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At The Drive-In:

It was a Friday afternoon and Sakura was just leaving the high school. As usual as every other Friday since 7th grade, she walked over to Tusunade's Drive-In, which was only four long blocks away from the school. But by cutting around the back of the school and through a gas station, she made it there in no time to see her best friend Ino waving at her from the back of Sasuke's car where she was eating with her other friends who she knew since she moved to Konoha in 7th grade. Looking up as Sakura got close, Naruto ran over- almost tripping over his shoelaces in the attempt, a sight that amused the others greatly- and glomped her into a hug before pulling her over with an arm around her shoulders.

"Hey Sakura! Your late!" Naruto said as he ambushed her. She grinned. "Your just glad that it wasn't you for once! Speaking of which, don't you already have a Saturday detention?" Ino, Sasuke and Neji laughed. "Already?!" Ino asked, "It's just the first week of school!"

"Wow, dope." Sasuke smirked. "What'd you do this time? Skateboard down the halls? Put pudding on Principal Sandaime's chair? Replace Mr. Iruka's files with blank papers again?"

"Naruto did that?!" Lee exclaimed. "That is VERY UN-YOUTHFUL! You should be playing sports and having fun to strengthen your youth-fullness! As Mr. Gai says-!" He was cut off as Neji stuffed his mouth with a handful of fries. "Have you tasted the 'youth-fullness' of these fries Lee?"

Before Lee could finish his fries and go into a speech about how 'YOUTHFUL they were INDEED!' Naruto answered Sasuke's question. "Nah, I just came late four times, and since four tardy's in a quarter equals a Saturday detention..." He trailed off and let them continue the sentence for themselves, since it wasn't worth finishing.

"By the way, where's the other's?" Sakura asked, since only Ino, Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Gaara were there as far as she could tell, as she took a sip of Ino's lemonade. "Shikamaru is inside watching Chouji eat everything insight, Temari and Ten-Ten are at her, Gaara's and Kankuro's apartment doing something that has to do either with Noony or Temari's graduation-which I doubt, Hinata should be here soon and Kankuro..." Here she paused in thought "Last I saw, he was trying to save his dolls from being eaten by Chouji." Ino explained, using the secret name for Neji they had come up with once Ten-Ten first confessed her crush on him during one of the girls many talks after school when they weren't around the boys and were talking about random stuff that somehow lead to talking about boys.

Laughing at the thought of one of Kankuro's miniature puppets he kept in his backpack and locker- which to his annoy-meant, his friends and siblings called dolls- that he used to freak out teachers, students and just plain anybody, being eaten by Chouji.

Gaara, who'd been eating his fries and coke as he listened to the others, wishing he brought his notebook and I-pod with him, suddenly felt full and couldn't eat anymore, even though he hadn't even touched his burger yet! Taking one look at how big it was and he still had some fries left, he almost barfed! "Ugggh..." He groaned and held out the last of his food to them. "Who wants it? I can't take anymore."

They all shook their heads. "Sorry man, I had enough." Sasuke said. Neji nodded his head in agreement. "Me too, sorry."

"As much YOUTH-FULLNESS and STRENGTH comes from the devouring of food, I must detest as well." Lee added with a sour-full look. Naruto nodded. "I already had three. I'm STUFFED!"

Looking put out, Gaara turned to the girls. "Ino? Sakura?" Ino shook her head. "I already got, maybe you should try Chouji." Sakura took pity on him. "Sure, I haven't eaten since lunch." Taking the tray away from him she picked up a fry and began to eat.

Soon they could see Hinata running towards them, in a powder blue short sleeved peasant blouse with a gray long sleeved shirt underneath and jeans, her boots clicking on the pavement. "S-sorry, guys." She said as she tried to catch her breath. "I was talking to Kakashi in the music room about my lessons." They never called their music teacher by anything but his first name except when talking about him to other teachers and the like. "Huh? Where's Kiba and Shino? I thought they were coming today." She added.

"Kiba told me that Shino got a new bug that seems to be related to the flee so he's at home right now trying to wash it off of him and Akamaru, Shino keeps trying to call him and explain he didn't know but Kiba won't answer him. Seems like he's really pissed off." Naruto said. It was funny in a way but they all knew that the fight was serious and Hinata was almost put to tears at the news that her two best friends were fighting.

Naruto put an arm around her shoulders, trying to comfort her. "It's ok, Hinata! Kiba'll get over it eventually! It's not the first time something like this happened and they both got over it and everything was fine!" The way he was holding her, made her body lean into his chest, and even though she stopped stuttering and blushing like she did in 7th grade, she still hadn't gotten over her crush and blushed as she felt his build under his orange sweatshirt. "Th-thank you Naruto." Seeing them like that, Ino and Sakura got an evil look on their faces and shared a glance as they took out their digital camera's as Shikamaru, Chouji, and Kankuro exited the building.

Naruto was still smiling like the idiot he was for cheering his friend up and Hinata was too busy blushing and grinning shyly to notice how long he'd been holding her that it wasn't until the flashes faded and the other two girls were 'aww'ing and cooing over the pictures they just took that she looked up and noticed, before pulling away from a dumbfounded Naruto.

"I-I should probably be going now! Bye everyone!" Hinata waved as she ran off. Naruto just waved back confused. Once Hinata was out of sight, Ino and Sakura slapped the back of his head hard. "OUCH!" Naruto rubbed his head. "What was that for?"

"Don't you see what you did, Dope?" Sasuke asked as the three who just came out asked what was wrong with Hinata. Neji just shook his head with a look that clearly stated his friend was an idiot and he didn't know why he was friends with him in the first place. "You don't want to know..."

Lee nodded. "Naruto is talented in many areas of youth, but that of women clearly has deserted him completely."

Naruto still looked confused. "What are you guys talking about? I cheered Hinata up just fine!" Everyone else just sighed. "Your right Neji. This is just too troublesome to bother..." Shikamaru told him. Everyone else but Naruto and Gaara nodded, because they both still didn't get it. Naruto because he was an ignorant idiot and Gaara because he didn't get what the whole big deal was. He sighed though, still wishing he had his notebook. Maybe he should start thinking of getting a camera like Sakura and Ino?

"What more do you expect from a dope like Naruto?" Sasuke added making the girls laugh. Naruto glared and smirked playfully. "Oh yea, Bastard?" With that he stole one of Sasuke's shoes and ran away with it. "What the Hell?!" Sasuke yelled at Naruto as he ran. "Gimme back my shoe!" Naruto laughed. "Gotta come get it, Bastard!" He called back. The vein on Sasuke's temple throbbed as he glared venomously at the orange covered teen across the parking lot.

Sakura, Ino, Neji, Chouji, Kankuro, and Lee couldn't help but laugh at their antics and even Gaara smirked at Sasuke's expense once Shikamaru said that. "It's too troublesome being friends with you guys." No one would have believed that Gaara had actually made a happy expression hadn't it been for Sakura who was tapping the whole thing and had turned around to get everyone's expression- mostly Sasuke because of how mad he was- and taped the moment.

Eventually Naruto dumped Sasuke's shoe on top of someone's truck and came back where- after beating up Naruto a bit- Sasuke was forced to hop on one foot to get his shoe back because not even the girls were willing to go and get it for him since Sakura was tapping and Ino was "Having too much fun watching you two." Hopping across to the truck, it took him several tries to jump high enough to reach the shoe because Naruto had to throw the shoe up since the truck had high 'pimped-up' wheels.

Pulling on his shoe, Sasuke got an evil look on his face that gave Naruto only a few moments to figure out what the look meant before having too run for his life from a very annoyed Uchiha.

"SaaaaKUuurRaaaa!" Naruto squealed in a high pitched girlie voice as he ran around the parking lot, occasionally having to dodge the random garbage that Sasuke picked off the ground while chasing him and threw at the poor orange blur.

Sweat dropping at the sight of them, the others laughed it off and went about collecting the garbage that had accumulated around them. Pilling it all up on the tray in front of Ino and Sakura, Chouji and Shikamaru left in Shikamaru's car, waving good-bye as they pulled out and drove away. Sakura was just about to take the tray to the nearby trash can when another pair of hands stopped her. "It's okay Lee, I can handle it."

"I'm not Lee." The voice sounded slightly amused at her expense. Looking up, Sakura's eyes met with another pair of green eyes like hers only bluer and surrounded by thick eyeliner that seemed to be covering heavy bags. 'Is he okay?'

"Oh!" Sakura sounded surprised, as she should be, Gaara didn't offer to help much. In fact, he didn't do anything much. "Sorry Gaara, I'm just so used to having Lee stealing the tray away from me saying 'It's YOUTHFUL to help fair maidens!' that I expected you to be him." Gaara smirked at her blush. "Its cool, but next time you should keep a tighter grip when your surprised, you almost dropped the tray."

Looking down she saw it was true, when she heard his voice she lossend her grip and it would have all fallen if he hadn't caught it. "Thanks Gaara, it would have been 'Too troublesome' as Shika would put it to pick that all up again." It was his turn to blush but he hid it well so no one saw as he turned around to carry the tray to the trash. "Your welcome."

When he returned, Neji and Lee had gotten into Neji's car, and Sakura and Ino were going to walk home to the apartment building they lived in together. Sasuke was giving Naruto a ride home like he always did and they were offering to give the girls a ride home, despite how close they lived. But Ino just waved them off. "We're going to talk about girl stuff that's private and really wouldn't interest you two anyway"

Naruto whined. "How do you know that? Come on! I'm interested!"

"No, besides we like to walk and it's good exercise." Sakura told him.

"But I wanna know!" Naruto whined some more and started to jump around them asking "Please? Please?" Annoying the heck out of everyone until Sasuke finally hit him over the head hard and dragged him into the car. "Come on, they said 'No', and 'No' means NO!"

Pouting as they left, Naruto called back as he waved. "Someday I'll find out what you guys talk about!" The only thing they heard after that was his yelled "Ow!" as they assumed Sasuke hit him again to shut him up.

Sakura and Ino laughed at that as they walked away yelling and waving good-bye to those still left. Neji and Lee drove away, Neji giving a slight wave and Lee...being Leeish... Kankuro opened their car door and Gaara jumped in, with a last look over at where he could still see a pink blur.

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