Author's Note: This fanfic was awarded number 1 in gamesradar's 'Gaming's most WTF fanfic mash-ups'. So it's only appropriate that I give this one final update to honor that.

"YES! HECK YES! I FINALLY MASTERED TETRIS!" Yoshi exclaimed as he slammed the XBox 360 controller down on the carpet and did an awkward victory dance. "Eat that, you crazy Russians!"

Dr. Hoshi squinted his eyes as he folded his arms together. "Aren't you a bit too old for doing victory dances?"

"...Being old doesn't stop you from nagging me on," Yoshi growled in response to Dr. Hoshi as he kept on dancing, only for the entire house to shake as suddenly several colorful Tetris blocks popped out of a portal in the sky, all of them landing on the house and crushing it as the grassy cliff that the house was on collapsed, with it falling into the sea. Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi popped out of the ocean as they watched the Tetris blocks continuing to rain down on them, glancing at each other.

"Well, we'll have to find a new home." Dr. Hoshi stated as he adjusted his glasses. "At least we can use this as an excuse to go back to my old, dusty lab."

"Oh shut up." Yoshi snarled back at Dr. Hoshi as he was suddenly knocked on the head by a yellow square block, sinking as Dr. Hoshi shrugged and swam away.