This is my Fourth and Final Installment of The Wish Granter. So Please enjoy it as much as you can.

Sakura was sleeping soundly, when she felt a sharp pain in her neck. It was the mark and it was throbbing like crazy. She Sat up in bed in pain, clutching her neck. She looked around to see if Naruto was there. But she found no sight of him. Sakura was speechless as her eyes opened wide to see that the other side of her bed was empty, and at 3:00 in the morning. Sakura felt her eyes tear up as she clutched her neck to try to absorb the pain. It did not work. She tried healing it with her Medical Technique. But to no avail she failed, she did not know why it failed. But then she realized that the mark itself was sucking her chakra right out of her own body. But what she could not believe was that Naruto was gone. She cried, and cried. But not because of the pain, but a broken heart.

"He's gone, I can't believe he's really gone." She said with waterfalls emitting from her eyes. She found the strength to get up and head home. She put tried to put on her clothes but she failed and tried to run out the door. But she failed again and fell on the floor, still crying. Meanwhile Naruto had gone to the store because he had forgotten to pick up some milk, and the only way he could get it was when Sakura was sleeping. Naruto was paying for his milk when he perked up his ears.

"Sakura?!" he whispered. Naruto then rushed out of the store, without the milk, and hurried home on all four legs as fast as he could. He reached the Apartment door and heard crying. "Sakura!" he yelled as he bashed the door open. He ran inside and on the floor in pain, was his mate. The girl of his dreams on the floor, he ran over to her and picked her up and hugged her tightly. Sakura did not notice until she felt the pain go away. She looked up and she was soon staring at a very strong, and well-built, almost bare chest. Sakura was still in pain due to the mark, but her heart had healed as soon as she realized who it was. She looked up and there was her demon fox boy with a worried look in his eyes. He licked the tears away and looked at the mark. It was glowing a very blood red. Naruto stuck pout his tongue and started to heal the mark. But when he was done she still felt the pain. Naruto was getting very worried, and did not know what to do until a voice called out to him.

"Hey there kit, looks like you've got yourself a little trouble. Well it seems that the mark is now immune to regular healing. So know we have to take it to the next level, you see?" The fox said in a perverted tone.

"You mean I have to use that healing ointment!" Naruto mentally shouted.

"Hee hee hee, Well duh you've got to use it now. What did you think you would not have to use it for no reason." The Perverted Fox stated. Naruto was getting worried and he knew that Sakura might think what he had to do was nasty, but went along with it anyway. He turned to Sakura, who was still clutching her neck and shaking, and looked at her. Sakura looked at Naruto and tried to smile, but could not because of the immense pain she was going through.

"Okay, Kyubi, you win. But you still A PERVERTED FOX!" Naruto shouted in his mind. Loud enough for Sakura to hear it and giggle slightly. Naruto knew that she could communicate with the fox and him to so he just smiled, while the Fox just growled at Naruto for implying his perverted tactics.

"Okay, well here it go-." Before Naruto could finish the Kyubi interrupted.

"Here, kit, just a little strength to give you a small boost and maybe a blush from you and that little girls of yours." The fox said. Soon Naruto felt a burst of strength course through him, and for some unknown reason he felt very wet in his boxers. Soon after about 5 minutes Naruto grew a little mad at the Kyubi for not telling him what to do in this situation. But just then Naruto knew what the Kyubi gave him strength for and blushed very deeply, enough for the blood red chakra to blend in with him.

"Ummm, Sakura? There is something I need to show you for a sec' ok." Naruto said. Sakura looked at him and grew a little mad and impatient about how long Naruto was taking to heal the mark.

"What . . . . .(gasp) is . . . . .(gasp) it?" Sakura said in pain. Soon Naruto signaled her to look down. When she did her eyes got very big.

"Okay Naruto, I know I like to see you horny. But we need to do something, this mark is killing me by the sec-" before she could finish Naruto's penis ripped right threw his pants making a very large hole in them. Sakura forgot the pain for a moment, and Naruto almost fainted. Sakura looked at Naruto and blushed very deeply. But Naruto was blushing deeper. But they got over it and Naruto chuckled and Sakura was drooling at the mouth. Sakura then noticed that Naruto was Cumming automatically. Naruto got over his chuckling and cleared his throat.

"Uh Sakura, sorry about that I guess I got a little excited. But anyway it seems that you get to feel my cum on your neck for the time being, okay. This is because my saliva won't work on the mark anymore. So are you ready?" Naruto said and asked at the same time. Sakura came out of her daze and nodded sleepily. Naruto pulled her near him and he wiped the cum that his penis was extracting and he put it on the mark. Sakura felt the wetness and shivered, but at the same time was feeling relief from the pain. After Naruto was done he wrapped his tail around Sakura and started to rock her back and forth slowly. After about 5 minutes Naruto stopped abruptly and looked down at what he had done to his pants.

"Uhhhhh! you STUPID FOX! You ruined a perfectly good pair of pants!" Naruto shouted. Sakura giggled slightly, but Naruto heard it and smiled. But Naruto then noticed that Sakura was very tired and she needed her sleep. Naruto then decided that they should see a little more of each other than usual. Naruto turned her around so that her back was facing him and bit the clip of her bra off and pulled the whole thing off with his teeth. Sakura gasped at the cold air and tried to cover herself up. But Naruto's hands had gotten there first and he started to mold her breasts. Sakura let out a few moans and it was turning Naruto on a lot so Naruto went down to he panties and ripped them off of her. Sakura was getting very cold, so she snuggled into Naruto's lap. Naruto then wrapped his tail around her to keep her warm and with both hands, Naruto ripped his pants and boxers in half. Sakura gazed over Naruto's half naked body.

"Sakura, there is something that I have to do, okay. I must be inside of you for the time that we sleep." Naruto said. Sakura eyes grew wide and she wanted to argue, but she knew that she couldn't. Sakura just nodded slightly and looked at Naruto. Naruto gave her a reassuring smile and lifter her up bridal style and went to the bedroom. Naruto put Sakura on the bed so that she was facing up ward looking at the ceiling. Naruto took his shirt off and crumbled it and tossed it somewhere in the room on the floor. Then Naruto got on the bed and started to kiss her neck while giving her small little love nips all around her body. Sakura moaned and then she knew that she was turned over so that she was on her stomach. Naruto made the tiger seal and put his middle finger slowly into her passage, all the while kissing her neck. She moaned at his touch. Naruto slipped his fingers out of her and slowly laid himself on top of her and pushed in to her, hearing some moans as Naruto's penis penetrated Sakura's entrance. Upon hearing the moans of pleasure, Naruto got a little to excited and he started to cum into her. She felt the warmth of his nectar flow through her. Naruto just smiled, showing his fangs and growling into her ear seductively.

"Does the feel good? My beautiful Cherry Blossom." He asked. She just nodded and began to rest. Before she could get to the pillow, Naruto had replaced it with his muscular arm. But then Naruto's smile faded and he knew that she should know. "Sakura?" he asked in a serious tone. She moaned and opened her eyes to listen to him. "Sakura, when we mate. My personality will change . . . . . abruptly. Also, do you know that when a fox is about to mate, he sometimes does a dance, The Fox's Mating Dance to be precise. Sakura turned her head to look at him. "I will tell you in the morning, okay." He said. She just nodded quietly and they both drifted off to sleep.

Around morning

Sakura woke up, and yawned. She knew what today was, and she was very nervous. But Naruto was more nervous than her. He was afraid that if he did something he would regret, then their relationship would be over. They both were thinking the same thing, but cast aside their nervousness and lay on the bed. Naruto was still inside Sakura and she felt it. About 2 minutes later Naruto cummed into Sakura, hoping she wouldn't feel it, but she did and she moaned, making Naruto hornier by the second. Sakura felt Naruto's dog tag necklace on her back. Hen they were sleeping their bodes must have warmed it up. Naruto kissed Sakura's neck and started to lick her back.

"Wow, you're in a very … umm sexual mood this morning, aren't you?" she asked.

"Well, I am really excited about this and I do not want anything to wrong for tonight." He said. Sakura nodded and wrapped her arm around Naruto's and they both closed their eye's, until the alarm went off. Naruto knew that Sakura was going to turn it off and that would disturb her rest, so he did the normal thing he would do to his alarm clocks. As soon as she was about to turn it off, Naruto had grabbed it and threw it against the wall hardly, causing it to break and dent the wall. Sakura giggled and Naruto chuckled.

"I think we should get up know. We have to go to the market today and buy some things." Sakura said. Naruto growled at the subject. He just wanted to stay in bed all day with his love, until it was time to make love with her. Sakura playfully slapped Naruto's arm, and decided to tease him.

"Well then I guess if we don't go to the store, than I guess I shouldn't make love, and be a virgin forever." She said hoping it would work, and it did.

"Time to get Sakura, and let's go get that shower!" he said. Sakura laughed at Naruto's sudden change in plans. But soon she let out a small shriek as Naruto had lifted her up on his shoulder like laundry. Her top half over his shoulder and her bottom half in front. He held her by her feet and they both went for the bathtub. Every time Sakura would protest, Naruto would playfully slap her ass, making her shriek. Once they were in the bathroom Naruto set her down and smiled at her. He let her in first and he followed her in. The warm water over their bodies felt great. Soon Naruto lathered his hands up and began to wash her hair.

"Naruto, you don't have to do that you know, I'm a big girl and-." Before she could finish, Naruto had interrupted her.

"You can't protest Sakura, remember?" he said smiling. She started to pout and crossed her arms. "Aww, come on, I love to wash this beautiful pink locks of yours, after all it ,makes you look, sexy." He finished. Sakura heard his comment and blushed madly and hit him on the arm. He chuckled and began to rinse her hair. "But this is my favorite part of the shower." He said in a perverted tone. As he lathered his hands up with soap and began to wash her body. She moaned, and she also enjoyed Naruto washing her delicate body. He started with her neck and moved his hands down her body, molding her breast in his hands. She moaned and then started to whimper as her started to was her cleavage, then going to her clit. Now she was moaning loud. But then whimpered as his touch left her to wash his hair. He started to scrub his spiky golden locks. Sakura then started to wash his body. She started with his abs, then his pecks, to his six-pack and finally she started to wash his long, thick rod. She wanted to make sure that it was clean when he took her tonight. Naruto started to moan, groan, and whimper at her touch. Naruto even blushed when his 14 inch raw meat erected. Sakura blushed deeply also. While Sakura was busy washing his pride and joy. Naruto has slipped his tail around her and she was know facing him directly in the face. Sakura let out a small gasp as he started to kiss her lips. He forced his tongue into her mouth and tasted her. She moaned and began to taste his mouth. After their little make-out session. They both slipped out of the shower and Naruto dried them both off. Naruto got Sakura dressed, while hearing her protest, and got himself dressed putting on his usual black and orange pants. He wore a muscle shirt underneath his regular orange and black jacket. Sakura wore her usual to. She wore a red t-shirt that had small sleeves, and black spandex shorts, with a light pinkish dress over it.

"So, what do you want for breakfast?" Naruto asked. Hoping she would say ramen.

"Ummm . . . . Naruto, may we please go out to eat maybe, but it is your money, and I probably shouldn't intrude." She said.

"Oh, no, it's okay Sakura, if you want to go out to eat then we can. So were do you wanna to go?" he asked.

"How about a that restaurant over by the clothing store." Sakura said. Naruto shook his head and after brushing their teeth they were both out. They were walking along the busy streets, receiving some glares about town. Naruto shot them all a look that would mean the end of their lives if they dare interfere with their mating tonight. Sakura just gripped Naruto's huge arm and tried to hurry to the restaurant. Once they were there the waiter just let them pick out their own spots. They sat in the corner of the store, and Naruto sat next to Sakura and kept alert of his surroundings. As they both ate their meals they both wondered what it would be like tonight.

"Are you nervous?" Naruto said swallowing his pancake.

"Nervous about what?" Sakura said sipping her orange juice.

"About, mating tonight." Naruto said. Naruto had said it just loud enough for the villagers to hear him. They all looked at each other and listened silently.

"Well, I am really nervous about that whole changing your personality deal. You said you would tell me about it, so go ahead." Sakura said. Naruto looked around him and made sure that the other villagers weren't listening, which they were.

"Well, what I mean by the is the way in which I will act when we mate. My personality tends to get very sexual, and very protective. I mean I wont give a shit in the world whether I am ass naked, or I have clothes on to save you." He stated firmly. "I mean you know I am really excited about this whole thing, and very nervous at the same time." He said drinking his milk.

"Why are you nervous?" Sakura asked.

"Well, I'm really nervous because if something goes wrong, then I think that you won't."

"Won't what, Naruto." Sakura asked.

"Love me anymore." Naruto said sadly. Sakura was shocked and felt very bad about him saying that.

"Naruto, no matter what happens" She said. He looked at her with his crimson blue eyes.

"I will always, always love you." She said leaning in to kiss him. He accepted her offer with a smile, and they started making out. They started tasting each others breakfast. Sakura loved Naruto's pancake mouth, and Naruto was enjoying Sakura's strawberry jam.

"Go find a room you too, this is a place to eat!" one of the villagers said. Naruto looked over at him and shot him a look of death.

"What was that?" Naruto said. The villager was frightened.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" said a voice. Every body looked around. Even Naruto and Sakura were a little freaked out. "Well, it seems that you do not treat the boy like you treat each other." Said the voice. Every body was freaked out. Naruto put his arms around Sakura to protect her. One thing that they both noticed, was that the voice was very childish and sounded like it was being made by a 12 year old. "Well then I guess I will have a fun time listening to all your screams of terror tonight as I move throughout your dreams tonight, filling your sleep with fear.

"Who are you!" One villager said.

"Me, why I am the spirit of the Crescent Moon ally, fool." The voice said.

"Kishimaru Kaguya." Both Naruto and Sakura said silently.

"Well it was a nice chat, but I got to go know, bye." Said the voice. Everybody was shocked at the sudden voice. Then all the villagers got a very sneaky and devilishly evil plan. But they did not want the demon and his demon whore to know about it. So all of the villagers just sat around and waited for the couple to leave.

"So, the legend is true Naruto?" Sakura said in a shaky voice.

"Looks like it. But don't worry I'm pretty sure he won't harm us, though I don't know about the villagers. He sounded pretty angry when he said that they weren't treating us with respect. But lets not let that get us down, ok." Naruto said finishing his pancakes and giving her a foxy grin. Once they were finished and they left the villagers went to work on getting rid of both of them for good.

"Okay, let's see. I came up with the perfect plan." One villager said evilly. They all listened. "Here's how it goes, once the demon and his little demon whore are done mating, I will have some ninja go into Naruto's house with a silent genjutsu. That way the demon male won't know that were there. Then we kidnap the girl, use her for pleasure, and when the demon boy comes to save her, we kill them both and no more demon male, or demon whore okay." He said. They all agreed and started to work on their evil plan to kill the loving couple.

"Thank you, Naruto, that was an excellent breakfast." Sakura said.

"As long as you're happy then I'm happy to." Naruto said smiling. They both walked to the store to pick up the groceries. Sakura was holding on to the basket and Naruto was looking around. The store was completely empty except for the cashiers who were hiding behind the desk in fear of Naruto that they would be killed if they insulted his beautiful mate. Sakura was picking up the milk, that Naruto had forgotten, and was busy bending over. Suddenly, Naruto got a strange feeling and looked at his hands. His nails were a lot longer than they were, normally, Naruto's eyes turned into a dark blood red, his tail and ears were longer than usual, and when he looked over at Sakura bending down to get the milk, he got an enormous ejaculation and a very hungry appetite for Sakura's pussy. He licked his lips and slowly moved toward her ass, which Sakura was still bending over, and pulled down his pants only to the point where his penis was out. He then slowly started to pull down Sakura's skirt and pants. But then Sakura felt a cool breeze and quickly shot up and covered her ass. Naruto snapped out of it and held his head.

"Naruto, what are you doing!" Sakura asked blushing. But when she noticed that Naruto was holding his head she bent down and looked to see what was wrong. "Naruto! What's wrong, what's going on.?!" Sakura said, demanding it.

"Sakura, uh . . . . . it happening, MY PERSONALITY, IT"S CHANGING!" Naruto said. As he held his head tightly. "SAKURA!" Naruto shouted. His shout was so demonic that the cashiers were frightened, said screw it, and were out of there in a flash.

"What?! Naruto!" Sakura Asked.

"Run." Said Naruto in a dark husky voice. But before he said that he gave here a beaker of white liquid. When she smelled it she turned her nose up. Sakura knew that it was Naruto's sperm, and she knew what it was for when he said, "run."

"No, Naruto, I want to stay here an d help you, please!" Sakura said worriedly.

"No, you must run Sakura, before I-!" Before Naruto could finish his attribute grew larger. Sakura was shocked and scared. "SAKURA! RUN!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs in a dark voice. Sakura ran as fast as she could towards the apartment. After she left, Naruto had full Transformed and was hankering for Sakura. He smiled evilly. "Oh, Sakura, Oh Sakura. I'm coming for you. I'll give you about 10 seconds. 1 2 3 4 . . . 10!" Naruto skipped and rushed out of the store. Sakura was running as fast as she could. She was running when she heard a voice.

"Sakura, looks like he has transformed." the voice said. Sakura knew who it was, as she recognized the pitch of the voice.

"Kishimaru, Kishimaru is that you!?" She said.

"Wow, you know my name, cool! Well there is something I want to tell you. When you get to where you are going, drink that beaker of Naruto's essence. It will keep him from deactivating the mark." Kishimaru said.

"Why, Why must I do that!" Sakura asked.

"Because you love him right, and you want to be with him forever, right?" Kishimaru said.

"Yes." Sakura answered.

"Well then, drink it, and hurry he's coming!" Kishimaru said.

Sakura nodded and ran for the apartment. Once she got there, she opened the door and closed it. She was panting, and when she calmed down she stopped and listened. Once she thought the coast was clear she started to walk away, until the door was blown open, sending her flying toward the corner of a wall. She closed her eyes, but when she opened them she found her self in the air. She looked down and saw a red tail wrapped around her. She was shocked, and slowly was hovering away from the wall, and then she fell into a strong, muscular, warm chest. She heard dark breathing, almost to the point where it was none of this Earth. She recognized it and knew that it was Naruto at the door, with his pants down, and he was hungry for her pussy. Sakura swallowed hard, and Naruto took the door and closed it. Then he started to sniff her, just to make sure she was his, and got into the crook of her neck and started to kiss it and leave little love nips on it. Sakura moaned and groaned at his touch. That was what turned Naruto on, and soon he licked her neck, and bit into it, ejecting his saliva into it. Sakura winced, but then fell asleep as Naruto had coated his saliva with chakra so strong that it was able to knock you out. Sakura fell limp, and Naruto slowly pulled his fangs out of her and took her to the bedroom, and closed the door. He gently put her on the bed and pulled down Sakura's pant to where her ass was bare. Naruto used his strength and his member, ripped through his pants, ruining another pair, and prepared to enter her. But as soon as he was about to enter her, he stopped. He looked at her sleeping body.

"If I love her, than I want to do this when the time is right, which is tonight." He said darkly and turned Sakura over. He bent down and put his fangs into her neck, dispelling the saliva he had used to knock her out. When she woke up she saw a pair of sad dark red eyes looking at her. She gasped and put her hands up to protect her body. Naruto got off the bed and backed away from her. "I'm sorry, Sakura." He said with small tears coming out of his eyes. Sakura was shocked, she had never seen Naruto cry. She pulled her pants up and walked over to him. But he backed away, his tail between his legs, and his ears were slanted down. He then decided that he didn't deserve her and was know going to deactivate the mark. "Sakura, I'm going to deactivate the mark. So this will never happen again, and so you won't see me again." Naruto said. Sakura was shocked.

"Naruto! I don't want you to deactivate the mark! I love you to much to have the mark deactivated!" she said.

"Sorry, but it has to be done." Naruto said. Suddenly his hand began to glow a dark red. "This will deactivate the mark. Come here Sakura." He said. Small tears were dripping from his eyes. Sakura's eyes started to tear up. But then Sakura remembered what Kishimaru said.

Flashback to earlier today

"Drink the beaker full of Naruto's essence, it will keep him from deactivating the mark."

Flashback ends

Sakura suddenly knew what to do. As Naruto drew closer to her, she whipped out the beaker and held it in her hands. She popped the cork off and sniffed it. It smelled horrible and made her stomach churn. But she swallowed hard and in one swift gulp, chugged Naruto's nectar. The sperm felt gooey in her throat, but she managed to get it down. Naruto's eyes widened. His hand stopped glowing and he ran towards Sakura. Sakura felt like throwing up, but didn't. Naruto grabbed her and shook her violently.

"WHAT'D THE HELL YOU DO THAT FOR!" Naruto said angrily. His claws were digging into her skin, making her bleed. He was shaking her violently. She looked up into his angry eyes. His tail was waving madly, in an angry way.

"Naruto, you're….you're hurting me." She said.

"ANSWER ME NOW DAMNIT!" Naruto demanded. Naruto sighed and returned to the question. "Why, why did you drink it? WHY!" he asked angrily.

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Sakura yelled. She ran for the door, but Naruto had a good grip on her shoulders. She was trying not to cry from Naruto's yelling and the pain, but failed and started to ball her eyes out. "I did it . . . . . (hiccup) . . . . .because I love you." She said. Naruto calmed down, looked at her, and hugged her. When he hugged her he felt something wet on her arms. His eyes widened as he saw blood flowing gently from her arms, but not a lot. He released his grip on her and looked at her.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. It's just that I want to protect you, and when I saw you drink the beaker, I just snapped. Can you forgive me, please." He begged. Sakura stopped crying and looked into his blue eyes. She nodded and he hugged her. His tail wrapped around her and they both hugged for a moment, until Sakura snuggled into his lap. They stayed like that for a good 5 minutes until Sakura let go. Naruto healing her bite, and claw marks. He started to lick them slowly. Sakura moaned a little bit. "Well, I don't know how long I'll last so I guess we should get this dance started, okay." Sakura nodded and Naruto transformed into his sexual side. He looked at her with his dark red eyes, and slowly began to kiss her. She felt his tongue slip through her lips and teeth and started to taste her. She moaned and started to him entering her mouth. That only turned Naruto on more. He started to massage her breasts, making Sakura moan his name. Sakura was amazed, astonished and happy at the same time. She loved to see Naruto this sexual. Naruto just felt like ripping off his pants, but he didn't, less she do something again that would make him feel guilty more than he already was feeling. Naruto then started to kiss very hard, almost crushing their lips. Sakura couldn't take Naruto's weight and they both fell on the floor. Naruto had switched them around so that he got the impact, and Sakura was resting on his burly chest without a scratch. Naruto then decided to take his mate and show her what he was made of, out in the forest where they would be in total solitude, or so he thought. Suddenly Naruto stopped and Sakura was confused when he did.

"Naruto, what's wrong? Did I do something wrong again?" She asked. Naruto grunted loudly, sniffed hardly and picked her up and put her on his back. Sakura felt like she was riding a horse, only this one was very sexual, protective, a human, and a hunk all in one pack. Naruto then whisked out of the apartment and darted toward the forest. Nearby some villagers where following them.

"Alright, you know the plan. Remember, we kidnap the demon whore and take her to the Crescent Moon ally. We use her for pleasure, and when he gets to where she is, we kill them both, got it?" The villager pack leader (Not Tsunade) said. "Yes sir." They said and they were off.

Sakura was laughing and having a wonderful time riding on Naruto's back. Naruto smiled at the thought of her and him living a happy life. Once they where in a, what seemed like a, secluded area Naruto set his mate on a boulder and kissed her on the lips. Naruto decided to show off his strength first and punched a tree. The impact was so harsh that the tree slammed backwards and made a very wide clearing, because all the other tree's behind it had been bulldozed by the tree Naruto punched. Sakura was amazed, and she blushed at how much strength Naruto had. Naruto looked at her and smiled.

"Well, how was that? Sakura." Naruto said in a very dark and demonic voice. "Do you approve of my strength, Sakura?" he asked.

"I approve, my big handsome demon fox." Sakura answered. Naruto smiled at her approval and went to step 2. Naruto proceeded to take his shirt off. He flexed his muscles, making Sakura go mad in blush.

"Do you approve of my frame-work, Sakura?" Naruto asked. For Sakura it was a perfect 10. Sakura started to bleed from the nose. Naruto saw it and ran over to her. He started to lick the blood running from her nose. Sakura was absolutely still. Once she was recovered she nodded.

"I defiantly approve." Sakura said blushing madly. This only made Naruto smile bigger. Naruto then moved on to step 3. Naruto started to take his pants and boxers off. He was ass naked in front of her. Sakura was blushing madly at the site of Naruto in front of her. Her eyes gazed over Naruto's erection, muscles, and his face.

"I approve! I approve!" Sakura yelled. Naruto was very happy that she totally approved of him, and she approved the third step before Naruto could even say a thing, which made him happy. Now Naruto moved on to step 4, the final one. Naruto moved toward Sakura slowly, as not to scare her. Sakura was a little confused. But then she gasped as Naruto ripped off her clothes in one swipe. She all she had on was her skin, and was bare.

"For the final step, I must gaze upon my lovers beautiful body." Naruto said. Sakura was blushing and it made her horny to see them both naked. Naruto walked over to her and was about to kiss her and say that he approved before he heard something. Naruto immediately covered her body. Sakura was a little scared. She had seen Naruto like this before and looked up at him. His ears were radioing the area for any hostile movements. His ears started to move (Like in his battle with Sasuke) and jumped out of the way to avoid a stab that was headed for Sakura's back. Naruto was pissed now, and screamed violently.

"You dare interrupt my mating, you pieces of shit!" Naruto said angrily. He heard some snickering.

Warning –Blood, gore and language.

"Well, well, well. Look who we got here. We got a demon, and his D.E.M.O.N W.H.O.R.E." Said one villager. Naruto looked at the man who said it. Naruto's killer instinct came on. Suddenly 6 villagers came out of the bushes and attempted to attack Naruto. Naruto dodged them all and put Sakura down. Sakura was scared to death.

"You don't want to fuck with ME!" he screamed angrily. They had interrupted his mating and he was pissed. Naruto then inhaled air. One villager lunged toward him, attempting to decapitate him. But Naruto had screamed, and a giant shock wave came from his mouth. The shock wave went right through the villager and sliced him in half. The villagers upper and top half's fell to the ground. A pool of blood around the two pieces. Then another villager got up from behind Naruto and arm locked him. Naruto couldn't move because he had to rest his lungs from the scream. Then one villager got right up to Naruto and looked down at Naruto's penis.

"Well, looks like someone's a big boy. To bad, because your cock is mine!" The man said lifting up his axe, and attempted to slice Naruto's Manhood off. But before the villager did that, the villagers face was right where Naruto's manhood was. So Naruto pushed a little and cummed into the guys face. Sakura saw that and laughed. The villager screamed in pain.

"What the fuck is this! This is no ordinary cum. It's ACID!" The villager screamed. He tried to go wash his face, but the acidic cum had gotten into his system and he fell dead. Blood was running from his face. The villager holding Naruto was about to puck when he stood still. Sakura wondered what was wrong and looked around to see what was the matter. Naruto chuckled and soon the guy was hoisted into the air, Naruto's tail around his neck. The villager gasped for air. But then fell limp, as Naruto had broken his neck. Naruto threw the body somewhere on the ground and went over toward Sakura. Before Naruto could get there, Sakura was held by two of the last remaining village men.

"Hey, lets rape her and fuck her till' she cries for mercy." The villager said as he pulled down his pants revealing his erected member. The other guy did the same and started with Sakura's mouth. His penis went into her mouth, the guy moaned in ecstasy, but screamed in pain, because Sakura had bitten off his penis. Naruto laughed at the guy, but got angry again at what the both of them said to her. "YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH! HOW DARE YOU BITE OFF MY MANHOOD. I'LL MAKE SURE THAT MY FRIENDS FUCKS YOU SO HARD, THAT YOU'LL DIE!" The villager said angrily. "I'll kill you, you BITCH!" the other one said and attempted to slice her head off. But Naruto had gotten on top of Sakura and shielded her. Naruto's eyes widened and Sakura knew what happened.

"NARUTO!" Sakura said. But was amazed to see Naruto was smiling happily. The villagers were shocked to find what they saw. Both of their weapons had broken. Naruto chuckled.

"Allow me to explain." Naruto said. "The chakra that surrounds my body is not normal at all. In fact, it is called The Demon Fox's Cloak. This is one of the Nine-Tailed Fox's best defenses. It is one of the most hindering, and strongest things in the world. In the most case, it is even stronger than Gaara's sand, and equal to that of the Kaguya clan, except stronger. So you see, you can slash at me all you want, but this cloak gives me full defense, and in most cases it can be a pain in the ass. Or so people tell me." Naruto stated in a dark demonic voice. Sakura was impressed, and yet scared at the same time. The villagers just looked at him and were soon held up by Naruto's tail. They both struggled to get free, but Naruto had already crushed their bodies, killing them. Blood was everywhere, and Sakura just looked around her. She huddled close to Naruto's chest, and Naruto cuddled her.

"That was a very bloody battle." She said shaking at all the bloodlust.

"Well, they better not mess with me again, or they're going to get it a lot more of this." Naruto then decided that they should continue with what they were doing. He looked at her naked body, and she blushed. "I fully approve of you being my mate." Naruto said. Then Naruto got down on one knee, like he was going to propose to her and took her hand. "Sakura, would you do the honor of making love with me tonight?" He asked in his dark demonic voice, that Sakura know loved. Sakura was astonished, and yet delighted at Naruto's politeness.

"Of course I will, Naruto. Just be gentle with me, please." She said. Naruto was very excited and happy. He even got another erection due to her answer.

"I promise, Sakura." He said and he kissed her. "We have about 1 hour to go until we mate, so lets go look at the sunset, okay?" Naruto asked. Sakura nodded and Naruto picked her up bridal style and they both jumped away, leaving the blood covered field.

"Shit! It looks like where going to have to do something else." The villager leader of the plan said. "This is pak rat back to base, over. We failed, what should we do know leader? Over."

"We kidnap Sakura when they both fall asleep tonight, and I will then get my revenge on what that fucker, Naruto, did to my manhood." Sasuke said in an angry voice.

"Yes sir, over and out." Said the villager and ran back to HQ.

"Now Naruto, you will be mine, and I will do what you did to ME!" Sasuke said.

Back with Naruto and Sakura. . . . .

Naruto had found the perfect spot on top of a tree limb, and they both gazed toward the beautiful sunset. Sakura ha positioned herself between Naruto's legs, and his tail wrapped around them both, as they watched the sunset slowly go down. Sakura felt Naruto's cold dog tag on her back and shivered, but then regained herself as she snuggled into Naruto's warm lap, feeling protected in his muscular arms.

"Isn't the sunset romantic, Naruto?" She asked. She heard Naruto's Demonic dark breathing and he held her tighter to his chest. "Naruto, what's wrong?" she asked. Naruto looked at her and smiled.

"It's just that I'm sorry you had to see that stuff happen. I'm sorry Sakura." Naruto said.

"You don't have to be sorry all the time, Naruto. I will always forgive you." She said smiling. Naruto smiled back and kissed her on the lips, they both shared a passionate kiss for a record 20 minutes! As they both kissed, a short shadowy figure loomed in the darkness of a tree branch. The figure was small and had two long strands of hair that came down to his chin. His hair was gray and he was about half the size of Naruto, and about up to Sakura's breast line. The figure wore a sapphire blue cloak, with white lines around the edges of his sleeves and his collar of the cloak, and at the bottom of the cloak.

The figure just stared at the two lovers and smiled happily.

"That is just so sweet, the way they are kissing." Said the figure in a quiet and childish tone. "I hope none of those other villagers try to break them up, or kill them. Because if that happened, then I would have to get them back together. One way, or another. The figure said before looking at the sun set over the horizon. "Well, its show-time." The figure said before jumping off into the trees. Naruto stopped kissing Sakura and looked at the sun, which was gone, and decided that they were ready. Sakura looked at the horizon, and knew that know they would mate. Naruto lifted Sakura and looked at her. Naruto smiled and gave her a look that said he would be gentle with her delicate body.

"Are you ready?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I'm ready. I've been waiting for this all day." She said. Naruto nodded and they both leaped off back to the apartment for the final dance, The Mating Dance. Naruto moved through the trees like lightning and they both entered the village, undetected. Naruto jumped from one rooftop to another swiftly, while Sakura huddled close to his arms. Sakura and Naruto knew that they forgot to get their clothes, or rather shredded clothes, back at the bloodied grounds. But they decided to do that another time. Naruto came to the apartment and opened the door. He went in with Sakura, and looked at the time. It was 8:30 and it was dark out. Naruto then decided to make things comfortable for Sakura and he took her into the bedroom and closed the door with his tail. He set her on the bed and got on top of her.

"Alright, lets get this over with." Naruto said. Sakura nodded and Naruto kissed her passionately on the lips while stroking her breasts. Sakura moaned and Naruto took his lips away from her mouth and began to suck, love nip, and lick her neck. Sakura loved it and Naruto got down to her breasts. Naruto took her nipple into her mouth and started to suck on it. Sakura gasped as he started to gently bite on her breasts nipple. Naruto switched to the other one and started doing the same thing to her, also while playing with the other one with his hands. Sakura was delighted and started to moan Naruto's name slowly. Naruto then got a crazed look in his eyes and slowly went down to her cleavage and started to lick it. Sakura groaned louder and then got the sudden erg to give Naruto head.

"Naruto (moan) you're so good (groan) at this." Sakura said in pleasure. Naruto started to get a little rough this time. This time he stopped licking her cleavage and went up to her face, kissed her on the lips and then went higher till his erection was in her face. Then without even Sakura noticing, he pushed his dick into her mouth and waited for Sakura to notice. Sakura noticed, all right, started to bob her head backwards, and then forward. Naruto had his hands on the wall behind them and started to groan and whimper at her touch. Sakura could barley fit the whole cock into her mouth. But then she remembered that Ino said to relax the throat when you wanted to get the full length. Sakura relaxed her throat and went all the way in. Naruto was in heaven, he actually couldn't believe that she swallowed his whole penis. Sakura started to gag, and cough a little, but she was enjoying it and continued. Naruto then felt something and knew that he was going to come.

"Sakura, I-I'm going to cum!" Naruto warned. But Sakura wanted it, and after about 1 minute Naruto groaned and released himself inside her mouth. Shot after shot was releasing inside of her mouth, and after about ten shots of his cum, Sakura's mouth was full. "Don't swallow it, yet, okay." Naruto said. Sakura started to tear up because it was awfully bitter and musky. She wasn't going to cry anyway, but it was so strong. Naruto was breathing hard and knew that he should return the favor. Naruto went down to Sakura's pussy and sniffed it. He could smell the pheromones that Sakura had released and it turned him on again. Naruto then shoved his tongue into her pussy. Sakura gasped and almost swallowed the whole thing of cum in her mouth, but didn't. Naruto continued to give her pussy pleasure. After about 5 minutes, Sakura felt a flame ignite in her pussy. She wanted to warn Naruto but her mouth was full of his cum. But thankfully, Naruto could smell the fresh cum, and he put his mouth over her pussy, so nothing would spill out. After about 10 seconds, Sakura released and Naruto captured it all in his mouth. Sakura moaned. Naruto kept her cum in his mouth and went up to her head. Naruto then gave her a cum kiss. He started to mix both of their cum into their mouths. Naruto worked to cum a around into her mouth, and Sakura did the same thing. When both of their cum was mixed, they both Swallowed it. Sakura coughed and choked because she had swallowed all of Naruto's cum, and a little bit of her cum as well. But Naruto, on the other hand, loved the taste of both of their cum. Even though Sakura's was musky, and smelled bad, it tasted like Sakura to him. Naruto then started to lick the rest just for the pleasure, and Sakura moaned on, and on. Then Naruto looked at her and went up to kiss her. Then Naruto grabbed her and pushed her, gently, up against the wall and prepared for entry. Naruto made the tiger sign and started to finger her pussy. He went in and out of her. Sakura started to gasp again, and again. Once the jutsu was set, Naruto put his hands up against the wall. Sakura gripped them.

"Here we go now, Sakura." He said and pushed into her pussy. Naruto started to move in little inch, by little inch. Naruto was feeding her pussy, and Sakura moaned at his thick rod inside of her. Naruto then went out again slowly and started to push in farther, until he felt he had stopped. Sakura's eye's shot wide open, and she gripped his arms even harder and prepared for what was to come. Naruto knew that she was scared, and started to lick her back neck. She moaned and knew groaned as Naruto's tongue rubbed her neck. He then started to give her love nips, and his tail then wrapped around her waist so she would stay where she was. Sakura looked up at the ceiling, and Naruto's head greeted her and they both kissed in that position. Naruto then pulled out and with force thrusted in to her, and broke her barrier. Sakura gasped at the pain and knew that she now rightfully belonged to Naruto. Naruto just stayed there and waited for her to catch up with her breathing. Sakura couldn't take anymore and screamed as loud as she could into the kiss. Naruto's mouth absorbed it and she screamed for 1 minute. When she stopped and the pain was gone, Naruto took his lips away and smiled at her.

"It's okay Sakura. I'm here for you. Now are you ready?" Sakura nodded and when Naruto started to move, she felt pleasure, and gasped and moaned. Naruto then noticed that he was cumming up a storm. The bed sheets were getting soaked, but Naruto couldn't care less. Naruto, even though he was cumming into her, then felt the same feeling come, and so did Sakura.. Once they both felt it, they both moaned each other's name's and cummed into each other. Naruto cummed into Sakura, but the birth control took care of it. Sakura was gasping for air, but Naruto wasn't even tired. Naruto took himself out of her and kissed her roughly. Sakura's head went back and almost hit the wall, but Naruto grabbed her head with his hand and continued. Sak8ura was amazed at how much stamina he had, and knew that, that was only child's play. Naruto turned her around and laid her back against the wall. It was cold and she shivered. Naruto wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed her. Sakura put her hands around Naruto's strong neck, and Naruto began to thrust into her, harder and a hell of a lot faster than usual. Sakura moaned heavily and was in complete ecstasy. Naruto's dog-tag rocked back and forth, and beat against his sweat drenched, muscular chest. Naruto was then withdrew all of his cock, and thrust into her hard, and Sakura's pussy swallowed the whole 14 inch 3 inch thick piece of raw meat. Naruto then cummed like furry into her. Cum was even coming out of her pussy. Sakura was delighted and Naruto calmed down. Naruto stopped kissing her and they both laid down on the cum covered bed. Naruto was still inside of her, but she didn't mind, and was laying on top of her. It was 9:30 and they were exhausted from their mating.

"Sak-Sakura." Naruto said breathing heavily. "Sakura, was, was that good enough for you?" Naruto asked sweating.

"Oh, Naruto that was perfect. You have a lot of stamina. You sure do know how to please a girl when it comes to this." Sakura complimented. Sakura then fell asleep right on Naruto's chest and savored the wet feeling of his cock inside of her, all the way.

"Heh heh! Well, thanks, and good night my beautiful cherry blossom." Naruto said.

"You're welcome, and good night, my handsomely devilish fox." Sakura answered back and they both fell asleep.

About 2 and a half hours later. The villagers came up to Naruto's apartment and went inside. One Anbu used the silent genjutsu and they both walked into the couple's room.

They looked at the sleeping couple and knew that they had to be gentle getting Sakura off of Naruto. So they went up to the couple and gently pulled back the sheets.

"Aw, man, that's fucking sick! The demon is still inside her fucking pussy. He's even still cumming into her." The villagers ewwwwwd, and gently grabbed Sakura and lifted her off of Naruto. Cum was dripping on the floor. "Man, that s fucking nasty! Lets just go to the Crescent Moon ally already and wait for Leader Uchiha to give orders. The villagers left the apartment with Sakura and went to the ally where all the villagers, even the Konoha 11 including Sai and Yamato were there. They were all waiting for the time when the Anbu members would arrive to the ally. Soon one villager noticed the two Anbu members.

"Hey, look there they are, right on time!" one villager said. They all looked and there, there was the Sakura naked and being carried. Sakura felt wind brushing against her face, and woke up. She opened her eyes and looked around. Her eyes widened at what she saw. The whole village(except Tsunade)were all there.

"What, where am I?" Sakura asked scared.

"Tch, your in the Crescent Moon Ally, bitch." Said one Anbu member that was carrying her. Sakura's eyes widened. She was in the Legendary Crescent Moon Ally. She then knew what they were going to do with her. They were going to summon Kishimaru to take her soul. Soon she tried to struggle, but was useless and failed. They soon strapped her on a pinwheel and hung her by the hands and chained her feet. She was hanging, just like a person who was caught in Itchi's Tsukoyomi. They then started to stab her in the stomach (Kind of Nostalgic isn't it?) Sakura winced at the pain and knew that the only option is that Naruto would come and save her life. She only took two more stabs before she could no longer take any of the pain and torcher.

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs.

About 1 mile away.

Naruto was sleeping happily at the thought of Sakura being his mate, when he heard something.

"NARUTO!" he heard and jerked his head up. He looked around and saw that Sakura was not with him. Naruto then Started to get very worried. He looked high and low, but could not find her anywhere. He was about to look in the closet until he heard the noise again, and it sounded familiar, very familiar.

"NARUTO!" He heard again, and he knew it was Sakura. So with or without clothes, he went out of the window in the bed and smelled scents of the villagers. He looked up into the sky, and saw that the moon was a crescent. He gasped and on all fours, ran toward Sakura.

"SAKURA! I'M COMING!" He screamed and ran. Naruto was not, officially, pissed. His teeth grew, his tail got longer, his chakra claws got longer, his ears grew longer and he had a powerful appetite for blood, and the heart of the people(s) who did this. Naruto's eyes grew into slits and they were blood red.

"Raaaaaaaaaaagh!, Give me the head of the bastard that did this to our mate. Give me blood!" Screamed the Kyuubi thrashing in his cage. Sakura was exhausted and was in pain and worry that Naruto would not come in time. Her eyes started to blur and she was going dark until she felt something. The mark was beating slowly, and it was keeping her alive, for the moment, and she knew that Naruto was coming.

"HA! Scream all you want bitch. That asshole will never hear you, like I will." Said a familiar voice. Sakura's eyes widened and saw Sasuke standing in front of her. She looked into his cold dark eyes and flinched as he stroked her hair with his cold fingers.

"Get away from me!" Sakura screamed, only to be slapped across the face. Sasuke stared at her with the bitter intent of rape and kill. Sasuke was about to slap her again when he was smashed into a wall. Sakura looked and saw a long red chakra hand that had claws all over it. She smiled and knew who it was. "Naruto!" she said and looked at him. Naruto looked at her and gasped.

"Sakura!" Naruto said and ran toward her. But was restrained by snakes that held him tightly. Sakura and Naruto looked and saw Sasuke using the Shadow Snake Jutsu.

"Well, asshole. Did you come to rescue your lover? Well sorry, but she won't be with you anymore. Now she will be with me and there is nothing anything, or anyone can do about it." Sasuke said. One villager was watching the whole thing when he heard somebody speak to him.

"Wow, what a show. You must really be enjoying it. Eh?" said the voice.

"You bet." He said and looked over to where the voice was. His eyes then widened at what he saw. He saw a young boy about 12, with Gray hair that reached his chin, he was wearing a long Sapphire cloak that reached his feet, and the cloak had white rings around all the places that the cloak had at the ends. One thing the villager noticed was that the boy was holding a platinum flute, and had his arms crossed. His dark blue eyes filled the guy with fear. "KISHIMARU!" he said out loud and everybody looked, even Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and the Konoha 11, Sai and Yamato.

"Well, look what we have here. At least 20,000 villagers in my home. Well let's fix that shall we? Please, allow me to introduce my self as I have been a rude boy. My name is Kishimaru Kaguya Uzumaki." Naruto's eyes widened, and he began to sink it all in slowly. "Yes, I know. I am Naruto's younger sibling, the Sheichibi if you will. Now let me begin by playing the Symphony of What A Man and Women Fear Most." Kishimaru said and began to play his flute. The guy then fell to the ground on his knees and raised his arms so that they were completely straight. Then Kishimaru rushed over at blinding speed and killed the guy, sticking his flute where the guys heart was. The guy fell dead, and everybody's eyes grew big. "Well know, shall we really begin. "SUMMONING JUTSU!" The little boy yelled and three large ogres appeared out of the smoke (This is Tayuya's jutsu) Then Kishimaru started to play and the ogres went around and started killing people. Naruto, and Sakura were astonished. Then an ogre went and killed the Anbu members, and snakes that were holding Naruto by smashing them with its club. Naruto was free and decided to help Kishimaru. Naruto then took in a deep breath and expelled fire over then villagers. Kishimaru the pulled his shoulder bone out and Started using Dance of the Camilla on every body. After about 200 were gone Kishimaru inhaled his breath. "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs Jutsu!" he yelled and expelled hot fire over every body in its path. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and the Konoha 13 were all shocked that a little boy like that could use suck a powerful technique. "Now! Dance of the Seedling Ferns!" Kishimaru yelled and soon bones started to puncture the ground killing any body near them. Blood was everywhere and people were being skewered. Kishimaru rose up from the ground and the bones dissipated. "Now my new Dance! Dance of the Thorned Rose!(I made this one up) Soon bones jutted out of Kishimaru's body and he started to spin at high speeds, spreading the bones every where. Once the spinning stopped he signaled Naruto that the last 1000 were his. Naruto then knew the signal and rushed into the mob of people, and started to slash, burn and kill his way through.

"Odama Rasengan!" Naruto yelled and it impacted on a villager causing a huge explosion killing every body in the radius. Bodies fell to the Ground and Kishimaru played his flute, making the ogres disappear. Naruto ran towards Sakura and was then stopped by Sasuke. "Get out of the way, you mother FUCKER!" Naruto yelled and tackled Sasuke to the ground. Sasuke rolled him off and inhaled his breath.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Sasuke Yelled and A humongous ball of fire came from his mouth. Naruto dodged it and landed on the ground away from Sakura.

"Wind Release: Futon Rasengan!" Naruto yelled and a giant ball of whirling chakra came at Sasuke with deadly accuracy. Sasuke tried to dodge it, but failed and the giant ball went through his stomach. Sasuke yelled in pain as Naruto's hand went through him. Naruto pulled out his hand and began to do hand signs, some that neither Sakura, Sasuke or the Konoha 13 had ever seen before. Kishimaru knew perfectly well what Naruto was going to do and readied himself for the jutsu. "Wind Release: Resenshuriekan Jutsu!" Naruto yelled and tons of Shriekan made of wind element chakra began to slice Sasuke. Sasuke yelled in pain and fell to the ground, lifeless. Naruto was breathing hard and gripped his arm. "Damn it! That Jutsu is good, but it's recoil sucks like hell." Naruto said mentally. Kishimaru saw this and ran over to Naruto, or his Big Brother.

"Wow, that was amazing big brother!" Kishimaru said. Naruto smiled and looked at Sakura who was also smiling. Kishimaru snapped out of his happiness and put his small hands on Naruto's arm and started to heal him. Naruto, and Sakura were shocked, especially Sakura. Once Kishimaru was done, Naruto's arm felt like it was new.

"Thanks, ummm. How about squirt since you're shorter than the rest of us." Naruto said.

"Wow, I have a nickname now. Yay!" Kishimaru said with delight. Sakura was smiling when she coughed loudly spilling blood. Naruto heard this and rushed over to her.

"Sakura!" Naruto shouted. Naruto took the kunai out of her and took her off the pin-wheel. Sakura coughed more blood. "Sakura are you okay?" Naruto said with worry. Sakura smiled and felt things growing darker by the minute.

"N-N-Naruto (cough) I'm sorry I couldn't protect my self (cough) Please . . . . . forgive me." Sakura said. "My body was damaged badly, and I'm not going to make it (cough) please, give me one last kiss before I g-g-go." Sakura said. Naruto had tears coming out from his eyes.

"No, come on Sakura. You can make it!" Naruto said. Sakura shook her head.

"Please (cough) Naruto. Please kiss me one . . . last . . . time." Sakura said coldly and plainly. Naruto nodded and bent down and kissed his dying love one last time. They separated after 1 minute. " Naruto, Please (cough) remember (cough) that I (cough) love you." Sakura said before the color in her eyes went blank and her head turned to the side.

"N-No, NO! SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Naruto screamed. Naruto cuddled her limp body in his arms. He closed her eyes and set her down gently. There where some 200 villagers left that had survived. Naruto put his head down and was silent for awhile, and then spoke. "Why? Why won't you fucking villagers let me have anything. All I wanted was to be loved, and you can't even let me have that. Why? WHY WON'T YOU LET ME HAVE A FUCKING THING IN THS FUCKING WORLD! WHY, WHAT IS IT! WHAT I DID TO YOU FUCKING VILLAGERS! HUH! Now, now you've done it. I tried to be reasonable with you, but you wouldn't let me. Now, NOW I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Naruto screamed in anger and lunged forward. He landed and crossed his arms in front of his face. Naruto inhaled deeply. Kishimaru's eyes widened and knew what he was going to do and went up against the wall.

"SHOW THEM WHOS DOMINATE AROUND HERE, BIG BROTHER!" Kishimaru yelled. Naruto smiled and then in one humongous scream a gigantic wave of chakra came from his mouth and sliced all the villagers to wear they were all dust when the wind blew. Naruto was breathing heavily and went back to his dead love. Tears were pouring from his eyes. Kishimaru walked over to him and put a small hand on his shoulder. Naruto looked at him and smiled. Kishimaru then pulled out a small Crescent shaped pendant and put it around his neck. "This pendant was what I found when I first wandered into this place. When some body wears it, it is said to give to wearer an infinite life force." Kishimaru said. Naruto was amazed and wondered if it could heal his dead love.

"Hey, squirt, do you think that you can revive Sakura using that pendant?" Naruto asked hoping for a yes.

"Well of course it can!" Kishimaru said with Naruto's famous smile. Naruto did believe that Kishimaru was his brother because of that smile. Kishimaru put his hands on Sakura's stomach and started to give her his infinite life force. Kishimaru did not even flinch due to the crescent's power. Every body, alive, watched as the pendant itself glowed a faint bluish green. Naruto was even amazed and was happy that his love would come back to him.

"Where? Where am I. How did I get here. Naruto? Is that you?" Sakura asked herself mentally.

"Okay Naruto I am going to put the pendant on you, ok." Kishimaru said. Naruto nodded and Kishimaru stopped, put the pendant on Naruto and Naruto started to pump his life force into his love. Slowly Sakura's heart started back up again and she started to open her eyes. When she did she saw a naked Naruto putting his life force into her, and a Kishimaru next to him. Naruto's eyes widened and tears of joy and happiness started to flow from them.

"Sakura!" Naruto said happily. Sakura smiled and closed her eyes because she was tired, and her life force was completely full.

"Yay! It worked big brother!" Kishimaru said happily. "Now she needs to rest up and she will be good as new tomorrow, ok?" Kishimaru said. Naruto nodded and stopped pumping his life force into his love. Naruto grabbed Sakura and hugged her while kissing her on the lips. "You go on home big brother, and I'll have my ogres take care of this mess okay?" Kishimaru said. Naruto nodded and picked up Sakura bridal style and prepared to go home.

"Hey, squirt." Naruto said.

"Yah big brother?" Kishimaru said.

"Thanks. I love you, and goodnight." Naruto said and leaped off toward the apartment. Kishimaru smiled and put his hands on his heart.

"I love you to, big brother. See you in the morning." Kishimaru said. Naruto had gotten to the apartment with Sakura and went to bed. Naruto made sure that she was kept close by in case anything happened again. Sakura slowly opened her eyes and saw Naruto looking at her.

"Thank you, Naruto." She said. Naruto smiled and they both kissed. "Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Yah, Sakura?" Naruto responded.

"I wish, you an I would be together, forever." Sakura said before she fell asleep in Naruto's arms.

"Heh heh. So you have wished it, So it shall be." He said and they both drifted off to sleep hoping for what the future will have in store for them.


So how was it? Did you like it. I am finally finished with it and I will be writing a new story, so be on the look out for the next one. Thanks for reading and bye.