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Chapter 1: First meetings…

She was three years old. Carolyn Barek waddled through her house fore she got out of her crib that her mother put her in. She looked in aw because she has never bin in the living room. She saw her mother on the couch and walked over there. Carolyn came from a polish family so her mother spoke polish quite often. Carolyn's first word was in polish. When she got to her mother she saw her mother was fast asleep. She touched her mothers arm and she shot straight up. Her mom looked at Carolyn. Anger flashed in her eyes.

"What are you doing out of bed you little bitch!" Carolyn backed up but her mother grabbed her daughters arm.

"Oh no you don't." Carolyn's mother hit her across the face, so hard that a red hand print was already starting to form. Carolyn started to cry. Her mother slapped her again.

"Aleksy what are you doing?" Aleksy looked up to see her husband.

"Andrzej I was just teaching Carolyn some manners about staying in bed and not waking people up from their naps," Aleksy said gripping her daughters arm tighter.

"Remember what I told you when you abuse her?"

"To shut the curtains?"

"Yes I could she you slap her from out side." He shook his head.

"Aleksy you have to be more careful. Someone could she what you're doing and call Social Services. Then we lose our punching bag."

"Sorry Andrzej. I wasn't thinking." Unbeknownst to them someone saw what was happening with the child who lived right across from them. She ran inside and dialed 911.

"911 operator what is your emergency?" A calm woman on the other line asked.

"I was watering my plants this morning and I looked over at my neighbors' house, I don't know why but I did. I saw the lady of the house hit her young daughter!"

"What is your address?

"1420 Royal Avenue."

"Ok we will send someone right away. Thank you for calling before it was too late."

"You're welcome. I just hope the little girl didn't go through to much trauma already" She hung up and waited for an officer to show. He came five minutes later. The woman who called 911 went outside to the officer.

"Hello officer. My name is Joanna Johnson. I made the call about the abuse."

"Hello to you too Miss. Johnson. I'm Officer Ivan Francis. Is this the house?" He said nodding to the house across from Joanna's.

"Yes Officer it is." Ivan walked over to the house and looked in the window. He saw two parents and a little girl. The little girl had black and blue spots all over. She also had cuts on her arms and legs that he could see. She was also crying. Ivan ran to the front door. He opened the door and ran to the family.

"Get up and step away from the baby!" He yelled. The couple shot up and ran out the back door. Ivan would have ran after then if it wasn't for the small child on the floor in the room. He picked her up and got his phone out.

"I need an ambulance to 1420 Royal Avenue. I have a two to three year old female. Badly beaten with small lacerations all over." The ambulance was on its way. When it got there they took Carolyn and left.

"Miss. Johnson do you know the little girls name or her parents?"

"Umm the little girls name is Carolyn Barek. I think? Ya that is her name. The fathers name is Andrzej and the mothers name is Aleksy. Sorry but that's all I know." Officer Francis nodded his head.

"It's ok. Thank you for your help." He got in his car and went to the hospital. At the hospital Carolyn was put with other kids her age. She sat in the corner of the room by her-self. A little boy about Carolyn's age walked over to her and sat down. His name was Mike Logan. They played together for along time. The nurses thought it was cute to see them like that, but it was sad that they met under the conditions.

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