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"Sure, just let me go get ready and we'll go out." He said getting up to go to his room and get dressed.

Kankuro looked up surprised but pleased and smiled. "Sure thing lil' bro. I'll go too." With that he too got up and put away his 'dolls' to get ready for a day out.

Once again Gaara thought as he pulled off his night shirt to take a shower. 'What harm can it do?'

Chapter 6:

Sasuke and the the others had just arrived at the mall which was a popular hangout for them and their friends though the girls went more than the guys. 'Sheesh, what an understatement, the girls not only come here several times a week, they also skip school sometimes.' He glanced over at Ino and Sakura who were ordering while he and Naruto stood to the side, having already ordered. Naruto sat on a stool with one of his legs dangling off and he leaned against the counter with one hand in his pocket, the other holding his Mocha Cappuccino.

"Hey Naruto."

Naruto looked up from sipping on his Peach Blast. "Yea?"

"Why'd you ask me to come over yesterday?" Sasuke asked and Naruto shrugged. "Just felt like hanging out and we are friends after all."

He looked up at Sasuke at the end of his sentence as if asking 'right?'

Sasuke looked away and said. "Right." And he didn't need eyes in the back of his head to see Naruto's grin.

Before they could say anything else, the girls came up to them, both grinning and sipping on Carmel Vanilla Frosts with caramel on top. "Where to next?" Sakura asked. The others shrugged and walked out. "How about PacSun?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke shrugged and the girls nodded as they headed in that direction. On the way there they saw Temari and Ten-ten just stepping out of Hottopic and Ino waved. Seeing her, they waved back and headed over. "Hey guys, whatsup?" Ten-Ten asked.

"What're you guys doing here?" Temari asked smiling. "Double-date?"

The four blushed and Sakura asked. "Is that what this looks like? We're just hanging out."

Temari looked at her critically and Ten-ten said. "Actually now that I think about it, it does."

Ino shook her head and added. "It's not. Me and Sakura were headed over here and the guys gave us a ride because they had nothing better to do."

Sasuke nodded. "It's true. We were bored and Naruto's annoying."

Naruto, who had been silent up until this point because of his blushing, was knocked out of his silence. "Hey! I am not!"

The girls all giggled when Sasuke retorted that he should 'prove it' and Naruto went on to be childishly annoying. "See?" Sasuke said. "Exactly my point."

Naruto just glared and sulked.

"Where you guys headed next?" Ten-ten asked.

"We were thinking of PacSun." Ino answered.

"Cool," Temari added. "We were just head towards F.Y.E., and then maybe Borders."

"Awesome." Sakura said. "I love those stores!"

"I also want to head to Bath&Body Works," Ino added. "I need more body spray, I'm running out." The others agreed because they were thinking the same now that she reminded them and Naruto and Sasuke, who were keeping to the side decided they were glad there was at least another boy with them.

"Hey girls." Sasuke said, hoping to get him and Naruto out of going to Bath&Body. "Why don't you guys go ahead to Bath&Body and me and Naruto will meet you at F.Y.E.? We wanna take a look inside Hottopic."

Before they could get away, Sakura said. "Hold on guys." To the boys before asking Ino to pick her up a bottle of Cherry Blossom body spray when she picked up her own Cucumber Melon because she wanted to look inside Hottopic too, and handed her the money to buy it. "Sure, Sakura. Catch up with you later." Ino said and they waved goodbye to each other.

Sakura turned back to see the boys standing in front of Hottopic, suddenly regretting their decision. But it was too late now, Sasuke thought as he looked over at Sakura coming towards them. 'We'll just have to deal with it.' And he looked over at Naruto who saw the look in his eyes and sighed. 'Just great, we actually have to go in.' Naruto thought and turned simultaneously with Sasuke to look at the dark forbidding store with fear etched over their faces.

Sakura locked arms with the two of them. "What are you guys waiting for? Let's go in, we have to meet the girls later." And she dragged them inside with impossible strength, the boys praying for their lives.

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