Post Timskip (3 years later).Hello. This is my First Fanfic. I hope you enjoy it. This Fanfic is when Sakura runs into Sasuke while walking home at night. He treis to get her to have a little fun, but Sakuras fist has other plans. But little does she know that she is being watched by bloodlusting eyes outside her window in a tree. enjoy.

The wish Granter - part one

It was dark, the stars were out, and she was walking alone in the streets of Konoha. Sakura Haruno had just got off from a busy day. She was tired because there were alot of people to heal, and the old hag would'nt stop Barking at her.

"What a day" she said exhausted. "when i get home i'm going to have a nice bath and go straight to sleep".

She was walking when she hurd a familiar voice suddenly stop her in her tracks.

"going home are we?" the voice asked."please, let me occumpany you, as a pretty little girl should'nt walk all alone in the streets without another person". the voice said.

She looked over to her right, and in an ally way was none other than the famouse Uchiha, Sasuke. She sighed with relief that it was him and not some perv looking to mount her.

"Oh, hi Sasuke-kun would you like to walk me home?". she asked, realizing that the boy of her dreams was now taking notice of her. He smirked. She rapped her arm around his own arm and they were off to Sakuras house. When they got there she put her hands in her pockets and tried to find her keys. When she found them she unlocked the door.

"ummmm. would you like to come in?". she asked hoping he would take up her offer.

"why not, after all i do care about you dont I?" he answered back.

Sakura Blushed as they went into her house. Sasuke then locked the door without her noticing,and then he rapped her in a nice hug. She turned at least 10 shades of red wen he did this.

"Do you want me to stay the night with you?". "I dont have anywhere to go because my house is being bug bombed right now and it would not be pretty if i inhaled to much".he lied

Sakura was astonished!. Her love of her life was now trying to take their freindship, into a relationship.

"Of course!" she blurted out.

That was all he needed as he dragged up into her bedroom. He closed the door and looked at her. He then did something that she knew was going to scar her for the rest of her life. He suddenly grabbed her roughly and then he pushed her into a wall. she let out a yelp.

"well i guess that since i'm here and i agreed to stay with you, i guess you wont mind if i rape you here and now, making you mine forever" he said

Sakura was frightened that she was going to be raped by the one she loved, or the she thought she loved. She then grew very angry as Sasuke started to touch her in places that she felt uncomfortable. She then without thinking started storing chakra in her fist, to busy for lover boy to notice as he was touching her breasts and along kissing her neck roughly while forcing her against the wall. Then he started to remove her clothing, and that was as far as he would go because she had launched her fist right into his face sending him flying threw the bay window 1 story below.

"uggghhhh" was all he coudl get out before running off to his home.

She started to cry as she would never think that she was almost going to be raped by the one she once loved and now hated. As she was crying a pair of blood red eyes saw the whole thing. The eyes watched as the girl right then and there started to make a wish.

"I wish that there was a boy that would not do these things to me, and that we could live a happy life as boyfrind and girlfriend". she said as she continued to drop to the floor crying her eyes out.

"So you have wished it, . . . so it shall be". and with that the figure was now hoping off the branch and making its way toward her house.

The figure then tried the door, but it was locked. then he tried a window just to the right of the door. It was also locked. So then the figure tried a different approach. It then used its sharp claw and drew a large sized hole in the window. Then the window fell on the floor over tile causing it to break.

"ugghhh!" the fugure said as he krept into the house hoping that the girl was asleep.

Sakura, who was still crying, heard the glass break and she quickly got up while taking out a kunia knife. The figure then managed to locate a broom and dust pan sweeping the glass up and then disposing of it. when he looked up at the stairs he saw a girl with a pale look on her face, as though she had just seen a ghost. Sakura was scared beyond reason when she saw blood red eyes looking at her out of nowhere. She held the knife up in defense getting ready to attack at any moment. The figure just looked at her and moved to the side of the room hoping to find the light switch, since Sasuke turned it off. When the fugure located it he flipped it and the lights turned on. What Sakura saw was not a monster or anything like that, but a boy around in his teens. Sakura sighed in relief that it was nothing bad. She looked at the boy to observe his features. Appearently he was on all four legs like a fox, he had Blond spiky hair, he was wearing an orange jumpsuit with black stripes, she had also noticed that the boy had fangs, darkened whisker marks, and to top it all off, he was what seemed to be surrounded by red chakra, she also noticed that the chakra was shaped like a pair of long ears, and he had a long red tail giving him the Appearence of a fox.

"E-E-Excuse m-m-m-me but are-are-are you l-l-lost?" she said in a scared stiff voice.

"No, I am right where I need to be" he said as he walked on all fours up the stairs.

Sakura saw this and readied herself for attack. But she was soon stopped when the boy was staring at her from only about 1ft away. She then dropped her stance, because she saw the look in his eyes that said that he did not mean any harm. He then started to get closer, observing her for himself. He saw that she had pink hair that smaelled like the sweet scent of strawberries, he also took notice that she was wearing a red shirt with a whits skirt at the end, and after that she was bear to the legs. He looked deep into her emerald eyes.

"wow, your beautiful". he said as she blushed at the boys comment.

"Thank you, you are very handsome for a boy" she said. In return she recieved a wide smile that melted her heart instantly. She then saw that the boy was now in front of her standing all the way up on both feet. He was appearantly taller than her, about 5 or more inches. She blushed as he stared into her eyes. Then she noticed that his eyes were no longer blood red, but were a beautiful blue. she got lost in those eyes of his. Then after she snapped out of her trance, she noticed that he was right up to her and was starting to sniff her. The feeling of his warm breath made her relax as he continued to take in her scent.

"Strawberries" was all he said as he had never smelled them before. "well let me tell you what i am doing here". " I am here because you wished that you were with a boy that could take care of you and treat you like a boy should" he said in a husky voice. "well here i am" he said as he spead out his arms and tried to hug her. But he was stopped when she backed away. He gave her a confused look and then tilted his head in a curious manner,that in which all animals do. He then knew what she meant, she was afraid that she was going to burned by the chakra Illuminating from him. "Don't worry, it only gets hot when I decide for it to get hot" he said and then spread out his arms and attempted to hug her, This time he actually got her. Sakura was shocked, she did'nt know what to think. All she could feel was his chakra warming her.

"May i ask what your name is?" She said with enough courage in her voice.

"My name?", "My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki" he said to her and continued to hug her. "May i ask what your name is?" he asked curiously.

"M-My name is Sakura, Sakura Haruno" she answering his question.

"so your Sakura huh, thats a beautiful name" "I think it suits you, because you are beautiful" he said and began to stroke her hair. For some weird reason she felt completely safe within his arms and she started to blush a little, while feeling sleepy. "By the way" he said looking at her. "who was that boy, and what was he trying to do to you?' He aksed in a voice full of worry and concern for her.

"His name is Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha" she said in a bitter tone. Not wanting to take it further as she tightened her grip in his hug.

"So Sasuke Uchiha huh, well it looks like i will now be protecting you from him" he said in a disdainful tone a the mention of Sasuke's name. "you look very tired, i guess i will be sleeping on he couch then, eh" he said as he released his grip on her. He was going to go downstairs when a small arm stopped him.

"you don't have to sleep on the couch, my parents are not home because they're . . . . . they're . . . . . . . dead" she said as she began to weep tears. she fell to the floor, and now Naruto had a Face full of pain as he kneeled down to her in attempt to comfort her. He slowly put his hand up the back of her shirt and startyed to rub her back. She immediatly calmed down. She felt the warnth of his hand rubbing her back. For some reason he had a certain touch that Sasuke had not. She compared the two. Sasukes was rough and cold, while Narutos was warm and soothing. she stopped and she looked at him with red eyes.

"can you please, ummmm, . . . . . . . . . sleep with me tonight?" she asked hoping he wouls accept.

"sure, I guess if you want to" he answered back. he lifted her up bridal-style and went into her room closing the door gently tring not to scare her. he set her on the bed and she began to undress, right in front of him. Naruto blushed as he saw her pink bra and panties. He looked away so she would not feel uncomfortable with him staring at her. Soon she was under the covers, now he started ti undress, also in front of her. her eyes blushed as he romoved his jacket revealing his navy blue muscle shirt. she soon blushed because she noticed that Naruto was very well built for the age he was at. he took of his shirt and she looked at his bear chest. she soon noticed that Naruto had a dog tag around his neck along with a necklace. she moved her eyes over his muscular chest. he started then to take his pants off, she blushed as she saw him in his boxers.

"like what you see" he asked giving her a fox grin making his fangs show. she just nodded in approval as he got in bed with her. soon she scooted closer to him and she rested her head right into his bear chest. he wrapped his arms around her holding her so that anybody that tried to look in the, still broken window, wouls know not to mess with him or his soon to be mate. He then wrapped his tail around her and she looked up at him. He stared at her with loving eyes. she got close to his face and she gently put her lips on his soft ones. they both shared a loving kiss. after about 5 minutes she seperated breathing heavily. she looked at Naruto and she soon noticed that he still had his Konoha headeband on. she untied it in the back and she noticed that since the ties were long, she assumed that he was a Chuunin. She just put the band in her night stand. when she looked back a Naruto she noticed that his hair was unruly and very messy, but she could'nt care less. She just said these final words as she fell asleep

"I love you Naruto" she said. and fell asleep, Naruto was shocked because she had left the suffix out of his name,and he had just met her and only spent time with her for a 30 minutes and she was already wanting him to sleep with her. He just smiled and kissed her head.

"I love you too Sakura" "Sweet Dreams" he said and fell into a dream.

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