading of his eyes.

And the fact that this mans' wings were in fact, black.

"Hello Bakura." he smirked.

"What do you want now, Marik?" Bakura sighed, lowering the sword he'd drawn at the sight of the group of suspicious people.

"You know there's no reason to fight Heaven's battles. You and the others are out here, risking your necks, and for what? Some lazy angels and a God who wouldn't even lift a finger while you were screaming on the rack? For your faith in this very God no less!" Marik snorted.

Bakura narrowed his eyes. "And what else am I supposed to do? Go back up there and hobnob around with those lazy ones? Or choose to ally myself with the very demons that condemned all of my faith to torture?" He raised his sword-tip to be pointing at the man's face.

Here the black-winged man smirked.

"What about neither?"

"What do you mean?" Bakura frowned suspiciously, lowering the sword once more.

"You could choose to take no side- and become a Fallen one."

"Fallen one, hm?" Bakura scoffed. "I think not. I'm happy fighting here- I enjoy the bloodshed."

"I still fail to see how you made angel at all with blood-thirst like that. But, should you change your mind, you know how to find me." winked the black-winged angel, melting back into the battle and disappearing.

Bakura sighed. 'Stupid idiot.' he thought to himself, leaping back into the chaos.


"Captain Akefia Bakura?!"

"What?" he asked, not bothering to turn at the familiar voice, opting instead to sweep another demon's head from its shoulders.

"The Archangel wants to see you."

"Tell the old woman I'll be there shortly."

There was a small laugh. "I'll tell her in…more polite terms."

Reluctantly, he carefully headed towards the edges of the fray, pausing only to discourage the few who attempted to attack him.


"Are you sure it's a good… chose Akefia? His faith in the Lord is not…needs stronger…"

"…no other choice…"

The warrior angel known as Captain Akefia Bakura, currently leader of Heaven's Fifth Battalion in the Eternal War against the demons of the abyss quirked an eyebrow as he paused outside the door to the Archangel's chambers, listening to the conversation.

"The child needs… strong…"

"Bakura…fine. In fact…" The voice got clearer and the door opened. "He's so well suited he's here already. Please, come in."

Not batting an eyelid Bakura entered the room, in which sat another angel, this one much older than he- and female.

"Why am I here, if I may ask?"

"You are a warrior among our kind, are you not?" came the question from the blonde female angel whom was sitting in the middle of the room.

"Yes, but you ought to know that already, Archangel."

"There is an assignment available for you that I feel would be rather well suited to you…" started the other angel.

"Or it would have been if you weren't lurking around outside doors eavesdropping." stated the female, frowning.

"If you don't mind, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. For all I know, you could have wanted me to overhear!" the white-haired angel bristled.

"There is a traitor in our midst. One of the Gates to Earth was breached. Before we could re-seal it, several demons escaped- high level ones with the ability to shape-shift."

Bakura frowned. "I remember the breach, but I did not know that anything got through. Wait- you can't seriously believe that I was responsible for it?!" he said, raising his voice in incredulous anger.

The Archangel frowned. "He has such anger. Perhaps I should assign someone more even-tempered to the task…"

"He'll do fine. Actually, it just serves to make him seem even more human." smiled the other male angel who had opened the door for him.

"Could someone please just tell me what's going on, instead of avoiding the subject?" Bakura asked, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was why he didn't feel comfortable in here- they always danced around him playing games (not that me minded now and again- he enjoyed manipulating others as much as fighting, but playing them all the time became tiring.

The Archangel tilted her head to one side, contemplatingly tapping her lower lip with her fingernail.

"You know of the Guardians, yes?"

Bakura nodded impatiently. Even as a human he'd known of guardian angels- though upon becoming an angel, he'd learned that only the most powerful angels (who had no care for endless battle) volunteered for a hundred years or so of guarding a single mortal against spiritual danger/mistakes.

First rule of guardianship- you guide and guard against spiritual harm i.e. demons and such. You do not interfere when it comes to physical danger.

Not Bakura's cup of tea- if he couldn't do a job properly and completely, then why do it?

"Well, since the breach, we've had trouble contacting this boy's angel to inform him of the demon's escape." she explained, holding up a photo. Barely glancing at the picture, Bakura continued listening to the Archangel.

"We think he may have been… dispatched. We need someone to go down there…"

"And protect this child from attacking demons? My sword-arm is strong, I can do that." Bakura interrupted, interested in the idea of a vacation from the Endless War- and the annoying other angels up the top…

"Not quite. We need someone to get close as only a mortal could and find out exactly what the situation is down there. A… reconnaissance mission if you will."

"Then, if we discover it is necessary to assign the boy a new Guardian we can do so."


Bakura tilted his head to the side frowning. Not exactly what he'd had in mind but…

"So I get a break from constant battle for a sevenday?"

"Perhaps longer, depending. If you accept, I will be your contact on the Earth." said the other male angel, inclining his head, long aqua hair spilling over his cheeks.

"I'll do it. I enjoy battle; don't get me wrong, there's just something about the way they bleed…" Bakura started, oblivious to the horrified-slash-shocked face of the Archangel and the slightly amused knowing smirk on the aqua-haired angel's face. "…but a small vacation would be welcome." he finished.

"Don't forget it's a working vacation, Captain Akefia." said the Archangel, recovering swiftly from her earlier shock.

Bakura flapped his hand dismissively. "I know, I know Lady Melanie."

She frowned slightly at the overly familiar form of address as the man with the rare (even among the higher ranking angels) pure silvery-white wings fluttered from the room.


Looking at the woman, the aqua-haired angel raised golden eyes from the (now shut) yew-panelled door. She caught his gaze with her own midnight-blue orbs and he gave a carefully neutral smile before dipping his head in a brief bow and gracefully rising from the chair.

"I shall go and make the required arrangements for our stay in the mortal realm." he told her in a quiet voice, and with gentle beats of his formidably sized bluish wings, left through the opened window.


Taking long strides, Akefia Bakura, Captain of the Fifth Battalion in the Heavenly Host pouted as he walked (near-ran would perhaps be a more accurate description) through the green lawns of the cherry-blossom viewing park.

It had been a long time since he'd properly walked- without cheating by using his wings (which, of course were hidden under a cloak of magic) and he was beginning to remember just why he cheated.

He was alone, having managed to somehow lose his aqua-haired counterpart (in itself an awe-inspiring feat) among the throng of mortals gathering to view what they called 'sakura'- what he called annoying pink flowers that just wouldn't stay out of his hair.

Scowling and muttering to himself as he stomped through the gardens in search of the idiot who was supposed to be better acquainted with the modern-day mortals than he, Bakura attracted several stares (more than a few of them rather admiring)

As he continued 'walking', he slowed as the crowds thinned, finally dispersing altogether at the end of the park, he found a clearing in amongst several of the trees dripping with flowers.

What made him stop was not the simple beauty of the cherry blossoms in that particular area, but the tiny child sitting in the middle of said clearing, happily holding a hissing conversation with the snake that was curled around his arm.


Obeying an unexplainable, yet irresistible pull, the angel cautiously approached the small child and, upon seeing the angel, the snake gave a particularly loud, malevolent hiss and slid from the child, darting off into the bushes. Bakura narrowed his eyes at this suspicious behaviour on the snake's behalf.

The child turned, trying to see what had made his 'friend' leave so suddenly. Upon his red-brown eyes meeting the clear ruby gaze of the child, said child's eyes widened, and he (for the child was obviously a boy, judging from his clothing) said in an awed and sweetly toned voice; "Angel!" and pointed at Bakura.

This gave Bakura a shock. No-one should have been able to see his wings. No-one. And yet, evidently this small boy could.

The boy carefully stood and awkwardly he toddled towards Bakura. Just before reaching him however, he tripped on something and would have crashed painfully to the ground had Bakura not obeyed a long-buried protective instinct and quickly reached out his arms and caught the child.

The child in his arms gave a small cry of surprise, and Bakura fully expected him to start crying, but instead, the boy reached up with a small hand and gently caught hold of an errant lock of white hair.

"Angel-man wanna come and play?" asked the magenta-eyed child, smiling up at Bakura, who couldn't stop a slight smile from creeping onto his catlike features at this innocent invitation.

"Why not." he said, smiling fully and, replacing the boy on the ground, he allowed himself to be towed to the centre of the clearing.


The boy introduced himself as Yami-Atemu ("but," he'd said confidentially; "I like Atemu better.") He had then, when Bakura told him his name, proceeded to shorten 'Bakura' to 'Kura' instead.

At one point, Atemu pulled Bakura back to sit on the ground, wings trailing slightly on the grass.

Bakura was surprised when the curious child crawled into his lap and proceeded to reverently stroke his wings.

"Why are you doing that?" he inquired.

"Because I don't wanna step on the bottoms of your wings, Kura! And I want to see what they feel like!"

"Here then." Bakura shifted the child from his lap and stretched his wings out for the child's inspection.

Atemu gave a beatific smile and immediately set to petting the soft silver-white feathers, running his tiny hands down a selected wing to the point where the feathers gave way to the smooth flesh of Bakura's back through the shirt that had been modified to suit his wings, and back along the rest of the wing before switching to the other wing.

Bakura would later question why he'd allowed this strange child to touch his wings- as the most sensitive area of an angel's body they could really be hurt if one wasn't careful.

But if one was careful… it became a rather pleasurable sensation. Bakura leaned his head back, practically purring at the sensation. He closed his eyes with a small smile.

It wasn't long before both of them fell asleep in the warmth of the sun, lulled by the quiet and the soothing repetition of Atemu's hands on the soft feathers larger than Atemu's own face.


That was how Dartz found them, the powerful angel curled into a ball, wings covering his face in sleep.

"Wake up, Bakura."

The angel moved slightly and said; "Shush." Carefully, he moved one of his white wings slightly and there, nestled underneath the screen of white feathers, curled against the warmth of Bakura's body was the sleeping child.

Replacing his wing, Bakura said softly, "He sees them, Dartz. And the child- Atemu was talking to what I think was a demon disguised as a snake. And… as soon as he saw me… he called me an angel."

Dartz frowned. The one-time royal-prince-now-angel had not expected this at all. This was the child whose Guardian was missing. There was no mistaking that odd crimson and black spiked hair with gold bangs. But it had not been mentioned that the boy had the ability to discern angels from mortals.

It was likely, however that the ability would leave the boy as he aged- many supernatural abilities in mortals did.

"I would not have picked you for the nurturing type, Bakura." He could almost feel the furious glare the other angel was sending his way.

"I'm not. The child was touching my wings and I must've fallen asleep."

"Touching your wings?" Usually only family and/or lovers would allow each other to touch their wings, not to mention that since Bakura had arrived he had been fierce in keeping away from the simplest of contact.

The aqua-haired angel found this behaviour on Bakura's part extremely out of character.

"He wanted to see what they felt like." came the slightly defensive reply.

"Bakura, you are easily the most suspicious person I know- and that's counting the Archangel and Malik. Forgive my amusement and surprise at you allowing such a familiar gesture."

Out of the blue, Bakura jumped, before scowling and peeking beneath his wing. "Stop that!"

There was a soft, somewhat sleepy giggle. "Why?"

"Because it tickles damn it!"

"Bakura." Dartz admonished, hiding a smile. "Language."

"Well," the child started thoughtfully. "… I woke up, and I tried to get your wing to move, but it was too heavy, and you didn't even notice I was awake! So I thought I should get your attention so you'd move it." Atemu pointed out with all the logic of a small child as Bakura moved his wing, standing as he did so.

"Hello." greeted the aqua-haired angel.

"What's your name?" asked the boy, tilting his head to the side. "I'm Yami Atemu."

"I am called Dartz."

"That's a weird name." Atemu said bluntly (as children are so given to do.)

Dartz chuckled. "Not where I was born." he said cryptically. "Where are your parents? Did you get lost?"

"Mama's gone, and… so is Daddy. My uncle looks after me now." The child's lower lip began to wobble.

Anticipating the impending disaster, Bakura picked up Atemu, quickly soothing the boy. "There now." he said awkwardly. "It's all right. We'll help you find your uncle."

"The snake… said that too… but… he left."

Both of the angels frowned. "Oh really? It said that, did it?" Dartz asked.

The child nodded, clinging closer to Bakura. "Uh-huh."

"Don't worry; we won't leave you till we find your uncle." Dartz assured him, frown deepening.




The two angels and their young charge walked through the park. They came across a small area where several children played under the watchful eyes of their parents.

"Why don't we take a break for a while? Go play with the others." urged Dartz, sending a meaningful look to the other winged man.

"Yes, go play for a bit." Bakura agreed, catching on and letting Atemu down.

"Okay!" beamed Atemu, racing off to join in with the other children.

Bakura looked at his companion. "What did you need to speak to me about?"

"Atemu is the child whose Guardian recently disappeared." Dartz began, speaking in the old, forgotten dialect that was Bakura's native tongue- a much younger cousin of his own.

"You're sure?" Bakura replied in the same language.

The other inclined his head in affirmation. "There is no mistaking him. Though perhaps, had you paid more attention to the briefing, you would have known that already."

Bakura blanched. "That demon-snake… it left as soon as it sensed me- it wasn't expecting a guardian angel to be with the boy!" he said urgently. "It was trying to talk to him. And Atemu was talking back."

In itself, it would not have been bad, a Guardian Angel would ordinarily have prevented the snake-slash-demon from getting anywhere near the boy- had his Guardian not disappeared.

"This is way beyond one missing Guardian. They're plotting something. Something big."

Dartz nodded solemnly. "I'm afraid so." They looked at the child. "Though what they want with him in particular is quite beyond me.

"We must find his family swiftly and return to the Archangel as soon as possible." Bakura said, carefully hiding his newfound reluctance to let the child from his sight.


"You have weird eyes!"

"And stupid hair!"

Both the angels swivelled towards the sound, eyes immediately searching for the child they'd just left to play.

They had turned just in time to watch a tall blonde boy push Atemu over, a brunette boy beside him, laughing.

Bakura narrowed his eyes. Dartz caught this and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Be nice, they are only young remember."

"For God's sake, I'm not going to break their necks. A few bruises though…"


"Fine then." Bakura grouched.

As the white-haired angel stalked over however, a second brunette child a few years older than Atemu, closer to the other two boys in age ran up to the group, ice-blue eyes flashing.

"Leave Atemu alone!" he yelled, helping the younger boy to his feet, pushing Atemu behind him.

"What you gonna do- make us, Seto?" sneered the blonde.

The boy they now knew as Seto balled his small hands into fists. "If I have to! He's my cousin, you stupid moron, Jounouchi, of course I'm not going to let you push him around."

Bakura reached them, red-brown eyes flashing. "Hey you brats, leave the child alone! What has he done to you?"

"Existed." sniggered the blonde.

"Yeah you weirdo! My dad could kick your butt!" added the boy's brown-haired companion.

Dartz rolled his eyes and strode over to join them, placing a slender hand on the other man's shoulder. "Don't rise to it, Bakura."

"Ooh, who's she?" the brown-haired boy asked, sniggering. "Your girlfriend?"

Dartz narrowed his eyes. "I am a male you imbecilic child. My voice should have given a hint, not to mention the fact that my body is obviously a man. Even such as you should have noticed that." he retorted sharply.

"Even better. Is he your… boyfriend?"

At this, Bakura's eyes widened. "Of course not! Give me credit for having taste at least."

"Thanks." Dartz said wryly.

"No offence, but you're just not my type. Back to these lot, however." Bakura grabbed them by the collars of their shirts, picking them up and he said, now face-to-face with the miscreants: "You will leave this child alone. You will not cause harm to him or his family again. If you do, you shall be dealing with one very angry ang…"


"Man." Bakura hurriedly corrected himself. "Do. You. Understand. Me?"

They nodded fearfully and Bakura dropped them with a disgusted look on his face as they raced off.

"Are you well, Atemu?" he inquired, squatting down and taking the boy's chin between forefinger and thumb and examining his face critically.

"Who are you?" asked Seto suspiciously.

"I am Dartz. This is my associate Bakura."

"I'm fine Kura! Let go of me!" exclaimed Atemu, squirming out of the angel's grip. "This's my cousin Seto." Turning to his cousin, Atemu quickly explained how he'd gotten lost and that Bakura and his friend with the weird name had helped him.

Luckily for the two angels, he saw fit not to inform his cousin of the wings that marked the two as angels.

"Hmph. Dad's been looking for you. Mum's over here. Come."

Bakura stood, turning as though to leave when an impulse struck him. "I would speak with your aunt and uncle Atemu. Would that be feasible?"

"He means would he be allowed to speak with your aunt and uncle?" Dartz translated, seeing the uncomprehending look on the children's faces.

"That's ok! Come on!" And with that, Atemu placed his small hand in Bakura's larger one, dragging the older man behind him. "Uh, Seto? Where'd you say Aunt was?"

Bakura allowed a faint smile to creep onto his features.


Eventually they came to a woman on a picnic blanket, a small black-haired baby in her lap. She looked up.

"Yami, where were you? We've been worried sick!" she exclaimed, relieved smile on her face. "I'd give you a hug, but I'm nursing Mokie."

"I got lost. Kura and his friend helped me. They're my new friends!"

The woman's strange dusky purple eyes shifted to Bakura, and she smiled secretively. "Yes, I would imagine they did help you. Thank you. Both of you."

Bakura stepped forward, comprehension dawning on his face. "You know."

She inclined her head in a tiny gesture of assent.

"Then look after him." He plucked a single long, white feather from his wing with a wince (though to Seto, at least, it seemed to have been plucked from thin air) and handed it to the lady.

"You know how this is to be used, I presume?"

"Bakura- be careful. You shouldn't hand your feathers over to just anyone." cautioned his aqua-haired companion.

"Dartz. I won't leave this child in the hands of God. You know how I feel about that." Bakura said in a steely voice. "I know what I'm doing."

"Are you sure you do?" said man said softly.

Ignoring the bluish-winged angel, Bakura knelt on the ground before Atemu. "Stay safe. I have to go now. You may not see me for a while."

"But… I want you to stay!"

"I can't Atemu. I have… business to attend to. I will come back to see you though."

The boy sniffed, ruby eyes glistening with unshed tears and his heart gave a twist in his chest. "Promise?"

He gave a crooked smile, ruffling the boy's crimson and black spiky hair. "Promise."

The young child sprung forward and his arms wrapped tightly around the taller man's slender waist, silent tears absorbing into the soft material of Bakura's clothing. He didn't want to lose his new friend- the angel made him feel so much safer than he had since his parents had died.

"Here." Bakura whispered in his ear, and a small feather and a cross were pressed into his hands. "I will return. I promise little one."

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