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Chapter 7: The Fight…

Carolyn saw this look in her eyes. She knew that look, she her self had worn that look. It was the look of abuse. Carolyn looked at Casey, hate in her eyes for the teenaged girl. She was waiting for an answer. She tapped Mike's shoulder and when he looked at her nodded. He smiled and cracked his knuckles. This was the signal to the others it was time to fight.

Then Carolyn did the one thing her parents taught her. She punched Casey. That's how the big fight between the two groups started. Olivia watched on, trying not to get into it, knowing she would only ignite this fuel. Mike fought Elliot, while Bobby took on Fin. Meagan got Melinda. Alex took on Alex, Ron got John and Carolyn beat up Casey. A circle of kids surrounded the group of fighting teenagers.

By the time teachers got to the groups separated, blood had been spilled. Casey had a split lip, Carolyn had her stitches had been torn out, Mike had a black eye forming, as did Elliot, Fin, and most all the other guys, if not all of them. The girls had scratches, from there nails.

After the fight, all the foster kids, with the exception of Mike, were split up because of bad behavior, it was a complete accident that Olivia and Carolyn had been sent to the same home. They had become friends, almost as close as her and Mike, but nothing could fill the void of her best friend.

It wasn't until twenty some odd years later, that a Captain Deakins introduced her to her team and partner.

"Carolyn Barek, Mike Logan. You are partners from here on out." But they had tuned him out.

"Mikey?" She asked.

"Caro." He confirmed.

The Very Horrible Ending