ChrisEveFan, thanks for the kind words. I was weary about starting this at first. Wasn't sure if it would catch on with anyone. I didn't realize there were other Eric/Greta fans out there also. And yes, Eric will be feeling alot of immense guilt over this. And the boyfriend will get what he deserves! Well, enough said, onto the chapter. Happy reading!

Chapter 2

"Thanks" Greta said quietly, when Eric handed her a cup of coffee.

"You're welcome." Eric replied softly, watching her with worried eyes.

"Look," Greta began awkwardly. "I didn't mean for that to happen back there."

"No one usually means for panic attacks to happen, Greta." Eric said. "Their often accompanied by traumatic disorders."

Eric wiped a hand over his tired face.

It had been twelve hours, since the incident at Salem Place. After she'd finally calmed down in his arms, she just shut down. She remained quiet and didn't say anything. He wasn't about to take her home in the condition she was in, so he took her to his new penthouse.

"If you can't talk to me about it, Greta...then, you have to talk to someone."

"I already have, okay?" Greta felt really embarrassed by all of this. She hadn't meant to freak out on him back there. He started asking her quesitons, and the memories came flooding back, hitting her harder than ever. "I talked to your mother. I got help. I am fine."

Eric shook his head, with a slight laugh, but it wasn't humorus.

"You couldn't be any father from fine right now, Greta. You had that panic attack because you clearly haven't dealt with what happened to you." Eric told her.

"It was just a set-back, okay? You just... you just wouldn't leave it alone!" Greta stood up, and turned away from him. "I told you, I didn't wanna talk about it, but you just kept pushing me."

"Because I care." Eric shot at her. "You were raped, and that's something that you need to--"

Greta starts sobbing.

"Greta," Eric sighed, his heart broke at her sobbing. "I'm not saying this to hurt you. I'm saying this because you need to deal with this."

"I know, I know." Greta was rapidly nodding her head, as she wiped her tears away, than her face crumpled again. "I begged him to stop."

"I know, sweetheart. I know." Eric reached out and took her hand in his.

Greta suddenly got angry, and yanked her hand back from his. She stood up, and slapped him across the face.

"Greta," Eric was stunned to say the least. "Wh--?"

"Why now?!" She exploded. "Why now? Why are you here for me now? Where the hell were you when he was pumping me full of drugs? Where were you when he was beating the life out of me?!" Greta's sobbing by now. "Where were you when he ra--" Greta broke off, not able to finish.

"Say it." Eric encouraged. "When he raped yo--"

"Just shut up!" Greta yelled. "Where were you, huh?! Cause you sure as hell weren't there. You weren't helping me! You LEFT me!"

"I know." Eric said quietly ashamed of himself.

"You LEFT me ALONE!" Greta screamed at him. "Cause there was someone BETTER! Cause I wasn't good enough for you!"

"No!" Eric shouted, suddenly angry. "That is NOT true! You were more than I deserved!"

"So, you go and cheat on me with Nicole?!" Greta laughed bitterly. "That's a fine way of showing how good enough I was for you."

"I'm not perfect, okay?!" Eric snapped. "I never claimed to be! I am a humanbeing. I have emotions, and fears just like you do, Greta!"

"Oh, do you?!" Greta laughed.

"I got scared, okay?!" Eric broke down. " I got scared!"

"God, that is such a cop-out! You cheat on me, and all you have to say in excuse was that you were scared?! Please!" Greta yelled. "Give me a break!"

"Damnit, Greta!" Eric stood up. "You were everything that I ever wanted in a woman! Everything! I loved everything about you! I loved you! You had this innocence about you, this purity. And it freaked me out, okay?!"

"I freaked you out?" Greta had her hand over her chest, as they argued.

"Yeah, you freaked me out!" Eric yelled. "There were all these standards--

"Wait!" Greta yelled. "Standards?! I never asked you for a thing!"

Eric continued on, explaining himself. "And I tried to be perfect for you. And Nicole...that was a mistake. A huge one! There were so many unsolved feelings, and...I should've been more straight with you. I should've stayed. I should've begged you to forgive me, and just stayed because you were the best thing that ever happened to me, Greta! The BEST thing!"

"Nicole never left after you did. So, why didn't you stay?" Greta asked.

"Why would I stay?" Eric retorted. "What was I supposed to stay, and go to you and be like, 'oh, Greta, I was a fool about Nicole. She wants money more than me. You're the girl for me, will you forgive me?' Is that what I was supposed to say, Greta?! Is it?!"

"You were supposed to LOVE me!" Greta yelled. "You were supposed to STAY!" Greta's voice lowered to a whimper. "I needed you to stay."

Eric ran a hand over his face, his entire being just spent. "I'm sorry." Eric said quietly. "You'll never know how sorry."

"God, do you have any idea how hard it is to just stand here and look at you right now?!" Greta said.

"I know, okay?!" Eric was getting a little annoyed with the guilt trip. Not annoyed, he was getting...he just didn't know any other way to say he how sorry he was. "I let you down! I let myself down! I let us down! I get it, okay?! I GET IT!"

"No!" Greta yelled, poking him in the chest. "YOU don't GET IT! You KNOW, Eric! You KNOW, I was RAPED!"

Understanding dawned in Eric's eyes, as he finally realized what she was so upset about.

"Greta, that doesn't--" Eric tried to explain to her that it didn't matter to him. He needed her to know that he loved her as much as ever.

"Yes, it does!" Greta argued. "You can't stand there, and tell me that knowing this doesn't change how you feel about me."

Eric stood slient for a moment.

"I thought so." Greta said sadly.

She turned around and walked out the door.

"Greta!" Eric yelled.

Eric sighed, and slumped down on the couch. "The only thing it changes, is it makes me love you more." Eric whispered.