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"Professor, Harry's miserable there!" Remus Lupin said, standing in the Headmaster's office late one night. He had been talking to Dumbledore for nearly 5 years now about gaining custody of Harry Potter.

Dumbledore sighed and looked at Remus sadly. He knew that Remus would make an excellent parent for Harry. In fact, he couldn't think of anyone better for it..well he could but sadly that was just impossible. "Remus you know why you can't be Harry's legal guardian." He said calmly.

"Because I'm a bloody werewolf." Remus muttered bitterly, something you didn't usually hear the normally calm and collected bookworm do.

"Because Harry needs all the protection he can get." Dumbledore said calmly. "And living with his blood relatives provides more protection to him than you nor I would be able to. He's safer there."

Remus sighed heavily. It was on occasions like this that he looked much older than he was. He knew there were spells in place at the Dursley's that no wizard, no matter how great, could break. Enchantments left by Lily when she sacrificed herself for her son. He knew Dumbledore was right on that part but he was not giving up. "Sure he's safer there, but at what price? He's miserable! If he could just move in with me, we could place enchantments up and all sorts of security charms and things."

Dumbledore shook his head sadly. They had had this discussion before and it always ended the same. He eventually got Remus to calm down and made him see reason. "Remus I'm sorry, but it's better like this."

Remus looked Dumbledore dead in the eyes. He usually would give up at this point, but not tonight. Tonight he would not give in. Tonight was different, for tonight was Halloween. 4 years ago today was when Lily and James had been murdered and Harry had been left on his aunt and uncle's door step and he's be damned if he didn't get an agreement from Dumbledore tonight. "Don't you even care if he's miserable or not? Haven't you ever considered what James and Lily had wanted for their son?" He asked, starting to get emotional. Normally on Halloween he would sit and home thinking of old times and getting drunk off his arse, but not tonight. "Would they have wanted him to be living miserably with those muggles, or happily with one of their best friends?"

He knew that he must have struck a nerve because the small hint of a twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes had vanished. Of course they would still be here if it weren't for the traitor piece of scum Sirius Black. He thought bitterly to himself. But now wasn't the time for that. He looked at Dumbledore expectantly. "I'll see what I can do Remus." He said and Remus could tell that he defiantly meant it. For the first time in 5 years, Remus was happy. There was still hope that he could take Harry away from that "home".

He smiled at Dumbledore for the first time that night. "Thank you sir." He said gratefully. In the past four years he had never once received a "I'll see what I can do", or anything close to it for the matter, from his old headmaster. He knew that was a good sign. He left the office and once outside of Hogwarts' gates he apparated back to his home.

With a small pop Remus was standing in the living room of his small, cozy home. He smiled at the picture of Lily and James and a 16-month-old Harry on his mantle piece. "Hey guys, good news: I'm on the way to getting custody of Harry. Soon he'll have the kind of life you wanted him to." He said, looking at the picture sadly.

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