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Sins of Thy Fathers
Chapter 2: Helena Wayne
Author: Gotham's Princess
Summary: A series of vingettes about the children of the Justice League.
Rating: K+/PG
Genre: Drama/Angst

"I bought a ring, you know…We're young, yeah, only twenty-one, but…I wouldn't have minded a long engagement. Maybe…I just wanted to say you were mine, and would be forever. Not that it matters now, does it? I loved you…I still do…We would've been something amazing, 'Lena."

Those words…Helena would hear Rex's final goodbye to her, to their relationship, for years. She never saw them as a regret, a "what-if", (though she did regret how it came to that), but as a ghost, haunting her for her sins. Sometimes, she felt as if she should be branded with a scarlet 'A', compensating for how she had hurt Rex. But whenever she thought those thought, Jack would take her in his arms, and tell her everything would be alright. Jack had been happy once Rex had found out, and Helena knew how hard he tried to hide his mirth around her now that Rex was out of the picture. Jack, in his mind had won the girl, and he had felt that he deserved to be happy. Helena had known she couldn't blame him for being so happy, she had been the one who brought it all upon herself.

Rex…sweet, always loving Rex Stewart. He had always been there for her. When her mother had died, he stepped back, and when Helena had felt ready for a relationship again, he had been there waiting. They had been a natural couple; everyone had said they'd be together forever. High school sweethearts would have been a perfect term to describe them. Her mother had given Helena her never-ending support, and even though her father never expressed it, Helena knew the man approved of Rex. And she threw it all away.

Helena could track when things first fell apart: She had been eighteen, and wanted to get away from Gotham. It held too many memories, of her mother, of how things used to be, so she decided to go to away, far away for college. It had been when Infinity Inc was called to deal with The Shark that she had fallen in love with Coast City, California. The Shark, a human/shark hybrid had been terrorizing the citizens on the beach, when they had arrived. He had been easy to deal with, and afterwards, the team of superhero teams had decided to stay and chill. Rex, and most of the team had decided to hang around on the beach, while she and Olivia had opted instead for a shopping spree. As Helena began to walk through the streets, she became used to the town. Something had felt different. While Olivia had complained about the roar of the planes, which belonged to the Air Force, which had a base a couple of miles south, Helena had enjoyed the noise. While Olivia toured the mall, Helena had managed to sneak out, and explore, finally finding her way to Coast City University, where she made an impromptu meeting with the dean.

Ellie wasn't anywhere near happy when Helena announced she was going the Coast City, instead of staying somewhere on the eastern seaboard. The younger Wayne daughter felt as if she was being abandoned. Tom, on the other hand, seemed perfectly okay with Helena's departure, and even asked if she would introduce him to 'hot surfer babes'. Her father was…different. He had eased up, and become more open in the past couple of months, but he still didn't seem to enjoy the direction Helena decided to take with her life. He relented…eventually, after a couple of heated 'debates' over the dinner table, with ended in either him or her storming away. Rex was disappointed, as well. Helena knew he had been secretly pulling for her to go to NYU, which was only a short drive from MIT, where he attended. But he once again took on the role of the loving, trusting boyfriend, and let her go with open arms. He even bought her a kitten named Chester when she moved into her penthouse apartment. And then she broke his heart.

Coast City proved to be a new start for her, and the eventual downfall to her relationship with Rex. She enjoyed her classes for the most part, and she made new friends. Helena remembered the night Jill, a Biology Major with untamable blonde hair, dragged her to the fraternity house where her boyfriend was a pledge, when they were having one of their famous parties. The night was easy to remember, it was the first time she met Jack.

Jack Jordan, the son of a former Air Force pilot, was leaning against the bar, laughing at some joke one of his friends made. He was wearing a old bomber jacket, which Helena would later find out belonged to his father, and then grandfather before him. When he saw her, he leisurely walked over to her, and grinned.

"Hey, I'm Jack Jordan and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met," was his introduction. Helena had laughed. She had received many pickup lines in her life before, but the way he delivered it was different. But it didn't matter then, she had Rex, and she was happy.

It wasn't until a week later when she saw Jack again, and it was then when she realized he lived two floors down from her penthouse apartment. He asked her out again, and she told him no, again. Helena remembered warning him about Rex, and that she was blissfully in love. That had been three years ago. So much had changed in so little time.

Rex visited often, when they weren't off saving the world from some villain or another. He would always bring her a bouquet of roses, and then take her out to dinner. Then, they would return to her apartment and make love. Things were so simple back then.

Time passed, and she became more and more attached to Jack. He seemed to accept being friends with her. He had even taught her how to fly a plane. Helena remembered laughing at his invitation to teach her, because she knew how to fly and would never need to fly and plane or a jet. He countered that her mother flew an invisible jet. Helena had gone quiet after that. Tears had filled her eyes as memories of her mother resurfaced. Jack had then taken her into his arms, a brought her into a deep hug. It was then when Jack had revealed his own father had died in after being shot down in the Middle East when he was ten. That moment had cemented their friendship.

As things were on, Helena found herself having a stronger bond with Jack than she would with Rex. Rex, who she had been a couple with since she was sixteen, her first love, was falling out of her heart, and Jack was nudging his way in. She had tried so hard to deny it. It wasn't meant to be that way. She was in love with Rex, not Jack.

Then Jack kissed her. They had gone out to the movies with Jill, her newest boyfriend, Matt, and a group of friends. It had been raining outside that night, and they both had run out of the theater, soaked to the bone. Jack had insisted on walking her up to her apartment, and Helena had agreed. After all, what could possibly happen? Something did happen.

"I love you," he whispered, and crushed her mouth with his own.

She had kissed back, and both had fallen into her apartment. That night, she didn't think of Rex, and the five year anniversary they'd be celebrating in two months. She didn't even think of Rex when Chester rubbed against her and Jack's legs, and she Rex never came to her mind as they made love in her bedroom. All Helena could think about that night was Jack, and what he was doing to her and how he made her feel.

But the next morning, when the sun had risen, she was brought to grim reality of what had happened. She'd cheated on Rex, fallen into the arms of another man. She had cried, and Jack had drawn her into his arms, and no matter how many times she had screamed "I hate you" at him, he never let go.

"I'm going to fight for you," he had declared, before he left, his bomber jacket slung over his shoulder.

And thus began her tumultuous affair with Jack Jordan. Every time he kissed her, grabbed her hand, Helena had known that she was stabbing Rex in the back. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop. Maybe it was because Jack knew he was fighting for her heart, and Rex was alone in the dark. She could have told Rex, and maybe they would still be together, but she knew that thought was a lie. Somewhere along the way she had fallen in love with Jack Jordan. She had longed for her mother those days and nights, wished for guidance. But none came. Her mother was gone, dead, and even with Jack and Rex, she had never felt more alone. Helene would sometimes wonder if her mother would be disappointed in her. An affair certainly was certainly not truthful. But Helena had known since day one that she had had to make a decision, and when did she would have to live with it. And when Rex had walked away, and Jack had returned, a carefree smile on his face, Helena knew that despite the pain in her heart, she could move on.

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