A\N: This is a little one shot about the afterlife for the Death Eaters, because they were such a different evil that they couldn't be placed in hell, and certainly not heaven. So, without further ado, welcome to Death Eater Paradise!

Voldemort fell to the ground with a painful thud. Moaning he opened his eyes.
Around him was a cheesy beach set that low budget movie makers would use. Except this one was huge. He let out a scream, shutting his eyes in horror, blocking out the evil shitty looking muggle movie sets. He began to rock back and forth on his haunches, thinking of happy thoughts, like digital movie effects, making the movie rock.
Then there was a slight pressure on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and looked wearily above him.
Standing there, holding a martini glass was Bellatrix Lestrange. She wore a sexy black bikini with bunny ears on for the hell of it.
(A\N: Who wears bunny ears to the beach? Oo)
Fluttering cutely behind her shoulder blades were two white, unattached wings that looked very cheesy, but still, like I say, cute. Voldemort stared. Bella smiled.

"Welcome to Death Eater Paradise, my Lord!" Her voice was cheery. He looked down and realized he was in the "water", so he stood and made his way to the "beach".
Running along the "shore" were beach chairs and other Ocean-paraphernalia. Sitting on the chairs were his Death Eaters, "tanning". He screamed in horror again.
This was going to be a long afterlife.